Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8-9 2017 – Domestic Violence

The full moon in Capricorn takes place just before or after midnight, depending on your time zone.  I’m talking Saturday, July 8th or very early Sunday, July 9th.

Mars and Pluto are involved with this full moon. It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned the fact that emergency rooms see an uptick of traffic under full moons.  If I were in charge of one of them, I would add extra staff on this weekend.  It’s almost a given it’s going to be a rough night.

That doesn’t mean that you, personally, need to act out. Some people light fuses. Other people heroically (Mars) defend (Capricorn) their family/homeland (Moon).  You can also act (Mars) to balance a situation (opposition).

If you are out and about under this full moon, most definitely be careful (Capricorn) and act (Mars) on your instincts (Pluto) to protect life (Sun).

I’d also skip any kind of fight or confrontation, this weekend, if at all possible. It’s just way too volatilely dangerous.

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Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8-9 2017 – Domestic Violence — 23 Comments

  1. I’m in the hot zone with this one, pluto is conjunct my natal mercury in 8 house cap at 17 degrees and exactly square natal moon saturn vesta conjunction in Aries 12th house at 17, 18, 21 degrees. I’m in the firing line, being pressured by public power authorities to so something I don’t want to. These are the peak times. I compromised previously and came out of it very poorly. Since then my beautiful, Down’s syndrome son has had leukhemia but we are home and I’m spending all my time with my family, bringing us back to health and normality after the chemotherapy ordeal. I don’t have time to back those that I did so willingly before. But there is little sympathy with my personal cause, just deep simmering anger and manipulation to get me to do what I don’t want to. (Power versus love) This weekend and the weekend of the full moon are direct hits on my natal points. It’s tense but I’m fighting this one out. (transiting mars in cancer, natal moon in aries)it’s scary because I’m alone on this. It’s very under the surface, the details would curl lashes. It’s true 12th house / 8 house stuff that you can’t openly talk about. I’m protecting my home and family and not intending to put myself in the firing line – this is hard as I have to go against my sense of responsibility and commitments (tough as I’m a Capricorn.) It’s a case of standing up to corruption and untruth in something I have always loved as well as a personal freedom of choice. Good luck to you all out there. Take care of yourselves.

    • Wow. Love your comment. Thank you for all of the insights I got from your share. I have a lot of 12th, 8th … and 4th house business. I am also a mother but I am the one who is different-abled.

    • I can relate to your story. I too am fighting an epic fight. Alone. I see the right path to take. But my spouse will not believe me. The way out requires a move. That could lead to some wealth. To stay is easier, and my spouse would prefer that. but that option leads to debt slavery. The alternative allows an investment that after 13 years of study I know is golden, but she no longer believes anything I say. So I’ll tell you: Silver miners are about to be epic as silver is about to go up in a wave 3 (Elliott waves). Once silver miners go up by 15x, they will pay dividends. A once-in-a-lifetime op. And a life-changing op also. It’s been a lonely, scary journey, and I had to speak up for myself and my children and no longer continue to cave in to her stubbornness in an argument. I really do know better. wrote up 35 reasons. It’s not gonna go down like that. This battle has been over a year in the making. Pluto: transformative.

  2. Hi elsa! !! I’ve planified to fly in sunday 9 th to greece. I am actually living in France. This full moon is really close to my angles , end of 3rd house limits of 4rth…and i am à capricorn. It s been several days i am thinking about it…is it dangerous for us to take à flight…my son will be with me????

  3. I would love to know more about astrology, esp. mine, but I have aphantasia (a disorder where I don’t see pictures in my mind….only black and foggy grey), so I have trouble learning things because I only have my overactive mind to do so. Oh, and also, I have very limited income (which I have learned how to live nicely on, so it’s not hard). This is why I haven’t taken your courses, Elsa. I do diligently read all that you write, as you know what you are doing, knowing and passing it on to us. Thank you so much!!! I guess I have the misfortune of having my birthday 7/9/49 at 5:23am….sounds like the possible eye of the storm….should I hide in a cave? Love, Kate

  4. Love it – my middle child was born on a full moon while the eldest & youngest were new moon’s & I wasn’t studying natal astrology then.

