Full Moon in Leo: February 9, 2020 – Saturday Night Party!

Leo Madame AlexanderSaturday, February 8th will be a great night to plan a party. The full moon in Leo takes place just after midnight on the 9th.  Mars in Sagittarius will add to and enhance the fiery energy. I’m looking forward to this!

It should be a fun weekend, but beyond that, many are sick of cut-and-paste and regurgitated “creativity”.  The sun in Aquarius opposing the moon in Leo with the Mars feature, bodes well for anyone tired of reining themselves in.  This energy is bawdy and disruptive and positive.

I can take this a bit further to state, Mars in Sagittarius is closing a trine with Uranus in Taurus.  I think (and hope) we’re headed for a period where independent art or what used to be called “outsider art” becomes popular again.

Leo is concerned with the heart. Mars in Sagittarius overflows with passion… and chivalry! In our current, highly machined, auto-tuned world, these things can be seen as rebellion.

I chose the word, “seen”, on purpose because the lights are turned up when the moon is full.  Look around. What heartfelt action can you take, for all of humanity?

The full moon takes place at 20 degrees. If you have planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you’re sure to feel this.

I also like the idea of it landing in a Cardinal house.  This is exceptional energy! If you receive it in your 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, it will be easier to direct and control. At least that’s my theory!

Got plans for the bright, shiny full moon in Leo, weekend?


Full Moon in Leo: February 9, 2020 – Saturday Night Party! — 13 Comments

  1. LOL, all I’ve been doing recently is cut and paste creativity: collage and zine making! I knew what you meant though. I am ready for a good party as well. We’ll see what happens in my Leo 10th house!

  2. Near that date, I had made plans with friends to go to a new wine tasting place near us and they are fun people! I met them at my bus stop and we have all gotten together a few times now for Soirées at each other’s homes. As far as creativity, I lean towards music and have been listening more to my favorite artists and having fun singing in the car but also wanting to buy a guitar and start writing songs again. Or just writing in general. I have a story I’m working on. Last, I have been wanting to feel useful to my community more, joining up with various spiritual groups in my town to see how that could be a catalyst in that direction and to grow spiritually. I have Uranus in Leo in the 9th which seems to feel this Full Moon in Leo is coming!

  3. Hi Elsa,

    This full moon conjuncts my Uranus/11th at 21 degrees and opposes my Chiron/5th 22 degrees, and stimulates? my grand square fixed with Sun/2nd 22 degrees and Moon/8th Taurus 21 degrees.

    Im feeling a lot of old stuff making its way to the surface, and stronger energies stepping in. Endings-Beginnings?

      • I hope it’s illumination…it conjuncts my Uranus in the 11th and sets off my grand/ t – square in fixed signs including Chiron…20-22 degrees…an awakening hopefully.

  4. If this full moon lands exactly on my progressed Sun, how would you interpret that? Jupiter is trine by 8 degrees in sag, chiron is trine by 7 from Aries. Saturn (in Gemini) & Uranus (in Libra) are both sextile by 4 degrees. “Reigning it in” is about the last thing I’m of a mind to do at this time.

  5. 12th and am depressed, hope this helps me a little to lift my spirits, the lunation occurs in the midpoint between my Saturn and my AC.

  6. Full moon sextiles my natal Mars in Gemini in the natal 11th and sextiles my progressed Jupiter in the progressed 9th. False accusations have been made against me and I am hoping this legal matter is resolved sooner rather than later.

  7. My husband and I both have moon and pluto in 12th. His moon conjunct my pluto and my pluto conjunct his moon. A karmic past life deal. This full moon will light it up! We are wondering what to expect.

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