Email: Mercury in the Birth Chart

Hair, Renaud and Ramsay (2007) did a study and came up with three types of emailers:

1. The relaxed emailer. If you fall into this category then chances are you see email as something you will deal with as and when you have time. You don’t try to respond to emails almost instantaneously. You expect others to be relaxed about email as well.
2. The driven emailer. For you email must be replied to immediately. You see it as more like an ongoing conversation. Responding quickly is important for you.
3. The stressed emailer. For you email is just a source of stress and you don’t see it as that useful. You feel the pressure to respond.

Where is Mercury in your chart?

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Email: Mercury in the Birth Chart — 41 Comments

  1. Mercury in Gemini, conjunct Mars in 5th…I wqould think that I should be stressed or driven, but I’m totally in the relaxed category….

  2. This is fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m driven – I have Mercury conj. MC in Capricorn. Be professional about my e-mails, damn you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Plus it’s in the middle of a t-square so maybe I should be stressed but I’m not, I really like e-mails ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mercury retrogade in saggitarius,cj sun.T-square pluto/uranus and saturn.I feel I have to answer quickly when itยดs from someone I know. (Not forums,alerts,and other stuff you get)Driven,I guess.

  4. Mars/Mercury/ASC in Scorpio . . . driven no doubt! However, I’m working on moving to a more relaxed place, mostly because I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Saturn/Neptune opp is exactly squaring my Mercury . . . yesterday I reached into the frig to grab a couple of jars of condiments for the table (we had company) . . . then started looking high & low for the jam. It was in my hand . . . of course this was seen by all! Too many conversations on the surface & too much roiling around underneath ….. aaarrgh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mercury in Aries square Capricorn Moon. Emails often totally stress me out. I can go for days avoiding responding to some of them.

  6. Driven. “You see it as more like an ongoing conversation. Responding quickly is important for you.” Yep, that’s me. Mercury in Gemini in the 6th, what can I say? I even feel compelled to reply to this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Virgo Mercury conjunct Virgo Pluto 3 degrees in the 10th house. Mercury is sextile my AC Scorpio 1 degree. I respond to email whenever as I don’t like to let it stress me. I do, however, appreciate it when people reply to me asap – lol

  8. Very super-uber relaxed, usually. Although, sometimes, I won’t have anything useful to say in reply to someone and it starts to prey on my conscience after a while. Oh, well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2H Mercury in Leo conjunct both Sun in Leo and Saturn in Virgo, with a semi-square (no clue about those) to my Venus and Pluto in Libra.

  9. 4th house gemini sun, merc & mars & i’m totally relaxed about emails. wonder if it’s more of a generational thing than a house one — my echo boomer kids, both with uranus in sag, pretty much ignore email — they text message

  10. I have mercury rx conjunct mars/sun/neptune/mc in the 9th in sagittarius and I am a driven emailer. I respond immediately at work, if I am there and never longer than maybe an hour.

    Personal email, not so much, but I also speak to people on a regular basis so email is not my primary form of communication.

    I do have trouble when other people don’t respond to me at all, or take their sweet time doing it. It really hurts my feelings (mercury square saturn).

  11. Hey Elsie, I have Uranus in Sag and I reply instantly to most e-mails ๐Ÿ˜‰ In fact, I even reply to the replies of the replies etc…even if it’s just to say “thanks for the reply” haha

  12. I’m torn between relaxed and driven – I think it depends on the email, who it’s from and what it’s about. Mostly, I’d say I’m relaxed w/spurts of “driven’ness” ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Mercury rx in Aries, 2nd house)

  13. emails emails so many emails! –
    I am either driven or STRESSED (more likely super-gnarlingly stressed) Having to constantly patrol emails, so that they don’t flood over.
    Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, sextile Mars, Moon. Mercury-Saturn opposite my ascendant, 6th-7th cusp.

  14. Stressed, but aren’t all Virgo Mercurys like that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mercury is in the 5th house; no aspects except for a trine to Cap MC. An unaspected Virgo Mercury can go wild with processing information. I’ve been told that my brain never stops running. I believe it–imagine a nonstop motor in your head 24/7/365…;)

  15. I was just thinking that I’m a stressed emailer because I have not had internet for a while and was checking all the new emails I got. I tend to savor and procrastinate on reading big letter-type emails my friends send me, although I am really excited to get them it is as though I am saving them and any attached documents that are particularly precious. I usually feel the pressure to respond immediately but sometimes when people ask me about my summer, since it was boring and painful, I wait till something eventful happens to tell them. I feel really bad not responding to the letters I get or assessing the songs my friends send me immediately or even a long time. I have Mercury in Cancer.

  16. Mercury in Leo, 7th house. Most of my emailing is not work-related, so it’s fun. I don’t stress about it, but I do look at it like an ongoing conversation/connection with my friends. Also, if I don’t answer right away, then I do lose the “juice”… it seems to be easier for me to respond while my reaction is fresh (if that makes any sense?).

  17. Relaxed. Answering when I feel like it and what I feel like wanting to respond to. Plus: iยดm very good in procrasting ;-). If something hits my nerve in any way, i can write very fast though…

    Gemini Sun with Mars-Mercury in Taurus.

