Foul Mood Under The Scorpio Moon

My husband is a pretty affable person. He certainly is to me. He is not at all moody or brooding, in spite of having his Moon in Scorpio.

I have known my husband ‘cross 30 years time and can count his “bad moods” on one hand. I am not talking about us fighting which we do with regularity. I am talking about a foul and nasty mood. He doesn’t really have them but last night he feel into not just a bad mood, but a putrid mood that broke all records.

I’m glad to say, I took this in stride. I didn’t enjoy it, but I figure a person is entitled to a bad mood once a decade, even if it’s the foulest mood you’ve ever witnessed in your life. He woke up normal but quickly feel back into the same mood (with provocation but not from me). He was leaving today for a couple weeks and he left in this is disturbed state.

I knew instinctively not to mess with this and I knew from astrology that I should probably not disturb him until the Full Moon had passed but he called before that to let me know where he was. He apologized for “before” and I told him it was nothin’ – no big deal.

This is really some of the best advice I have: If you have a good man or a good woman and they fuck up, think very seriously about giving them a total pass. This is not expected. A person expects to be punished for their foulness and when they’re waved on, the relief is out of this world.

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Foul Mood Under The Scorpio Moon — 21 Comments

  1. Great advice. I totally agree. It is amazing how much this stuff doesn’t matter and is transient.

    My husband is also having his lunar return.

  2. Excellent advice. When I’ve done that with an SO, they feel enormously relieved; it’s worth it.

    BTW, as a Scorpio Moon, I’ve noticed that I often feel either sad or angry under the Scorpio Moon. I would think that I’d feel more “in synch” with it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  3. My husband is not at all emotionally erratic. He’s as stable as they come but something rubbed him the wrong way and whew! I can’t remember being around this much intensity…when it wasn’t my own.

    I should have added, a woman in particular, distinguishes herself when she does this because so few do. I wrote about this once before but can’t find it. A man will never forget a woman who doesn’t ride his as when he knows it he has it coming.

    This reminds me of one time I went and got my husband after a…bad period when we were kids. No one could talk any sense to him and finally his friend, Speedy let me know where he was, we were broken up.

    I drove over, nonplussed, ignored his surroundings and asked if he wanted to come home or what. ::laughs::

    He said he did and we got out of there.

    My husband considers this a life debt. You couldn’t possibly have a better man have your back.

    Anyway, I don’t expect to see anything like this again, anytime soon.

  4. Me too. I was in the worst mood ever last night, complete and utter annihilation. Then today – it sustained. I ended up hitting the reserve supply of the meds because I was starting to question things that shouldn’t be questioned. Can’t believe the impact this full moon in scorpio/merc_sat_opp has had on me 🙁

  5. I get PMS twice a month, once with my period and once with a scorpio moon. It fills out my natal t-squares into a cross. I try to either hide or process during scorpio moon. My dad made me track my PMS days many years ago. Then he took out an ephemeris and showed me what was happening. It was… enlightening.

  6. I should also say it was the ONE thing that taught me that I’d better learn and listen to the practical value of astrology. It can really make a difference in your life. Information about yourself is power!!

  7. Wow! Thanks for this! My husband was being such an a-hole last night. He has been under a lot of stress with work and going to school for his masters. He didn’t eat in time and OMG explosion. I stayed calm and did my thing and my son and I went for a long walk. This morning he was ok. I was going over all sorts of scenarios in my head,lol. I did keep my mouth shut and I am glad I did! 🙂

  8. The Power of Compassion and Grace sure is awesome!

    Thank You Elsa, for I had forgotten about the full moon. You answered my question as to why my husband was in such a sulky mood. He’s got natal placements in both Scorpio and Taurus, which are being tinged, along with getting the full blast of transits in Aries and Libra, hitting his Aries sun and Libra moon.

    I’ve been pretty effective in helping to balance the transits, since Libra moon can communicate with Libra moon. But…

    He’s been being his normal Aries self when it comes to experimenting with all the new equipment I got to work with hot glass. He’s welcome to do as he pleases, learning in whatever way is most comfortable for him.

    But he’s getting stepped on by me asking him to please quit giving me advice and quit talking to me when the torch is on and my hands are full of hot glass. I’ve never worked a torch before and he has. I’m not even comfortable with it yet, and prefer to move at the pace of a turtle. My learning curve is going from one panic attack to another.

    He’s antsy and his antsi-ness just inspires me to turn off the fuel and go do something else, which frustrates him because then he feels guilty playing with all my new toys.

    Me? I don’t really care. I’m a Taurus, I’ll move at my own speed or not at all. Then once I get going I only have two speeds: slow and stop.

    Aries used to want to butt heads but found mine too dense. Then there are the horns…impalement is always such a mess to clean off and I’m just too lazy to do it anymore.

  9. I’ve had the opposite problem. I’ve been too magnanimous in ignoring bad behavior. I have to figure out how to cut the guys some slack without turning into a doormat.

    If it is not habitual behavior, it is so much easier for me to blow it off as his being human.

  10. Totally agree. This is one intensely probing full moon, provoking emotions left right and centre…

    It’s aspecting my chart quite positively but I’m noticing a lot of emotions flying around me. Lots of irate peeps….keeping my head down on this one… Can’t wait for it to pass!

  11. Perfect Response! You’d don’t own in and it focuses the behavior on a mirror! A one way growl and no fight.

  12. Taurus Rising husband and Aries Sun buddy beat the pants off Scorpio Rising wife and Aries’ Sag Sun wife in card game last night. The guys made tongue in cheek remarks like..”oh, that’s too bad”…to which we responded with “don’t you love it when we let you win”…and you know women are smarter than men”….all in great fun.

    The insight of the evening was when Sag Sun mentioned her EGR (extra grace required) Scorpio friend called earlier after receiving an astro report telling her to ask her one and only friend for the truth about why she has trouble with relationships. Sag Sun has been stressed for years by this friend, never verbally confronting her, but somehow was able to yesterday…very truthfully, but very kindly, including suggesting Scorpio get therapy. This is in the miraculous category!!

    My 12th/1st houses Scorpio … the “other leg” of my T-square…has given me dreams and “awakenings about all kinds of health issues and relationships…but in a subtle, gentle, quiet way….for which I’m very grateful. How often Scorpio typically behave quietly and gently?

  13. water responds that grace you displayed Elsa, very nice. I wrote about the super moon in my blog and this morning woke up wondering about peoples moon hangovers – thanks!

  14. my shower was great yesterday. except when it was over sh!t hit the fan. its hit both my chart, my partner’s chart and our composite chart HEAD ON!

    conjunct my saturn (chart ruler) and mars
    conjunct his sun/uranus conjunction
    and opposed our composite moon

    basically, his shrewd, direct approach was not much appreciated by my family (brother’s). and the complication of who i am and my family situation was not appreciated either.

    i am paying for it dearly today and am stuck in middle of some foul sewage coming up from folks. resentment is dangerous. and after awhile, its hard to tell it source.

    i just pray to make it through the day and next week without going into preterm labor.

  15. Interesting. My husband is more erratic in his moods and I tend to let certain ones pass b/c I know he’ll apologize.

    I’m almost always in a good mood (to the point that I’m even starting to wonder what’s up with me) and yesterday I was irritable and critical. Not extreme but enough for me to notice a difference.

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