Fashion Tips For Any Age: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Capricorn FashionCapricorn

Capricorn already loves the classics so at any age a classic works, and it’s all about how you wear it when you think about changing things up. Let’s take a white blouse, for example: When you wear your white button blouse you can tie it up over another top; you can tuck it in; you can wear it out with tails flying; or you can tie it up and expose some skin! A Cappy should not really tie up a shirt unless they are at the beach or at a resort but there are creative ways of wearing this classic piece that suits them greatly. Buy your white blouse in a tunic length and wear it with leggings that go all the way to your ankles for a classic and modern look. You can put a sweater or jacket over the shirt and you have a whole Fall look that is modern and works at any age.

The military look is for you and you can wear this look all your life no matter what age by changing it up here and there. Try military jackets with buttons that line up and blouses with emblems in the corner that look like a crest. Wear pants that fit and avoid the pleated in the front look for pants that ages everyone and never works! Your pants should fit and look new if they have peg legs and flat fronts or it they are wide legged and worn with a blouse that is a classic sort.

Try tying your sweater or cardigan over your shoulders when you aren’t using it for a classic and very together look that works in the elements too! A cardigan is always “in,” but these days they are belted so you can use a cardigan or two no matter what your age depending on how you wear it. You can match your cardigan to a “T” and wear it like a twin set or get an over sized cardigan or two and wear them as jackets for the home or office! Nothing says “class” like a nicely worn cardigan so Capricorn should invest in one or two and wear them forever depending on how they are being worn at the time.

You can update any classic you own by using accessories or by wearing it with something new. Adding colored tights to your A-line dresses make them look new. Skirts can also be updated by adding colored tights that do not match the skirt in a very obvious way. I suggest that Capricorn collect classic clothing and when they get the whimsy in their step they can go shopping for new ways to wear their clothing and always look “in style.”

A great way to build a wardrobe is to gather together classic shapes and collect them in colors that suit you and in fabrics that appeal to you and fit your lifestyle. Don’t go for things that are trendy, Capricorn, unless you are spending a little bit of money for a bit of fun, for you will be back in your classics before you can turn your head! I adore the classic look and don’t think anyone wears a uniform better than a Cap! Make your own uniform by taking shapes in clothing that you like best and collecting them and then tweaking them with the seasons as you look through accessories every year.

A great blazer is important for every Capricorn and these days the sleeves on blazers are pushed up or rolled up via the 80’s, so don’t be afraid to wear yours in a different way. Buy colors that are worn every year like beige, black, navy and forest green. After filling your wardrobe with classic pieces in colors that work all the time try adding a bit of bright to your look by buying new pieces in the form or blouses or “T’s” that can be worn with your clothing but update it in the way of color. It is a great way to have a lasting wardrobe and you won’t have to re-buy classics if you make sure to buy the best you can afford whenever you make a purchase. Capricorn even doesn’t mind the drycleaner if it’s a great piece and this is perfect for them.

Whatever your piece there is a way to update it and wear it so don’t be afraid to ask if you have something you love to wear and aren’t sure how to wear it this season. If you are a lover of classic jeans with five pockets you never go out of style and always have a way of dressing on your casual days. Leggings will never go out of style but don’t buy the Capri leggings because they cut off the leg and make you look shorter and stouter which no one needs. It’s a very “cute” look to wear Capri leggings but Capricorn does “respect” better and should stick to full leggings and tights.

Capricorn looks best with a bit of soft hair about the face to soften their overall look so have your hair cut in a cut that hits the shoulders so you can lower it or grow it a bit depending on what the styles are that year and always be hip. You should avoid harsh looks like harsh bobs because they can be aging and so can bone straight hair so keep a bit of body in the hair no matter what your cut. Don’t fall into the trap many Capricorn fall into and have your hair cut short at a certain age because that is not the case and you don’t have to age yourself like that. Again, to the shoulders or just above or below is the best length and in a line that adds to your face instead of taking away from it. Have a talk with your hairdresser so your hair “works” for you and does not take hours to do, because Cappy hates to primp when it takes too long and takes them away from their purpose!

Your face, Capricorn, could benefit from a bit of blush on your cheeks right in the apple area so think about your natural blush color when you buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert help in department stores when it comes to color because you can find that color in a makeup that has your pricing or buy it right there! Cheek color makes us all look a bit brighter and younger especially as we get older and lose some of our facial color and look at bit washed out. Even young Capricorns should consider using blush because it makes them more approachable in public and just all around fresher. Never go for heavy eye makeup if you are Capricorn because it is aging no matter if you are young, and stay in the believable category by wearing natural colors on your eyes. Don’t forget to add a bit of color to your eyebrows and draw attention to your eyes, because they don’t always show up on a Capricorn.

