Frustration With All The Retrograde Planets

mantis tillerMy husband has been frustrated, lately. I’m feel more irked. Over the weekend, we realized, we’d best buy a new weedeater. We have a great weedeater, however it’s impossible to get parts. It took us several weeks to figure this out.  Bye bye, Hitachi!

I also had to take my little mantis tiller in for repair. I’m not sure it can be repaired at a low cost. I do use it a lot, but if we need a new one, it will cost about $350 when it’s all said and done. Two machines down.  Metal – Mars.

This morning I got up and started the coffee. It brewed correctly, but when I poured a cup, it was only lukewarm. UGH. Another machine down.

I’m a little concerned about my computer. I bought a machine with Windows 7, right as it became it extinct.  And then there are the vehicles and the phones and the…who knows what else.

Please, not the website!

Are you seeing similar things?


Frustration With All The Retrograde Planets — 22 Comments

  1. Well, I was in a small car accident– parking lot fender bender– on Friday afternoon. I think it was the full moon and various retrogrades all teaming up to tell me to pay attention, of course literally but on all other levels as well.

  2. Yes, weird things happening with my computer the last few days. The computer man who normally fixes things for me can’t explain it. It’s back working again, at least for now …… but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Haven’t seen machines get wonky. I’m just having no luck getting much traction in any goal I want to pursue. It’s like I’m constantly engaged in self-sabotage.

    The only issue we’ve had with a machine recently was with a caregiver who poured dishwasher detergent in the rinse aid dispenser, as well as the bottom of the dishwasher. The kitchen took a bubble bath that day. >:0

  4. I can’t believe this website has been on the internet for 15 years. That’s a long time! Hopefully it’ll make it to 20!

  5. I’ve noticed that when one old item in your life dies, a whole lot of other items start dying or falling apart, in succession. It doesn’t just happen to machines. It can be anything. I practically need to replace everything I have. And I don’t have a job. So, I do without a lot of things.

  6. ARGH! First cut of the lawn this year. Mower wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t turn over. I have mowed the lawn here for 10 years and I am the one who mows it 95% of the time. Still, it was my fault. Even after my husband replaced the fried spark plug, it was still my fault it wouldn’t start. ?

    Decided to empty a wine bottle (leftover homemade wine transferred to another bottle, then went bad). Well, the contents exploded and in a panic (because my husband would be pissed at the mess) I wiped it off the ceiling but it’s a popcorn ceiling so I ruined an 8″ section. He was livid. Thank God is is traveling now so I don’t have to deal with him further and his silent treatment. My error and I cleaned the mess and will be familiar with repairing a popcorn ceiling.

    Had to clean the screens but the hose was broken (not me! It’s old!) Yikes. Not even telling him because he’ll blame me.

    I just wanted to cry yesterday and I rarely do that.

  7. so far the retrograde has been in my far. many mishaps with money. I have venus in Taurus and it is in my 11th house. mercury passing thru has had me get charged twice on my debit card at the gas station. when I went back a few days later, they offered me to fill up again no charge. then the next day my account was credited the amount of the first debit. Then went thru a fast food line to get food for all the kids at home for the weekend and I told the cashier my change was a dollar short. she turned around and grabbed a pile of money and said “oh here it is,just laying here” and she handed me 7.00 dollrs…wtf?..I am afraid to spend too much money now,or make any financial transactions as who know which way that would go!

  8. Will the Pluto Uranus square (now ending) have aftereffects like affecting people with Pluto and Uranus crossing their ascendants
    for the next few years? Like Elsa’s Pluto crossing her ascendant in 5 years?

    • I would think that would bring back stuff to haunt, but seriously…these transit will take at least a decade to even begin to see what’s happened.

  9. Mars transiting the 10 th house – getting a much needed breather after 3 super intense weeks in the landscaping business. Breathe in, breathe out. Hopefully it’s not a two month long breather. I think things will pick up when Mars starts gaining retrograde speed.

  10. No thankfully but my brain is almost useless at this point. Can’t wait for the retrograde so everything can be even more frustrating. Mercury retrograde in Taurus can bite me.

  11. Well, Hello Elsa – Love your writing – as for all the retrograde energy – not seeing it yet, but I am – just the opposite – being made aware of how to apply new technology to my work. thus, I will be saving time, money and tons off frustration! So, so far – so good! 🙂

    • By that I mean, using cell phones more instead of landlines – and possibly eliminating landlines all together thus saving over $150/month . . . .and I am sure there is more to come!

  12. For reasons I can’t explain, I’m the one who always has objects bugging on her. I have a reputation for weird breakdowns.
    I recently went through 3 months straight of unexplainable slowness with my internet connexion (my computer was reformatted 3 times over that period) and guess what, since Mars went retro along with the others, things are fine (meaning the last installation of Windows 10 finally did it)! Why do I have to be so contrarian? Note: very strong Uranus in the chart and born with Merc. retro.

  13. Tonight I tried showing my husband an old resistance band (tube) I bought years ago. I demonstrated how it worked–and it broke. One end came clear out of the handle. I tossed it in frustration, then found a YouTube video on how to fix it. Took it back out, fixed it, tried it again–then the other side broke. I fixed that too. Now hubby is almost afraid for me to use it and now I’m afraid it will break again.

    Maybe the universe is telling me not to bother with exercise right now… 🙁

  14. Today it seemed like I hit every stop light, and cars kept pulling in front of me and slowing me down. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. UGH!!!

  15. I am having to change my password everyday at work to access my online timecard. I think that’s merc rx though. Otherwise so far, so good. Except for becoming aware that I am expected to be a robot on my job.

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