  18. Definitely driven. Mars conj Merc. Email is a vital part of my business communications so I stay on top of them all day.

  19. Like Stellium in Taurus, email is also a vital part of my business communication as well. I don’t stress though, and would even classify myself as relaxed, but it’s because I’ve developed a system for categorizing them as they come in, so I can easily distiguish which ones need to be addressed right away and which ones can sit and wait for days. My Mercury is in Pisces (5th), snuggled up within 4 degrees with Mars (4th).

  20. Driven. Mercury in Libra in the 7th. It is definitely a conversation and, well, one must respond with promptness and civility. However, I must clarify that I use e-mail strictly as a means of keeping in touch with those who are important in my life. Everything else goes into the trash bin, unviewed. I don’t waste my time on anything else.

  21. relaxed. unless it’s about work. depends on the urgency, i guess. but i don’t want to feel obligated to sit at my computer and respond as soon as something comes in.
    besides, if it’s heavy enough, i’ll want to give time to digest it before i formulate a response. same with texting. i don’t like feeling obligated to text right back. and if you call and i don’t pick up, you better leave me a message, if you want me to call back (well, except for family…)

    mercury in taurus in the ninth. in a fixed saturn/uranus t square

  22. i hit relaxed but truthfully i flip through all 3 categories…mercury in aquarius in the 5th opposing 12 house pluto in virgo
    my airy 5th house mercury always wants to respond..but pluto in the 12th is just heaving there…and i’m not quick about can take me forever and a day to write the shortest response..this has to be the opposing heavyweight guy….maybe i need to pay him a visit in that foggy 12 house and have a chat about this problem : )

  23. Relaxed. Mercury in Libra in a packed 8th house. Makes me wonder if I am relaxed about it ’cause I tend to take other people’s resources a bit for granted, since people constantly give me things/money/energy, etc, w/out me even asking for it. *ponders*

  24. I’m relaxed. Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th house trine moon in pisces in the 1st house. Email has been a godsend for me. Most of my friends and family live far away…I love to write letters, but I hate talking on the phone.

  25. Gah. I chose “driven” because I like to get rid of e-mails before they pile up. But it depends on who writes, too. If sh*tbag writes, he/she will wait a week. If non-sh*tbag writes, he/she will receive a response pretty quickly.

  26. Merc in 12H Taurus – with lots of Gemini adjacent. Email takes too long, and I’d rather call or text if it’s quick. But I picked relaxed. Well, semi relaxed. But relaxed.

  27. I have Mercury in Taurus in the 1st house and I have a Gemini Sun, so I think this means that communication in general is very important to me and that I relate it to a large part of my identity. Because of the Taurus my communication style is relaxed but deliberate. I also get really insecure and worried when people ignore my communications or maybe don’t respond right away. I think that my taking it personally is related to Mercury being in the 1st house?
    The only aspect is an inconjunct to my N Node in Libra 6th house, which I don’t feel confident enough in my astrological knowledge to try to dissect quite yet;-)

  28. I have merc. in cap. in the 5th and I said I was driven, although I can be very relaxed with it too. When I get emails though, I answer as soon as I read it. Like Pinkminx, I feel I must write to be in the moment of my feeling as I read their email. If I wait to respond, I have noticed that I no longer feel the emotion as I did when I first read it and that always disappoints me, so I respond right away.

  29. I am relaxed but do see it as a conversation. If you can’t reply immediately that’s ok, but keep it going? Merc in the second and my 3rd house is Venus ruled. So I do value emails from my close friends. And I met a guy I really liked on line and we were obsessive about not just emailing but talking on the phone!

  30. I am relaxed. Depending on the subject matter of an e-mail, though, I will be more prompt in replying or waiting to receive a reply. But I mostly just chill ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mercury in Scorpio, 12th house and it has no (major) aspects to anything in my chart, if that has any influence.

  31. So very email driven – Merc. conjunct Uranus in the 11th House and I have a Leo/Virgo Sun. I run the website at work and I run websites at home. I have five email accounts and Facebook going through my phone and I get vibrated nonstop wherever I go. The weird thing is that it doesn’t bother me. Must be an 11th House – Uranus thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I voted driven, but it’s not because I find it important. If I’m checking my email, I’ll respond immediately because I’m THERE. If I feel the need to think on my response, I’ll take my time, but by and large I just…respond because I’m there.

  33. i called myself ‘driven’ but i really feel relaxed about my drivenness! i like email, i like responding quickly to most emails, firing off a few thoughts. sometimes, if it’s to a person i haven’t talked to in a while, i’ll put it off until i feel the natural energy for a proper message. mercury conjunct jupiter in leo, 7th.

  34. I work translating emails, so I need to reply as soon as possible and in the order I receive them, unless it’s something urgent that needs to be done right away.
    On the weekend I don’t want to keep working, so my friends now they won’t hear back from me too soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    I definitely don’t resend any chain email, jokes or alike, I consider it pollution.
    Mars-Mercury in Leo, 7th house.

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