  5. Pluto has been conjuncting my natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction while squaring my natal Jupiter, so with this full moon I feel another surprise coming in the houses where they are.

  6. I don’t see how this wont affect me. I have natal Pluto sq natal Mars, and both those planets are involved. Transiting Pluto is conjunct my natal Saturn/DC conjunction so this happens on top of that. Sooo, I will be playing it safe those days, to avoid inviting trouble. Thanks for this heads up

  7. The nearest natal aspect is my mars @ 22 capricorn. Transiting mars will make opposition to that and i m flying back morroco sunday morning.. geez

  8. Well… let’s see.
    NSaturn – 15Cap18
    NMoon – 19Cap22
    NMars – 18Can38

    Yeah, I, too, cannot see how this is not going to affect/effect me.

    To a Computer Programmer, this is a reboot. But. These signs are not Leo/Aquarius.

    These signs are Capricorn/Cancer.


    • Could you elaborate further?

      I have Mars in Cancer in my 7th house at 18 degrees. My ac/dc line is 7-8 cap/cancer. Venus is in Virgo at 25 in the 8th and I’m Leo Sun 22 degrees / Aqua moon 12 degrees. So I was just curious what you mean.

      These past few months have been rough as hell. I started a new job on march 31st. Last two weeks had bad issues with a coworker in another dept. literally never speak to this person. I was completely singled out. I literally have the vp of my dept personally telling me last week that he’s so embaraessed I am being treated like that, that obv he can’t control every nuance of treatment I receive from that department, but I’m doing good work and he’ll do everything in his power to shut it down.

      Right after March 31st….on April 10th or so, my little jack Russell terrier was in and out of vets because he was acting weird, something was wrong.they did one surgery they thought was relevant to the issue. But the prob came back days later. Then he had a bad night on April 25/26. Rushed to the vet er. Had surgery. Lost all his blood from hemangiosarcoma a blood vessel tumor that had burst. Literally died. Then woke back up. Stayed one week in recovery. I stayed til closing after work every day just walking him around outside in my arms. He came home. 100% again. Then went to get stitches out …brand new large tumor. Chemo. 3 week later checkup…4 more tumors. He died in my arms on Sunday. I’ve been out of work until….well…1 hour from right now taking care of him and his remains.

      I’m literally laying in bed right now wondering why I shouldn’t just quit this job right now. The timing of my job and his sickness and the time I could’ve spent with him inside of there, only to be treated like I have been. And in the midst of all of this, the house I live in was sold to the bank and their lawyers validated my lease but now wasn’t 3 months back rent by July 1st. Which I don’t have, and haven’t held up their duties as my landlord…and won’t answer my emails or requests. And I can’t pay my actual rent AND the back rent and/or a lawyer at the same time.

      I seriously just can’t take anymore of this. Sorry to pour this out in a reply. I just needed to finish typing what’s gone on before I go into this day.

      • Starf, please make a topic/post in the forum side of Elsa’s blog. Include your chart. There WILL be kind souls that will assist you. I will, as well. You are in good hands.

  9. In house four, where it will go conjunct my natal Cheiron. Many things happen here, not the smallest things! Setting time a part of me has deep sadness and another part, is deep in silence, and I can feel a power there that is phenomenal. When I was a teenager and in crisis because my parents where in deep distress, I had this feeling as well. When I want to grab that power, it is gone. If I just quietly watch, it is there. I am not scared but I really think that there is a lot of trouble on the go. Otherwise I did not have this feeling. We’ll see!

    • I just saw on the news that it expects a new financial crisis. One that is bigger than we had before. Maybe that is where my feeling is coming from.

  10. thank you, i intend to be a couch kitten ,just no need here to look for or at fireworks ;trouble i need none ;hit my quota years ago

  11. Great article thank you ! I don’t know yet what the full moon means for me, but something tells me it’s going to be rough. Full moon is 2′ opposite my N.Saturn in the 7th house. I also have N.Saturn square N. Mercury at 3′.

    Gagged and perhaps relationship karma..?

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