Lastly, I would suggest no heavy lips on a Cappy because that can look harsh and Capricorn are already strong so “harsh” is never a look that suits them. Try lip stain under lip gloss or an almost natural lip tint that looks like the true color of your lips but adds a bit of color or shine to your face. What you say can be very strong so deliver it with soft lips that say “hi” while you power on in your life! A no nonsense look for your face is best and lining your eyes in a softer color than black is always best while leaving the bottom lashes alone and not lining them. It’s very aging to line both the top and the bottom of lashes, so line only the top and add some mascara in your natural color depending on your lashes. Your key word is “classic,” Capricorn, so do it well and add your twists when you feel like twisting!

Aquarius FashionAquarius

When I think of ageless Aquarius, I think of flowing fabrics in interesting prints and patterns and dresses that are about knee length or to the floor even if they are casual! An Aquarius can pull off the greatest of prints and patterns and make them look natural, and they can interest us with their choices in these areas of patterns even to the point of using leopard or ethnic prints! Outfit your closet in fabrics that move in patterns that fit your moods and ideas, and you will have a very good wardrobe that is ageless. Try your favorite patterns and prints in tunic length, knee length and floor length and add leggings or pants if you choose. You can also wear colored tights with your interesting palette but you usually feel tied down by tights so don’t worry if you have bare legs under your fabric.

Floating things look great on Aquarius for some reason and they pull off the most daring prints out there with flair and people love them for it. I know Capricorn nurses that wear leopard print scrubs and pull them off with a roar and patients and doctors love them for it! In the Fall keep your prints a bit darker and try some lightweight wool and heavier cotton for a feel that is comfy and for the spring go ahead and go for floral so long as they are young and not “granny” looking.

Layers are for you as well and in doing some layering try to buy some basic pieces in solid colors and wear them under your patterns for warmth. If you have basic clothing like long sleeve “T’s” and leggings as well as pants you can collect interesting patterns in dresses and tops and wear them to your heart’s content! I love long skirts in prints with boots on Aquarius, and an Aquarius can pull off any boot with a skirt and make it look great! Think long and hard about your boots and buy some that have interesting features like buckles on motorcycle boots or even cowboy boots that have a flair and color. Wear you long and flowing skirts with your boots and add a blouse or a top that fits the weather or even a cropped or oversized sweater will work for the top of your look. It looks great to have a flowing skirt with a sweater over it for the Fall and all you need to do is make sure your sweater is interesting and has your flair instead of wearing drab colors that don’t do anything for you.

Color is great for Aquarius and I wouldn’t rule out any color for them so long as it makes their skin look fine. An Aquarius is also perfect for collectors “T’s” so keep wearing them and add a long sleeve “T” underneath for a classier look that is ageless. Remember that we are only as old as we feel and Aquarius never feels old so nothing is out of their reach when it comes to clothing!

If you are an Aquarius that can sew you have a great outlet for finding your own fabric and creating your own looks. I would suggest finding a person who does sew and who can help you when you choose your own fabric and want something that you have created which they can make happen. You can also have them alter your clothing to your ideas if you find something you can’t get out of your mind but need it to look different. Most of all, let your “freak flag” fly when it comes to dressing, Aquarius, because you have a voice all your own in this area and can wear your vision at any age all your life!

Aquarius can wear longish hair, longer than many signs, and look great with a free flowing style of longish hair that can be put up in a casual way or worn down for an easygoing time. Stay away from dating yourself with hair accessories that can age you and most of them do age us! Keep a wave in your hair even if you have it on the shorter side but make sure to expose those dreamy Aquarius eyes by using bangs or parting your hair so that your eyes can be seen.

Makeup for an Aquarius is a jump ball because they can wear almost any color on their lower lids and get away with it so long as it is not dark and garish. Nothing says “old” like a dark eye shadow so stay away from the deep dark colors and keep in mind that less is more. Keep wearing your mascara but if you have light coloring think about wearing dark brown or brown mascara for a softer effect and a more striking eye and giving up the jet black mascara that can take away from special Aquarius eyes! A brown on your eyebrows also looks best unless you are very dark in coloring. You can skip the blush if you are Aquarius because they usually have very interesting skin colors and use a highlighter instead on the raised part of your face. Sweep a light highlighter on your cheek bones, your forehead, the bridge of your nose and the middle of your chin to bring forth your features and skip the blush all together.

