Fashion And Style: Robert Downey Jr.

Aries Robert Downey Jr. has lead both a gifted and tortured life thus far. He is a fiery sort with Aries Sun, Venus and Mercury and a Leo rising. However, he has survived this life with the help of earth in the form of a stellium in Virgo, Mars, Uranus and Pluto and Taurus Moon and Jupiter. Just when the fire could possibly burn out, the Earth comes in and Downey Jr. is in rehab and back on his feet to turn out more great art.

Downey’s Neptune is in Scorpio and his Saturn is in Pisces. We have a Neptunian character ability and ability to be delusional with these placements. His exposure to drugs, however, began in his youth when at the age of eight, his father shared his drugs with Robert Jr. Robert, who began his career as a child acting in his father’s movies, also began his career of drug use at a very young age when he would have very little to rescue him. With Saturn in Pisces, I often see a father figure who is delusional in some way or the other and this affected Robert Jr. greatly. He studied acting in school as well as dancing and had his whole career cut out for him at a very young age. Unfortunately so was his use of substances that are dangerous.

Robert’s Aries Sun, Venus and Mercury fuel his Leo rising and help him create characters that are hard to forget and that critics have often admired. He jumps into characters effortlessly and does so with his body and mind, given his chart. This makes for great acting and he is gifted, certainly.

With Taurus Moon and a stellium in Virgo Downey would chose very intelligently when it comes to scripts and this Leo would draw him to character acting instead of being a “leading man.” Downey does not disappoint in his choices and many of them have caused him to either be nominated for awards or chosen for awards. He is an Academy Award Nominee twice over.

This is about fashion and style, however and Robert shows his Leo Rising very often in his red carpet choices. He often appears in tuxedos that are inventive and different even to the point of being panned by critics in some of the looks he has appeared in. Even if Robert appears in a regular tux he wears a scarf that stands out. These include a white scarf or even a red scarf about his neck in a tux. Leo’s, as I often mention, love the jacket because it frames the face and Robert has worn tuxes with jackets that are below the knee to some ceremonies! His lapels are, at times, of satin or he makes some sort of other statement when he is forced to dress in finery. He is creative in his dressing but we see the love of comfort and ease when it comes to his personal life and how he dresses there.

Off camera: and this is often seen in Virgos, we see Robert in the oldest of T. shirts and baggy pants. His Taurus Moon would love comfort and his Virgo planets would add to that need and often a Virgo does not want to be bothered with clothing and style. He very often, due to his drug abuse, is photographed in the worst of clothing. However, when sober and straight, we still see Robert dress in very comfortable clothing of natural fabric on his off time and let his beard grow a bit. His grooming habits are the stuff of Virgo and Leo when he is straight and he has an international look about him. He wears hats and scarves with his jeans and T.’s which is very common for those who travel internationally.

I carefully poured over his photos and chose those that were taken in his days of being straight to find a style that was “Robert Downey Jr.” If we took the obvious style of a junkie, we would find that too in his photos and he has had a hell of a fight getting straight. Again, his Earth in his chart has to have helped him survive and think practically when it came to his getting straight. His Fire could cause him to jump without looking and his Earth would kick in and act as savior when things went too far. I am not one to condemn an addict for I see it as an illness and we have to be happy that Robert Downey Jr. is still among us when we look at his history of drug use. However, it would be a harder battle when we see that his drug history started so very young and was a Neptunian lifestyle before he reached adulthood.

I, for one, am glad to see his intelligent script choices, (Virgo steillum) and his ability to take on character, (Aries/Leo,) has lead him to star in “Sherlock Holmes,” and with great success!

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Fashion And Style: Robert Downey Jr. — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this great and insightful write up of Robert Downing, Jr. I have always known there was more to him than another druggy actor but found that perversly intriquing that he was so edgy. It’s sad what happend to him, and similar to Drew Barrymore’s experience, a Pisces. I hope he continues on the road to health and look forward to his future projects.

  2. So glad he did not die, because I was convinced for quite some time that he would.

    I enjoy him immensely, and I think he is one of the very, very few who could literally come back from the dead, because he was a serious drug addict. I remember one of his jail-sentences being shown on television, and basically the judge told him this is probably your last chance to get your shit together, or you are surely going to die.

    So happy he made it!! So proud of him…..

  3. I too love Robert Downey Jr. I think it’s admirable how he continues to keep straight and he is an uber talented actor! Thanks for the write-up Annalisa, great stuff!

  4. i was hoping to see a writeup on a man here 😉 i’ve noticed i’m starting to pick up the elements influencing the clothes choices of the women around me lately (thanks!) but men are harder to figure out…

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