Full Moon In Leo: January 26, 2013 – Delicious Stew, Cooked In A Pressure Cooker

With natal Venus in Leo, I have a lot of appreciation for creative drama. There is little possibility this full moon in Leo does not produce some of that, though exactly what movie we’re going to see is unpredictable.

The full Moon in Leo, opposes the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. That’s the unpredictable part.  But what will make this period potentially explosive is that Saturn in Scorpio squares the Sun and Moon and Mercury.

Saturn pressures whatever it touches.  Aquarius is a rebel. Leo is royal and creative and does not like peasants telling them to tone it down. You can see how problems may arise, but wonderful things may be born of this as well.

For example, a movie like Sixth Sense incorporates all these things. The movie is creative, surprising and controlled. This is the kind of manifestation you want to coax in your own life. Remember Mercury is involved, so you can also dig deep (Saturn in Scorpio) for a creative (Leo) spark (Aquarius) of an idea (Mercury).  Its also a good time to change your mind.

Taurus fills in the T-square here, so the bulls are going to be on duty for sure.  This is good because they’re Venus-ruled and they tend to have a long fuse. I am also relieved that the square between Uranus and Pluto is not that taut at this time, and while Mars is in Aquarius (sudden violence), he is not horribly aspected.

This makes me believe that while some may see their egos crushed, and people may call each other narcissists back and forth, the potential negative energy will be contained. Basically, we’re looking at a pressure cooker that does not blow…consequently, the food is cooked and will  probably taste pretty good.

Last, the full moon takes place on Saturday night. I’d plan a date for sure! Particularly if you like depth or film noir.

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Full Moon In Leo: January 26, 2013 – Delicious Stew, Cooked In A Pressure Cooker — 22 Comments

  1. I’m going to work (saturn) on creatively (leo) expressing myself (moon) while still communicating (mercury) my uniqueness (aqua) within a group (aqua).

    The group of girls I work with are getting together to make holiday wreaths. I want to play too. But, they are all making theirs exactly the same way..which my Aqua rising and Libra Sun conjunct Uranus does not like..at all. So, I’m going to play and use the same medium they are but I’m going to put it all together in a different way 🙂 Different but still fitting in.

  2. Ugh, Mercury and the Sun will be opposing my natal Mercury and Sun in Leo, which Saturn is currently also squaring!

    I’m going on a snowshoeing trip that day with my husband and my ski club. Hopefully we can just have a nice fun day without too much upset!

  3. Thanks Jilly!

    It’s on my 7th/ 8th house cusp, but apart from that, not much!

    That should be interesting @curious wanderer! Nice =)

    This is good to know @Elsa! Thanks.

  4. Right now Saturn is opposing my Taurus Sun/Mercury, so my Sun will complete the T- square making a Grand Cross. I have T-squares natally with Sun/Mercury in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius, and Pluto/Mars/Saturn in Leo, so this is familiar territory. Saturn opposing my Sun has me tired to the bone. I’m fighting that. I just finished Neptune hovering over my moon forever. I forget what it feels like to feel awake.

  5. Yikes it’s my Birthday on the 26th… does the theme of “pressure cooker that does not blow” become my Solar Return theme? How does that work when you just got handed divorce paper??!!

  6. That’s the day that I’ll be cooking for my dad and a bunch of his friends! Most of them (including my dad and me!!) are Aquarius, one is a Capricorn and my dad’s girlfriend is a Taurus!!
    As long that my food taste good, I’ll be happy! 🙂

  7. Eek, the moon is conjunct my Saturn in 8th, and square Uranus in 10th, and my moon-mercury in 4. The Aquarius’ll add the point to form a pretty exact Grand Cross. I’m giving a presentation at work the 24th, so let’s just hope that goes well? *crosses fingers and gets back to work*

  8. Leo moon on my natal Sun/Mercury/Mars.
    Aqua Sun/Mars/Mercury on my ascendant.
    Saturn oppose my Taurus Moon.
    Saturn square my Sun and Ascendant.

    Not sure what to expect but with all this energy SOMETHING has to happen!

  9. It’s conjunct my Venus in the 5th. Saturn has been squaring it from the 7th for a time, and it has really played out in cutting out friendships (most likely that aren’t fulfilling me anyway) and my wanting to cocoon rather than socialize. As an extrovert, I’ve been finding the latter very odd indeed.

    Also have quite a few 5th house planets (a few in Leo) and I’ve been feeling that my creativity’s hit the skids.

    I’ve taken a break from romance, I have no interest right now.

    Transiting Venus will be opposite my Jupiter, and Uranus is 2 degrees away from squaring my Moon.

    Don’t know what it means for me yet, but hope some much needed fun is involved!

  10. Full moon is coming at the cusp of my 3rd and 4th house. I have venus at Leo @21 deg. Saturn is currently conjuct my natal moon (my mom). Since Saturn square this full moon, not very happy about the full moon 🙁

  11. With a lot of personal planets in fixed signs I am already fearing that Saturn square… and think that the Full Moon will drive me too emotional (Moon in Leo in the 1st)
    Looking forward for Jupiter to go direct though, as it is transiting my Mercury in Gemini 6 deg… Somehow I feel it will be a relief…

  12. And where is your Mercury, Elsa? You have a stellar way of explaining the planets as they transit into our every day living, weaving words that write a story of what could happen, possiblities, probabilities. And you’re teaching astrology with your artful language. Thank you! As for me, Aunt Betty told me I had a lisp as a kid with Mercury in Sagittarius, 3H. Heard on NPR today about reversing DNA sequencing and the pattern of a Shakespeare sonnet (hope I got that right). Wonder where his Mercury was, and he is still the gold standard.

  13. I’m going to jump in and see if I can do this as well as the rest of you (no way). The best I can come up with is: the Moon is in Cancer in 10H. I do have a professional career, but am not currently using it “out there” in 10H as much as I am “at home” in 4H with Pluto (yikes!) and Venus in Cap. At home involves a partnership, same guy, both in and out of marriage, and he is very ill. Uranus is right on my natal Jupiter in Aries in 7H and 2 or 3 degrees from natal Moon in Aries 7H. I’m a Scorpio, and we all know where Saturn is (and recently left my partner’s sign of Libra, and our son is an Aries). The seal already blew on my pressure cooker, because I got into a fight with a few doctors when my partner was in hospital, but it turned out well, sort of. Nothing is well when someone is so sick. As for 10H and 4H, I just got a job offer but am not sure I can accept because of what I have to do at home for my partner. I’m not looking so much for answers from you to my “problems”, but how to translate from a horoscope into real life, trying to learn how to read the chart. (Don’t go to the hospital without me; I can read your medical chart and interpret, but not so good with an astrological chart, in spite of Aunt Betty’s instruction! Hoping you might help me learn, again.) Happy Weekend, everyone!

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