Failure To Communicate (Fake News)

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner. We were discussing “fake news”.

I mentioned I’d see this post in a forum pertaining to Janet’s Jackson’s big re-entry or resurrection of her performance career. The forum post was mocked.  This is a very liberal-minded forum by the way.

Two days later I saw a similar claim / link on the Drudge Report.  The same phrasing was used. Ms. Jackson is extreme… clickbait.  Don’t want to miss something awesome or over the top!  Don’t want to miss your assigned, talking points of the day.


Outrageous Demands & Expectations Of Others (And Of Life In General)

It’s seems obvious to me, the links to the “news” about Janet Jackson are paid product placement. The advertiser hopes to create buzz by faking the buzz in the first place.

It’s like when you see Tom Cruise holding a Pepsi in a commercial. I remember when this was a new thing.  People thought art would suffer at that time. You can decide if you this has occurred.

We were also talking about shopping profiles and such. I might see Janet Jackson being promoted because I’m tagged as person who might be interested in her.  You might see something completely different.  It’s really something to consider.  As the knowledge of each individual becomes more and more granular, we wind up with our personal newspaper designed to sell.


“We can’t really discuss this,” I said to my husband and our friends. “Because the news I see is not the news you see, or you, or you. I have no idea what you see on your screen. And it’s not really news anyway. Newsflash – Janet Jackson is Insanely GREAT.  That’s an ad.”

I wonder when and IF people are going be interested in real content again… like this post right here.

It’s real. These are my my thoughts and this conversation really happened.

What do you think?  In your own, personal mind, I mean. Can we get our minds back? Where is your Mercury.


Failure To Communicate (Fake News) — 18 Comments

  1. I think it’s possible, if people remember to take what they see with a grain of salt and actually research topics/stories that have piqued their interest. However, I don’t think it’s probable since that requires a degrees of awareness and effort that most seem to lack. It’s much easier to just eat the bait.

    Personally, I don’t browse news sites and only view them when I’m researching something and even then I’m skeptical of the validity because the vast majority of stories are injected with opinion that obscures facts. I’d rather just read a peer reviewed research study but that’s not an option when it comes to subjective or interpretive subjects.

    I used to feed into the selfy and meme stream on Facebook but grew tired of the constant shouting in my head resonating from a FB binge. Now I only use it to share my art with friends and family and a local group to buy/sell/trade since my town is too small for a proper Craigslist page. But I still feel like I have to put on sunglasses and ear plugs to get on it, lest I be bombarded by continuous ads. I do wonder what others see that I don’t.

    Other social media platforms don’t seem to have that personalized ad algorithm figured out the way FB does, yet. I never link FB to tie into another sites login, yet FB ads seem to know what I’ve looked at online even if I used a separate computer at work not logged into anything.

    I’m just waiting (and dreading) for the time we have technology so advanced that the ads are inescapable. Like the first episode of Black Mirror where the protagonist is sitting in his room, watching his avatar on the wall and an ad comes on, he doesn’t want to watch it and he doesn’t want to buy it, he closes his eyes and the room starts screaming at him until he gives in, crying, defeated, trapped.

    4H Mercury in Capricorn conjunct 5H Aquarius Venus both trine 8H Taurus Jupiter

    • I echo your comments Siv. I was once very active on FB, loved reconnecting with so many over the years. But the last couple of years has found me backing away from any in-depth comments. It spews ads and opinions I do not want to see, I’ve watched really fine people fall prey to trolls and bots. I’ve gone back to a sweeter way of dealing with social media…liking my friends’ babies and pets.

      I too am A 4H Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Chiron, squaring Aries Jupiter in the 7H.

    • Agreed, Siv.

      There’s plenty of real content out there. Though I do admit its getting harder to find and it can be frustrating but it’s out there. The internet is a place with endless amount of information. Lots of which is written by people who have no clue or just want to get clicks. It’s my job to pick and make sure that what I’m reading is true. Just because it’s in the internet doesn’t make it real. This is the problem. People see it and automatically take it as fact. There are lots of bots putting stuff out too. It’s scary to think that people don’t question what they see and hear.

      News about celebs is more gossip and opinion based. Tabloid magazines have been doing this for years. Making stuff up.

      I don’t believe that everything is fake news. Though IMO it’s what lots of people are saying so that you don’t believe anyone. Gaslighting.

  2. In my opinion that’s got to do with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Deceiving the masses and leading them to hell.

    With my moon/mercury conjunction in the 5th house I like to talk about fun stuff. Sadly everywhere you look delusional people try to poison your mind. Keep your opinions to yourself please!

  3. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to the news anymore because I’m too busy trying to rebuild my life. Plus I’ve found way more interesting content on YouTube.

