Full Moon In Libra: April 11, 2017 – Luck & Fate Collide, Unexpectedly

I like the look of the full moon in Libra that takes place at 21 degrees; very early in the morning on April 11th.  You can see her there, all bonded and buddied up with Jupiter.

People feel good when the Moon is conjunct Jupiter.  Granted, the Moon squares Pluto and opposes the Sun and Uranus.  A person could make a case for all kinds of problems to break out. While this may be possible, it would not be my bet.

Keep in mind, when Jupiter combines with Pluto, people win lotteries. So what’s that look like when Libra is involved?

How about phenomenal partnership? Fred and Ginger came to mind.

It’s not that unusual a story (Jupiter). People meet, unexpectedly (Uranus) and they are completely transformed (Pluto) by the new union.

This is time when luck and fate collide out of the blue sky.  If you want to improve your odds of something good happening, keep your eye on the horizon and for Godsakes, leave the house.

Remember that, “life favors the risk-taker” and people who expect good things to happen, have good things happen more often than those who lack optimism.

Just think of all the power couples you’ve known or heard of or read about.  Do you think they met on a nothing day? I don’t!

This is a something day. Use it and I mean, use it to the MAX,

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Full Moon In Libra: April 11, 2017 – Luck & Fate Collide, Unexpectedly — 38 Comments

  1. This 21 degree Libra Full Moon is one degree off my natal 22 degree 8H Libra NN. This aspect certainly points to a fated event with regard to a one-on-one relationship.

  2. This moon will be trine my venus, opposite my moon, saturn, vesta in 12th house. It’s Easter time, I’m expecting a Happy Easter, my 5 year old son are I are home after 9 months of intensive chemo for Leukhemia. He still has a year of home chemo treamtent and he looks like. . . terrible – weak thin, bald and pale but he’s alive and we’re home!!!! we’re celebrating every day together, we’re relearning everything together – walking, talking, eating solid foods. It’s spring and this moon will be the best this year!!

    • Resurrections for your son. Jesus is a healer, he will do it.
      I pray about that. Praise and Glory be to the Father, to The Son, and to the Holy Spirit. God is the only one who rules the Universe. He lets men kinds meddle with it make it bad and He then steps in and correct it by wiping out all the wrong things. Love, hugs, and blessings, good , good health to return to your much loved son by God and Jesus.

  3. Well, I think it’s divorce after a prolonged separation. I’m disappointed with how libra I’ve been to the detriment of my Leo planets causing a subconscious & negative manifestation of those energies
    I’ve been horrendously unconscious of my needs. & now it’s going to hurt another person. & there’s my Vigo & libra tempted to just stay out of guilt, to keep things safe & not rock the boat. It’s bizarre how compulsive that can be!
    I’m not making a lot of sense!!! Oh well
    The astrology: Uranus on my ascendant (conjunct natal Jupiter/Chiron) while Jupiter is @ descendant conjunct Uranus (squaring Saturn) Throw in Pluto – & boy talk about a classic divorce signature: any one of those on its own would be. & see: that’s how stubborn I am, universe gotta throw in an A-bomb to get me to DO something about it

  4. Hmm..I’ve got Venus Libra 17, Jupiter Libra 21 (11th house), with 2nd house Sag @ 21, and Mercury Libra not far behind at 28 (12th house)- Cancer moon 19 (8th house), Mars Cap 26 (3rd house). My life’s been a shit show for so long, I’m at the point of setting the bar a lot lower than usual. Even with the hard angles this moon’s going to have on my chart, being aware of this alignment at least has me raising my expectations a little.

  5. I love the video – it really is the choreographed version of your post! I am certainly going to be outside and about, making sure fate and luck collude and collide with me! 😉
    Thanks, Elsa!

  6. This full moon will conjunct my ascendant and moon exact at 21 Libra,also Neptune at 25 Libra. Jupiter will also be Trining Natal Jupiter in Gemini. Natal Pluto will sextile the full moon. while transiting Pluto is conjunct natal north node and natal Chiron on the IM. It puts the Aries stellium on my descendant. wow so much more too. crazy times!

