Astrology And Fashion: Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes is an English actor who favors intense, earthy roles and his chart reflects this. Ralph is a Capricorn with his Mercury in Capricorn as well. A Capricorn actor can take on strong roles which Ralph has, but there is a power about him and this is due to his Moon, Neptune and Venus in Scorpio. With such a Scorpio influence we would expect Ralph to understand power and sexuality in a large way. Having his Mars in Leo gives him another powerful placement towards drama and dramatic roles as well as a talent for the theater where presence is very important. Ralph is an accomplished theater actor who attended the Chelsea College of Art. With Capricorn Sun and Mercury and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Ralph would favor a strong support for his career and being educated in acting was his choice. Virgo Pluto would take their work very seriously and this adds to his considerable Scorpio leaning and intensity. Responsibility is always in a Capricorn’s life and Ralph is no exception as he was born into an aristocratic family with ties to HRH Prince of Wales. Ralph’s parents were Sir Maurice Fiennes and his mother was Jennifer Lash, a writer. Ralph’s siblings are all professionals and his brother Joseph is an actor.

Ralph has taken such intense roles as the villain (Goth) in “Schindler’s List” which required both his ability to play intense (Leo Mars) and evil (Moon, Venus, Neptune Scorpio). He won an Academy Award nomination for the role and gained weight to play it which shows a commitment to his acting that is both responsible and intense. Some of his other roles are also either intense in subject or even in love such as “The English Patient” and “Quiz Show.” Ralph’s presence on the screen is always strong and earthy because of his planets in Virgo and Capricorn and deep, coming from his stellium in Scorpio and Leo Mars. Ralph seems made for such roles that are the villain or an obsessed character because of his chart. Ralph also has joined the cast of the “Harry Potter” movies now which requires an understanding of power and the supernatural which would come easily for Ralph, and the strong dramatic element would be met by his Leo Mars.

Ralph has a chart that is driven and many of his characters appear driven in some form or the other. With Venus in Scorpio as well as Neptune, Ralph would be able to sink into a character, and with Leo Mars he would be driven to do so. He also has the responsibility to take on stage roles and the strength to project from the stage and has taken roles in such plays as “Romeo and Juliet,” “Fathers and Sons,” “Much Ado About Nothing” and “A Midsummer’s Night Dream.” When on stage one needs to carry their weight and have considerable presence, and Ralph’s chart shows just that with his combination of Earth and Water.

As a Capricorn, Ralph would have an interest in either politics or charity and he has shown his charitable nature by doing things such as creating a fund to help educate children called the “Constant Gardner Trust.”

With Scorpio so strong in his chart we can expect some sexuality to show in Ralph’s acting as well as his personal life. Ralph married a woman he met while at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, dating her for ten years. After divorcing, Ralph met Francesca Annis who played his mother in “Hamlet,” and they were together for 11 years before separating. Tabloid reports report him having an affair with a singer and being caught, on a flight to India, in the restroom of the airplane, having sex with a flight attendant. This lead to the flight attendant being fired and the tabloids having a field day. With such a strong sexuality, it is not surprising to find at least one tabloid story about Ralph.

Ralph’s style is formal as a Capricorn will be but with a dash of sexuality and drama. Photos of Ralph often feature his eyes which are intense as Scorpio strongly in a chart will show. He keeps his hair dark, again a nod to “deep and mysterious,” and he often wears very close-cut suits with slim pants and tailored waists. He is often photographed with a black suit and white shirt unbuttoned a bit and showing a bit of skin, and this is also indicated by Venus and other planets in Scorpio and Mars in Leo. He shows a wide Leo smile in many of his press shots, and as a Capricorn will, he smiles to his fans and honors them in that way. As Leo will, Ralph has appeared at events with long hair or a shaved head. Leo will often wear their hair long or very short as I’ve said in other pieces. The face and eyes are flattered when the hair is long and framing the eyes or short or shaved as Leo favors such dramatic styles. Scorpio men will often go for the intensity of a shaved head even if it’s not for a role. Ralph also likes the look of a black leather jacket with white shirt which is a nod to intensity and drama. His beard is often there in the form of a shadow to give him more style, and this is due to his Mars in Leo as well as his careful Capricorn control of his image. Ralph most often appears well dressed as a Capricorn will.

We can expect to see Ralph again in the “Harry Potter” series as he has signed for the next movies, and we have seen him recently in “The Hurt Locker.” We know that with all the earth, especially Virgo, in his chart he will continue to work and work hard at his craft and take it seriously because he is a Capricorn. We might see more charity work from Ralph with a Capricorn Sun but one thing is for certain: We will see much more from Ralph Fiennes!


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  1. This is awesome, Annalisa! I was hoping you were going to write up this actor – he’s one of my all-time favorites and his astrology is so, so similar to my husband’s (they were born two days apart) so I’m always so curious to read a good analysis of Mr. Fiennes’ chart. (Happily, my husband has not – that I know of, LOL! – had any dalliances on airplanes, etc.) Thanks so much; really enjoyed this piece!!!

  2. Great Actor !!!

    With the Grand Cross coming it is Great to put our Thoughts aside for some moments and refresh ourselves while we learn about the astrology of this Great Actors !!!

    ThankYou Annalisa !!!

    Blessings !!!

  3. Oh yes, excellent actor with a lot of depth–of course he’s got a bunch of Scorpio, didn’t even think of it. But it shows in everything, doesn’t it? and the Capricorn too. Love him in the English Patient, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies (aka tear-jerker). Thanks Annalisa for the excellent write up.

  4. Not to mention Schindler’s List, a role he gained upteen pounds for. Cold and brutal, yet somehow manages to pull off sypathetic

  5. Old ralph and I have a lot in common astrologically, Scorp stellium and Leo Mars- funny i find him super sexy and deep and all that, but could never have a relationship with someone so complicated. Not that he’s pursuing me, of course 🙂

    saw him on stage in NY 2 years ago– his role was perfectly played. Thanks Annalisa!!

  6. Can’t you just tell he has Capricorn by the sound of his voice? Such a Cap voice to my ears, not surprising about the Cap Mercury. I used to have such a crush on him when I was younger. Thanks for the great profile.

  7. Pixiedust, that’s interesting because apart from Merc and Venus, all my planets are in the same signs as him and I honestly find him completely repulsive….never quite worked that one out.

  8. Opal, that’s funny. Do you like yourself? Have any problems with self-image?

    Anyway I was going to say how often I’m scratching my head when chicks say they think this guy is hot or that guy is. I don’t think that many men do it for me, but then I’ve always been told I’m picky, lol.

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