Full Moon in Cancer: January 6, 2023 – Kind & Quirky

cancer crab paintingThe full moon in Cancer will take place in the early evening on January 6th at 16 degrees. It looks calm with an interesting quirk.

Specifically, the moon is in it’s home sign, trining Neptune in it’s home sign, Pisces.  That ought to feel good, right? Blissful even.  But the moon is opposing the sun and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn.

That sounds like a buzz kill but there is a mitigating factor. It’s Uranus in Taurus trining the Capricorn.  Uranus mashed with Mercury is associated with brilliant ideas. Capricorn is known to be controlled and authorities but in combination with Uranus, there is actually pressure to break rules; it can be the right thing to do!  I don’t know. This sounds freaky good to me.

I have a friend who has an Aquarius sister. The sister observes some people come at you with a twist.  It’s like they come around with some offering; but as they hand you the cup of sugar, the cut you or stab you in the back.  It’s like they can’t help it. It’s a cowlick in their psychology.

This full moon reminds me of this type of deal, except it’s positive. Rather than a gift and a stabbing, it’s a gift you see in the hand and another gift you don’t expect.

Compassion (moon Neptune) is likely to be part of the equation. Perhaps it’s some kindness or some type of support coming from a source you didn’t know cared about you.

I really like this. There’s an edge here, but it’s kind.

How do you feel about the January 6th, full moon in Cancer?


Full Moon in Cancer: January 6, 2023 – Kind & Quirky — 15 Comments

  1. It’s conjunct my Mars at 15* Cancer, 10th h. It’s funny but although I’m well aware Uranus is sat at 15* Taurus for such an eternity and then stations, I’d missed that sextile to my Mars! Keeping an eye now.

  2. I’ve been in love with your psychological cowlicks from the first time you wrote it.
    I have (at least) one and am always made to laugh at myself with compassion when I remember the photo you used to light that post
    Now? I see the cosmic/astrological angles for handling the cowlicks in such a sweet way; a compassionate comb over and “gel”
    Taking that approach I’ve an appointment with the future and prepare to hand it over
    Two gifts, no stabs Brilliant! Full House
    Nice frame Elsa. 😘

  3. This would be in my 10th house and my 6th house, so I imagine it might have to do with my workplace?? Uranus is in the 8th. Very curious now how this would unfold.

    • I had some issues at work, making it particularly painstaking to get through the day. I had someone buy me a sandwich and because I forget to mention to add cucumbers, another person picking up the sandwiches asked to include those for me. It was a very kind thing to do.

  4. Moki your writings and interpretations also,
    Beautiful, inspiring as we again feel
    The bite this season❤️Kudos elsaelsa
    Here we gooooo!

  5. Conjunct my Mercury in the 5th. Creative quirky? Lucky quirky? Time to try some gaming of some kind since there are several positive aspects in my chart. Mercury rules my Gemini Sun in the 4th.

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