  7. !!! Hmmmm…Jupiter/moon conjunct natal moon opposite Uranus/Sun conjunct natal Sun, transiting mars conjunct conjunct MC and true node conjunct AC. I’m hoping an opportunity for a job, in the area I’ve been retraining in will present itself!!!

  8. Jupiter in Libra is not only about partnerships. It’s how and what can make YOU happy.

    Because WE can’t give of ourselves in a union of two people if WE are not happy – with ourselves, our lives, our emotions. Therefore I see this fullmoon not as something giga partnership/relationship oriented – but something we do to/for ourselves that affects our relationships in a positive/fated way.

    For me it could be that my sessions at a therapist finally let me let go of all the insecurity I’ve been feeling due to cheating partners and thus see a break-through in commitment with my current partner. That would make for a “something” day. Remember, Libra is opposite me-me-me-Aries.

    It’s something I do for ME which will affect “US”. I find it useful to keep that in mind, especially since Venus is still retrograde at the time and in Aries it’s about letting go of what doesn’t benefit ME – and thus “US”

    Just a thought ?

    • I kinda came up for a new mantra for myself to offset my libra codependency & honor my Leo & ‘wounded’ Aries ascendant: ‘stop wanting & start doing!’
      Passive versus active
      Who you are versus How you act for others
      Anyway, your post reinforced a lot of what I’ve been thinking

  9. This is happening between my Juno – the partnership asteroid – and Mars. So, it’s definitely about partnerships. Also, I realize the Full Moon is one day after this blogs Solar Return, isn’t it? My Husband has the same Solar Return (really, a couple of decime apart), so I’ve always paid attention to that. Now, it seems Husband has Jupiter conjunct ASC and opposing Sun in the 7th. I think he might be made a partner in the business he is in next year.

  10. This is on my sun/Pluto, tenth house! I’m thinking about a risky venture, that kind of has to do with career. It’s not super socially acceptable, but it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time and I think I might be ready to take the leap.

  11. This looks great! The Moon – Jupiter conjunction is conjunct (exact) my Mars in Libra (9th house) and it is opposite (exact) my natal Jupiter conjunct IC in Aries.
    And the Sun conjuncts my natal IC too.

    I don’t know but I hope it is good.

  12. Reporting back ?… I believe this is manifesting for me already!! I happened to meet somebody that I had worked with 25? Yrs. ago. !i go to town once a week, get out of the house, indeed!! She’s offered me part-time work,granted it’s the old work I used to do, but it’ll allow me to continue with my studies. Interestingly, it’s a cafe located in a building that is dedicated to a world famous Artist, that hosts an international summer school and the cafe is named from one of his works ? I think that might be jupiter in libra and feeding your moon, like Elsa says ?

  13. Have natals as under:
    sun 1 52 aries
    moon 2 pisces
    mercury 2430 pisces
    mars 05 leo
    venus 2152 aquarius
    jupiter 2725 pisces
    saturn 1940 aquarius
    uranus 230 virgo
    neptune 1520 scorpio
    pluto 1020 virgo
    ascendent 2127 gemini
    I feel something positive is about to sprout.
    what it should be?

    • Ooh, I have moon 0 aries, asc 3pisces, sun 5 libra, jupt0 leo, ur 21 virgo, nep 20 scorpio and pluto18 virgo, saturn 25 pieces, Chiron 23 pieces, Merc 21 libra ( conj the full moon and sextile my Mars and trine your asc. Be interesting to have cyber coffee,hehe 🙂

  14. The full moon was conjunct my neptune at 21 degrees, it had just past my saturn and is coming up on my in Venus nearby. I literally felt the rose colored glasses slip off my nose. I’m quoting from Satori’s post on the full moon, “You’re a person. Your needs are as valid as the needs of others.” That resonates. My needs are as important, not more, but equal and a little self-love seems in order.

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