Keep your lips in good shape by applying your favorite lip balm over a natural lip color that you choose because it is as close to your natural lip color as possible. It’s a good idea to line the lip in a natural color because our lip line fades as time goes on and if you are young it just makes your lips stand out a bit and keeps them neat. You can use the same lip liner for every color you use on your lips or just use lip liner and use it all over your lips as an under color before you apply gloss! Lip liner all over the lip is a good way to have long lasting lip color that is natural so long as you cover it with some sort of moisturizing lip balm or gloss in the end. To define your lips and have your eyes swim is the idea for Aquarius because their eyes, to me, always look great and a bit “wet” while drawing a person in because of their depth. Many do not notice but an Aquarius eye is one of the prettiest because it is so deep. Line the eye lightly and never close it off by lining your whole eye unless you have impossibly wide eyes! Smudge well when applying liner to your eye to keep it strong and the star of your face besides your lips.

Dainty jewelry looks great on a Aquarius face and adds to its other-worldly look that is so appealing. So long as you have the right idea about your face you can do it just right and most Aquarians don’t put a lot of thought into their face, which is sad because their faces say so much!

Pisces FashionPisces

Pisces, first and foremost should never wear clothing that restricts their bodies in any way. Nothing gets on the nerves of Pisces more, or should get on their nerves, than tight and restrictive clothing. So think of separates you can layer and wear that don’t squeeze you in the wrong way or fit too tight and make you feel like a sausage! There is nothing so ugly as ill-fitting clothing so make sure your clothing fits you and keep away from things with metal closures that can cut into your skin or zippers that hit the skin and can pinch and make you uncomfortable throughout the day. This is not to say that Pisces should dress sloppy because they should not, but buying well worn fabric or softer fabric is important for a Pisces to be comfy. Being Pisces myself, I know I love my body in clothing that comforts me as I comfort others.

A nice fluffy sweater over a skirt with an elastic waist can be very comfy and ageless for Pisces so long as the skirt is not too short. Anything that does not hassle the stomach of a Pisces is good, and skirts flow like your personality and have the ability to be moody like you are. You can buy a flurry of different skirts making them the length which you love best and top them with fine feeling fabrics in blouses and “T’s” so long as the “T” has a bit of sleeve because arms are always a bit too harsh looking to be good looking and shown unless you are one of a very few. Look for fabric that does not stand up by itself for your separates, and if you wear jeans make sure you collect tops that have some form so you don’t look homeless in your loose-fitting denim!

Colors for Pisces are always sea green or blues of some sort, but more and more Pisces are dressing in black to keep their energy in these times. A Pisces can rock black in a great way because they do want to keep their energy and they have their own mystery. One way to do your black and still let a bit in is to add color to your black separates. Nothing says “new” like a pastel with a black and it looks great on Pisces in the very best way. Keeping the black away from your face is one way to go unless you are dark in coloring and can wear black because it matches your hair or looks great with your somewhat dark or dark skin. Try to get colors that soothe your nerves and think about how you feel in the clothing first and most importantly. How you feel is defined by what you wear in the fact that people react to you by what you are wearing, so keep that in mind when you shop. It’s a jump ball for Pisces because one day they are into a classic and the next they want to be flowing so you can build a wardrobe of favorites of every sort of style and mix and match them up!

Military with lace and sea blue with black are ways to go with color and style that work for your different moods. Try a jersey dress that is soft with a leather jacket to show your versatility or a soft wool skirt with a crisp white blouse! Mix it up to show how you feel and don’t forget about using color the way you use your feelings and that is how to dress each day. If you collect pieces that you love and wear them mix and match you will have the perfect Pisces wardrobe that works every time.

I like the idea of a shawl with a classic tunic and pants for Pisces, because it’s easy and ageless, as well as I like black dresses with seafoam green, short cardigans! The idea is not to pigeon-hole yourself into one style and leave yourself open for interpretation by others. What you have to say is important and if you can be pinned down by what you wear you have less of a chance of being heard or seen!

Always try to go with something soft in your look each day and pair it with what feels right even if you go with a pajama-type look one day because you are feeling soft at that time. Pajama pant looks with matching tops are great for you because they are timeless and comfy as are boot cut jeans and softer colored or fabric sweaters that don’t hug your body too tight but that do fit. Always go for fit instead of too loose because it’s a common Pisces mistake to go for comfort and buy a size too big instead of going for fabric that feels good in your own size. Collect nice looking sweaters of soft wool and cotton for Fall and pair them with your favorite bottoms.

