Full Moon In Aries: October 13, 2019 – Transformation Of Relationships

hydraThe full moon in Aries on October 13th with be exceptional and deeply meaningful. The event is extraordinary in that the sun in Libra and the full moon in Aries at 20 degrees, square Pluto in Capricorn, exactly. You’re going to feel this and they’ll be nothing “surface” about it.

The me/we axis is involved.  You can expect considerable disturbance in relationships of all types. I’m talking about what is unconscious within you, coming up to the surface, to be dealt with.

It’s helpful in situations like this, to think in terms of the mythical Hydra. The Hydra is a beast who lived in a cave, terrorizing the town. This thing was intractable.  When they cut off it’s head, it grew two more. When they cut off the two heads, it grew four more.  Ultimately, the problem was resolved when the Hydra was held up and exposed to the light.

In human terms, you can compare this to lancing a boil, or puking up some kind of poison. It may not be pleasant but you feel better once it’s done and it may be the only way to heal.

Currently, Pluto is at 20 degrees. This thing is so potent, I can already see and feel it coming in. I’m living it on many levels.

For example, the transformation of relationships is already the dominant theme in my consultations at this time.  This stuff is heavy (Saturn) and hardcore (Pluto).

Last, my use of the word, “meaningful” was deliberate. This is because Jupiter in Sagittarius is also at 20 degrees. The planet sextiles the sun and trines the full moon.  In many case, what will be “puked up” is the Jupiter-ruled truth. This is really going to be something to witness.

There is a discussion in the forum here – Full Moon In Aries: October 13, 2019 – Squares Pluto @ 20 degrees. You can also see the chart of the full moon at the top of that thread.

How do you feel about this full moon in Aries?



Full Moon In Aries: October 13, 2019 – Transformation Of Relationships — 33 Comments

    • Yeah, I am writing Friday’s newsletter; it’s about a vomit ride.

      Matter of fact, I think I will post it on the blog. I only do this a few times a year, when I think it’s warranted. This looks to be one of those times. 🙂

  1. Aries Moon to me means moving forward. Not just standing leaning on a rake while looking out onto a yard filled with leaves and crying.
    Its about grabbing that rake and raking raking until that energy is transferred into a swept yard. Allowing the grass beneath your feet to breathe.allowing the air to get to whats underneath. Making sure the hydra is in full view so it can be dealt with. With a lawn mower

  2. Strange how Jupiter is a good omen for that day as Trump will be in Dallas that weekend…other positive transits make this a better weekend as opposed to the previous week.

  3. I’m so excited!

    On the day of the Full Moon it will also be the 1st day that the transit of my Named Asteroid shifts to 20 deg Cap, aspecting natal planets at 20 deg.

    What’s the worse that could happen to me, I burn to ashes and rise like a phoenix? That sounds pretty cool!

  4. There is a song by Jackson 5 called “Can You Feel It” – it reminds me of this full moon.

    For sure, I can feel it!
    Especially potent as Pluto is right now stationing to go direct. My oh my! The things that have been on the backburner have certainly reared its ugly head. (I wrote that as a phrase before thinking about the hydra-analogy!)

    Themes regarding sex and power in relationships are up for a review, and there will probably be tears and drama. But for now, it really really helps to know astrology and know that it’s all part of a process, and we are all in it, in some way and area.

    This will touch my tra-la-la – in other words, my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio.
    It will touch my BF’s Libra moon in my 8th house as well, almost by degree.

    It will also touch his Virgo Mars-Saturn conjunction at the same degree. A good thing this aspect is sextile to my Venus and Sun! Otherwise I would foresee some nasty or snarky comments in a passive-aggressive way. (His Mercury is at 20 degree Cancer).
    Heck, they might even come as well, together with a little power play or manipulative actions. But while I foresee some upheaval, healing will be there too. His Chiron and my Chiron will be involved, in a trine to Pluto. If nothing else, there will be a theme of intimate healing involved here for sure.

    This is some potent mojo and taboo voodoo juice – a part of me is delightfully scared and anxious, and another part of me don’t know what to do with this energy!

  5. My south node is in Aries any thoughts?just got new part time position as health assistant in small rural town,sooo excited to help promote health

  6. I will be taking part in the London Extinction Rebellion action, the biggest non violent action the UK has ever seen. This full moon feels helpful to us as one of our aims is to bring the climate emergency to the light. We are building up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January and I think then we’ll see systems come tumbling down.

  7. Argh. This is directly opposite my poor Cancer Moon at 20 degrees which is conjunct my Cancer ascendant at 17 degrees.

    I have had a few health issues flare up again recently that are not going away. Have made medical appointments.

    Meanwhile all I want to do is sit on the couch and eat biscuits and knit. But things are too pressured at the moment for me to take much time out.

  8. Hmmm my boyfriend’s birthday is the 14th. This slams into his Libra sun/ascendant/ mars and Aires moon (which falls into my 7th house). Possible relationship drama from his end…? It sucks because we are already dealing with Saturn and Pluto doing it’s thing, I want no more drama and intensity but there’s no real relief until next year. At least we are learning a lot.

    Thank God my Capricorn stellium is spared somewhat. My Aquarius Jupiter may help ease things on my end… for him it may be a disaster because his chart is full of cardinal planets, mid to late degrees… happy to see that Sag Jupiter will be hanging around as well. It’s just time to heal these things so let’s just get it over with haha

  9. Well my Asc is 20 Libra, my Moon 22 Aries and Venus 24 Capricorn, this should be big for me in one way or another. Remains to be seen. Currently still grieving my man who passed away in February, but things are looking up, so… feeling somewhat optimistic even though it’s the god damn Pluto all over again.

  10. Aries ascendant 20,friend 15 aries moon,30 year relationship so far pretty yuck these days. We’ll see what the hairball brings up by Sunday. Right on post!

  11. Aries ascendant here 14 degrees and I am very calm very grounded and it’s very weird. There has been this strong sense of stability in my heart for about 3 weeks now, and physically I have a lovely sense of well being especially manifesting in my back – along the whole spine from the neck down-. My trainer says it’s just my exercising that is producing this… but ….
    With so much fire in my chart and my best planets Mars and Mercury in tough houses, I thought I would be jumping off the walls. Maybe I can get a pass on this one. It’s kind of like an anomaly. I’d like to give some credit to my Gemini moon – but I don’t have time to research the charts.

    Be careful everyone and Blessings for a safe Full Moon 🌕🔥💥
    🙏 Aries Rising

  12. Definitely feeling this already…this is a flip flop of my natal chart, Aries Sun/Libra Moon opposition with Pluto involved. Oof! Talk about a gut punch.

  13. The energy is so heavy. Pressing down on my heart. In my 7th house. Can I just cut my heart out and get it over with? Its making me tired…

  14. I understand my mother a lot better, who was a Saturn Pluto Character. I have had problems where I live, so I am running around today trying to “Secure my borders”. I have a locksmith coming tomorrow. (Someone tried to Jimmy my lock to get into my apartment yesterday). I am also probably going to schedule some time with you to discuss my nodal axis, living situation, moving. New to me all this not being open. I feel a bit under siege – but dealing with it. Pissed about all this. Aries is MC For me.

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