Fixed T-Square: Sun, Mars, Uranus: July 23-31, 2018: The Streak!

The Sun in Leo, Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will form a Fixed t-square beginning on July 23rd, to be sustained through the end of the month.  This thing empties out on Scorpio. It ought to be interesting to watch.

I say that because Uranus has not been in Taurus for long. The planet will also retrograde back on to Aries. I don’t think people are thinking about this.

I consider this time to be a preview of  Uranus’ transit through Taurus.  The involvement of the shining sun in Leo is bound to bring more visibility to the effects the transit is having now and will bring in the future.  Mars in Aquarius hots things up and makes this whole situation utterly unpredictable,

It’s unpredictable in that we don’t know where the lighting will strike. But we can be pretty sure there will be a storm!

If you have planets in the early (0-8) degrees of the Fixed signs, you’re most likely to be affected. I would expect people go off this time.  This may be dangerous in some cases but it’s just as likely it be entertaining.

I remember the first STREAKER, circa 1974.  This is like that. What are you going to do when a guy takes off his clothes and runs across the field?  Watch him, maybe?

Here’s the song – Ray Stevens – The Streak.

Personally I’m looking forward to this.  I just like a creative and innovative spectacle.

If you’re having your birthday during this period, this t-square will feature in your Solar Return chart.  It’s worth getting a report! This will be a year to push the envelope and/or assert your Independence.

Streaker pic By Alex Kehr – originally posted to Flickr as #367, CC BY 2.0,


Fixed T-Square: Sun, Mars, Uranus: July 23-31, 2018: The Streak! — 25 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh…Streakers! I forgot about them. They were a big deal at one time haha!!

    This is going to beat on my Sun, Venus and (stretch) I have a 9 deg fixed moon….

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to lay real low. So happy to have this information ahead of time.

    Thank you!

  2. My Neptune at 4′ Scorpio in the 8th completes the T square in a Grand Cross! Yikes Not looking forward to danger or pain.

    • I empathize with you my mars is 4 Scorpio my sun 5 Leo and north node 2 Taurus Moon is 7 Taurus. I’ve got this eclipse hitting me & the grand cross. I’ll accept any changes that come. My teenage sun has the same going on but his rising is in Leo & sun in Scorpio. We definitely expect crazy😈

  3. Hey Elsa! My ascendent is in taurus, sun in aquarius, mars-saturn and pluto in scorpio. I hope this configuration blasts away my feeling of oppression, from others and partly my own projections. Also, natal moon is in aquarius for the eclipse around the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping this is Independence day !!! <3

  4. Scorpio end on my Jupiter Neptune conjunct in 7th. Those rose colored glasses are getting a good cleaning. Caught a person blatantly lying to me for no reason. I barely know her. I’m struggling to understand this phenomena and freedom if speach us a big part of it. Stop, look, listen, speak. I can do this!

  5. i have had a year from hell, with july 27 being the first anniversary date. and have many fixed t squares, some are early degrees……… needing a break after, my dad died, one sister stole from him and the will, multiple identity theft, best friend died unexpectedly-friend from childhood, spouse had a stroke, filed for divorce and informed me on christmas by facebook, spouse gave away three of our dogs and many other things…….. july 23 would have been our anniversary….. so

  6. The missing leg is on my Saturn. Hmmmm. Interesting times ahead. I will try my best to remain in control..of course!(Saturn)

  7. Its Cardinal for me.
    Transiting Mars on MC
    Transiting Sun on IC
    Natal Saturn in Taurus 8 deg opposed by Natal Moon Scorpio 8 deg.
    Uranus is transiting on my 12th house ….

  8. Ha! streakers. I wanted soooo bad to call my great-aunt Ethel and say “don’t look Ethel!”. But my grandmother and mother would almost panic every time I mentioned it.

  9. Feeling something
    Wish I could put words to it
    Think it’s time to move the couches
    In my library of thoughts and thinking
    Or occupy them with someone
    Who whispers
    The screamers have scratched the
    Chalkboard and left me feeling
    Rattled?i am somewhere in here
    Just still holding my breath

  10. that transiting uranus in taurus 2 deg is conjunct my natal chiron opposite my natal uranus at 3 deg scorpio in 4th house…where my ascendant is sitting at cancer 13 deg (same deg as that jupiter transit in scorpio 13 deg 4th house). You said this thing empties into scorpio? Now I’m worried. I thought the eclipse would effect aquarius, where i have no placements, so was hoping it wouldn’t effect me too much. Is scorpio the target of this thing or the one doing the deed?

  11. I’m the streaker. Moon 4 aqua, angry and betrayed.Have a word or two to have with a couple of persons. Maybe sever a relationship with a group.Hope they see it coming

  12. I have natal Venus and Moon at 1 and 4 degrees Aquarius, respectively. I would be interested in hearing in a week or so how this coming week affects everyone. Maybe we could log back on and share experiences?
    In that spirit, The last eclipse, two weeks ago, was opposite my Cap Sun within 2 degrees. On the one hand I took a fairly bad fall the day before, scrapes and bruises, but it could have been much worse. On the other hand I then visited my parents (Sun/Moon?) and with my sister made great and unexpected progress related to them moving to a retirement community near us. This is something we’ve been trying to get them to do for about 10 years. So for me, the eclipse was surprisingly good and bad. Anyone else have cardinals (or earth or water) near 20 degrees? Did the eclipse affect you?

  13. Solar return on the 24th!!! With SR Pluto on the SR ASC. This will be a year… assert independence, dominance, power (try not alienate my loved ones 🤣). Keep my cool, Cappy moon conjunction Saturn will hopefully help that and not make me cold and emotionless. But I want to do a few big things this year outside so I will try to tap into and harness this power.

  14. Hello can someone help ne please?
    Sun in the first house 8 degree Virgo, Moon in the first house 10 degrees Virgo…jupiter in second house at 2 degrees Libra.How will i be affected?

  15. Oopps..Uranus is also in my second house at 7 degrees Libra….am not good in astrology but i really need to know about this.can some please help me?

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