Jewelry should be a bit simple for Pisces because they don’t want the jewelry wearing them or taking away from their personality, so keep that in mind when buying accessories. Simple necklaces even if they are of big stones are great or thin chains with your favorite symbol are good for you. If you do go for belts make sure you buy them in a size that you can leave room for yourself to breathe because too tight of belts on Pisces just go against your nature and look “off” because they don’t suit you.

Your bag is very important if you are Pisces because Pisces is always packing something that they value even if it’s emotional value, so stay with bags with soft edges and straps that can be slung over one or the other shoulder to keep it close to your body and stay away from the more “prissy” looking bags that work so well for other more staunch signs. Make sure your bag is big enough to carry even a change of clothing because you never know when you are going to feel like changing your look because you change your mind!

I love the idea of having different looks to suit my different feelings each day and so the closet of a Pisces can look as if it makes no sense but it does to the person that wears the clothes. Use your creativity to mix and match as well and make yourself your work of art when you dress. See dressing as an art and stay away from too many trends and things that will be “out” in a season because Pisces can be suggestible, and before you know it they can spend money on clothing that is not really wearable but appealed to them in the idea of it all!

A blazer over a long dress is a great style for you so don’t forget to collect cover ups for all occasions because covering yourself and hugging yourself with your clothing can become a perfect way to feel good on a bad day. Your rules of dressing are “there are no rules” and you can pull this look off in your sleep!

Hair on a Pisces should move even if it is short, and bangs or hair that can fall a bit in your face can give you a place to hide as well as add to your mystery. Don’t go for a too short and too harsh a cut because you feel you are older and that is what you should do! Go for a softer style and when you use product try to stay away from stiff products like strong gels and hair sprays that take away from your soft style. Don’t lock yourself into a style that can’t be altered with a clip here or a bobby pin there. You want to have bangs and other layers that can be swept this way of that as you move through your day and keeps you interested and interesting.

As to your face you want to stay away from harsh eyes because Pisces eyes swim and they should be treated with a light blue or green smudged liner or no liner at all and mascara that adds length to your lashes to give you that beloved mystery. Keep your lips soft either with gloss or shimmer unless you leave the rest of your face fairly bare and go for a strong lip because you want to be heard and feel like being strong that day. Every Pisces should have a great red in their lipstick line because there are days you want to put forth a stronger image and no one can take on fantasy like a Pisces so go with a red that stings on those days or a plum with a deep, deep color tone. On the rest of your days use a lip treatment that softens your lips and remember that some glosses can tear up lips and make them dry which is the last thing a Pisces needs to have happen.

When using color on your eye don’t date yourself by coloring your whole lid in color because only a few can pull off this look and still look young. Too much eye makeup can wear a Pisces instead of them wearing the look, but you will find days that the smudged dark eye will appeal and on those days just use a bit of charcoal eye shadow to do your lower lid to the crease and leave the rest of your eye bare or with a base on the lid to even the tone of the skin.

Don’t try to camouflage anything on your face too strongly or you will draw attention to it instead and remember to use concealer with a light hand and only in the inner corner of the eye. Every bit of makeup on a Pisces changes the way they appear because they can become what they wear so easily! When you shop for things it is a good idea to hold the item and walk away from it for a bit of time before deciding, to make sure you have not been “hard sold” by a person that sells to make a quota. The idea for Pisces is to stay away from trendy clothing that is made for those in their teens and to allow themselves a wide berth in dressing and in dressing their face.


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  1. wow, thanks for this Annalisa. I love all the Capricorn tips (1st House Cappy Moon). I have a personal hate-on for capri length anything, ha ha. above the ankle, yes; capri–no.

    Still looking for the perfect blazer…I’m a thrift-store gal so the search has been on since 2006 or so.

  2. I’m in that state where I don’t want to wear almost everything in my closet, so I was browsing the net for outfit ideas. That’s how I came across this. I’m a Capricorn Sun with Pisces ascendant so my style is really a mix of the two. Still a little stuck but it’s interesting to see your take on these two signs. So true! No wonder different people have such differing views of me, even though I thought I was projecting the same self. The makeup wears a Pisces, huh? I guess I should really tone down on that concealer! Not sure about wanting blush though (Capricorn), it seems like a hassle.

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