Astrology And Fashion: Anne Hathaway

In honor of the 2011 Oscars I will profile host Anne Hathaway. Anne is a strong Scorpio with a stellium in Scorpio in her 11th house just reaching out to people! The stellium includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Scorpio. Anne’s chart is also powerful when we see that it is a wheel shape that includes houses 10th, 11th, 12th and 1st with Mars leading the way in the first house in Capricorn. This Mars placement would make Anne very concerned and energetic about her career and she has shown that in her working steadily these years and building her cachet of films, personality in public and her overall image in the public eye. Mars in Capricorn would be very concerned how they play out in public and Anne has the help of stylists that can make or break a person’s public image and probably a press agent as well.

Anne has Moon, Midheaven, Saturn and Pluto all in Libra in her 10th house again making her concerned about how she is seen in public and causing much of what she feels and does show in the public eye. This stellium in Libra also cares what others think of her and keeps her in check with Saturn in Libra when in comes to acting out in public or showing a less than charming face to the public. With her energy so tied to Capricorn and the 10th house we cannot expect much outrageous behavior from Anne! Anne’s rising is Sagittarius with Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius as well. With a Sag rising we can expect a certain range from Anne and a sense of humor which she shows in her choice of scripts. With a wheel shape we often see a driven person and Anne has certainly shown herself to be just that in the area she has chosen to work. Work would also be very important to a person with such a chart as would work with other people. Anne works with many charities and this can be seen by her planets and rising in Sagittarius as well as her Stellium in the 11th house that includes her Sun.

Anne’s lifestyle has been one that is very easily seen in her chart. She sought be be a trained stage actress which is very much in line with her Sagittarius rising and planets seeking education in her chosen profession. Anne is a trained stage actress and also a trained singer who has said she prefers stage to screen which falls in line with someone who has Sagittarius in their chart and loves action and experiences. Anne’s 11th house Sun and stellium shows in her choices of acting in young roles as a princess in “The Princess Diaries” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.” We also see her love of fantasy in her role in “Ella Enchanted.” Wanting an “adult” career, Anne’s tenth house and Capricorn Mars came through as well as her Scorpio Sun when she decided to take more dramatic roles and more adult roles as she moved into films such as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Havoc.”

Sagittarius is known for being a bit clumsy and Anne was actually cast in her princess roles because she had a bit of “klutzy” behavior when she was auditioning for the role for the first film. That sort of “klutzy” behavior is endearing to many people and helps Anne when she works in the public eye and also helps her to film romantic comedy. Not afraid to laugh at herself, Anne is popular because she seems game for many things. The Scorpio in Anne also comes out in her roles when she chose a role in which she would appear nude saying that she believed it to be important to the story line. A Scorpio is comfortable with their sexuality and Anne is no exception to this, but her Libra leanings cause Anne to return to the ladylike behavior and roles that more suit her in the long run.

A Scorpio has an interest in business and this showed in Anne’s life when she became involved with a man named Raffaello Follieri who later was arrested on fraud charges and accused of fleecing investors out of millions of dollars. Anne had been active in his foundations with regard to working with charities on the foundation’s behalf and ultimately had her personal diaries confiscated during the investigation. Anne was not accused of any wrongdoing but it was decided by her advisors that her relationship with Follieri was detrimental to her career and she broke it off with him. Often we find Scorpios attracted to money especially if they feel they can help others with it and Anne would be very interested in helping others with planets in her 11th and 12th house. She would have seen the opportunity to help charities very inviting while her Capricorn Mars and strong 10th house would cause her to not knowingly become involved in anything illegal. Anne is still involved with many charities and was not soured when it came to helping others.

Anne’s style is one that, again, is carefully thought out. Her features are strong and best served by having a long haircut that has few layers to keep her features toned down a bit in a style that reminds me of Julia Roberts. She has strong eyes, nose and mouth, and when one has strong features it is best not to have your hairstyle compete with your features by being too busy or having to many layers. She often wears her hair up because this too does not distract from her features and makes them the focus. Anne keeps her hair a natural brown which works best with her coloring and does not toy with ideas such as going blonde which would not work well with her coloring.

With planets in Libra Anne would be leaning toward looking the lady with her styling and she often looks the princess which is every Libra-type woman’s fantasy at some time or the other! Having Sagittarius rising she would want a style that she can wash and wear and her makeup is kept in the neutral family which is easy to do herself while her hair can be brought up in a pony tail on days off to easily get her ready for anything she wants to do quickly.

Her coloring can pull of any color with dark colors being strong on her because her hair is dark and her Scorpio Sun would love colors like red that are statement making while keeping in mind the Libra Moon which wants to look presentable at all times. She is not afraid of showing a bit of skin because she is Scorpio but does it in a ladylike way due to her Libra Moon. Off the shoulder gowns work for her body type, which is thin, and please her princess sensibilities at the same time.

She is fashion forward due to Sagittarius’ love of adventure and listens to stylists because Scorpio often works with a team of people while carefully creating an image that pleases them. Anne has a stylist at all times for events and it shows because she is rarely undone in a photo in public. She is ambitious with her Mars in Capricorn and a bit conservative with that placement so she would be careful not to be seen out of sorts in the public eye.

Anne’s eyes are dark so she keeps her eye make up simple and natural as to not come off “goth” or too intense. Her eyebrows are kept shaped but on the thick side to balance her eyes with her wide smile which works well. When one has strong eyes and strong eye brows and a wide smile it is best not to wear too strong of lipstick treatments to avoid a clown-like appearance, and Anne works her features very well with regard to this rule. Most often Anne has a natural rose-colored lip treatment that is not too strong and has her eyes lined naturally with strong coats of mascara to balance her eyebrows.

Being a Scorpio, Anne leans towards gowns that show some skin and often plays up her bust and hour glass figure. Most of her gowns are body-hugging, which is very sexy and in line with Scorpio, but they are designed well and very tastefully crafted to keep her Libra Moon content. She knows what works on her body and makes sure to stay in the style that compliments her best. Again, dark colors work well with her dark eyes and features so she often wears jewel colors and at times, black.

Anne plays her career smart and is very driven, so we will see much of Anne in the future which is why I profile her here. She is committed to playing dramatic roles as well as romantic leads so we will see her taking stronger roles in the future while she probably keeps her comedy chops by taking the usual roles from time to time. With much advise and a career that is probably managed very well by others as well as herself we can expect Anne Hathaway to be with us for a very long time!

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    “Her eyebrows are kept shaped but on the thick side to balance her eyes with her wide smile which works well. When one has strong eyes and strong eye brows and a wide smile it is best not to wear too strong of lipstick treatments to avoid a clown-like appearance”

    thanks for the tip

  2. Oooooo great post! Thanks for doing one on Anne, I have always loved her and she has a similar aspects too me so it was even more cool 🙂

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