    By the time I read the news on Demi Lovato’s (possible) overdose, everyone else had already heard about it. Okay, next. Janet Jackson? Sorry, not interested. I’d rather watch two gay guys do their makeup routines in a hot air balloon for a YouTube video. That really DID happen, it’s real news. LOL

  4. I get what you’re saying Elsa. I know someone who watches the shadows and sees conspiracy around every corner. Guess what, his newsfeed is filled with stories and articles designed to fit what he has already read, adding new authors of the same sort. My newsfeed is mostly recipes and food related articles. And, our phones are listening, just have a private conversation with one other person in a car, about some obscure subject that you’ve never googled and *whoosh*, there it is in your ads and newsfeed. YouTube will offer up similar videos to what you’ve viewed in the past, similar artists. It makes it look like it’s mainstream and the top of everyone’s list. But everyone’s list is different. It feeds the ego, not the mind and limits the full aggregate of real news. If there’s any such thing. Years ago, I did some special community work and the local newspaper did a full page story. The reporter spent the day with me, taking pics and interviewing. While the story was complimentary and nicely done, it was not true. The conversations he quoted were never had. It was entirely fiction. He took the true story and added his entertainment/personal view, more interested in his byline than the real story. I learned then that if something as local and small as that article could be so warped, what do you think they do to the big news? Old saying, believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. And that was before photoshop.

    • Oh man. The local article. Do disheartening.

      Years ago, Frontline, wanted to profile my daughter and I. We interviewed with them / were screened. When it because apparent we would not support the view they wanted to put out there; they walked.

      That was fine. But today, they’d probably just use the bodies anyway, and find a way to edit. So scary.

      A decade ago, my husband told me to never talk to the press. Today, I understand this, fully,

  5. You know what, I’m actually glad I did not pursue a career in journalism after all. (These days you can be a writer without having to start in newspapers, anyway. And newspapers seem to be struggling lately.)

    Journalists are about as hated as the police nowadays, for good reason.

  6. I open a gym every morning and the older people always only watch the news. It’s always so negative and pointless to me. I have to make a conscious effort to ignore it otherwise my brain goes haywire and can’t stop thinking about all the scary stuff in the world. I wish I could change the channel but these people have had the same routine for 20 years so they would not be happy if i did that.

  7. The Internet, 1998: Ideas, people
    The Internet,2018: Views, ads

    And even if you have a valid viewpoint not connected to commerce, it”s less “What you say” than “Who you are”. Sad.

  8. My Mercury is in the 10th House Scorpio. I’m a ‘digger’ and don’t have much time or interest in media news. My focus is deep and very selective, I’ve written at least one blog for many years to express my opinion and experiences; not to be popular, but to make sense of my world. In the early years I had to wrestle with the popularity issue, but it’s a worthy reflection to undertake.

    I keep a FB presence mostly to know what my in-life friends and families might be up to and even then I scan for energy drain before diving into the notifications.

  9. My Mercury is in Virgo in the 8th house. It also makes an exact trine to Neptune in the 12th. I just want to keep my opinion to myself and think about the issues a little more, but this seems not to be an option in this day and age. ? I miss Pluto in Sagittarius.

  10. Another 5 star laugh. I love your honesty about this. No one else will admit that it is a struggle to stay out of the tweet storm and fear mongering and yes the celebratizing we are bombarded when we turn it on and tune it in. You are not the only one who feels that all that stuff makes people lose their minds. But you are the only one who admits it. Out loud anyway.

    I just go to my happy spaces. I mean hell, it’s summer and green and there are flowers and vegetables and beauty everywhere. That other stuff, I just don’t know.

    • For the record, my natal mercury is in libra. It has progressed to scorpio so I am not as nice now. It’s not that I’m not nice. I just don’t go out of my way to be nice as much anymore. Common courtesy is enough.

  11. I’m not sure we can get our minds back. Some of us maybe. This site is the only one I sit down to read. I don’t look at anything else. I have one independent reporter’s articles emailed to me because they feel authentic to me. I don’t have social media. So I don’t see everything. But I’m abnormal for 2018.

    Just saw an ad for driverless cars. Just about had a heart attack thinking of what could possibly go wrong. But one thing that stuck with me was that the windshield was turned into yet another screen so that while you’re being driven around, you’re still looking at a screen and not your surroundings. Lose more of your mind. And it’s got to be more ads they’ll be staring at. More screens, screens everywhere.

    What is the point of us? I’ll quote Wendell Berry: “What are humans for?” Are we only meant to look at screens and to be told what to think and what to buy? That isn’t life.

    I get sad when I think about this stuff and I pray that people will keep their kids away from it so that it stops, but I doubt they will. Already had a 22 year old tell me I sound old and need to embrace the future and this is what it is. (I’m 38)

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