Effects Of Jupiter Leaving Scorpio For Sagittarius

horse and horizonIf you’re a regular here you’ve probably gleaned that I’m a big fan of Jupiter in Sagittarius.  The effects of the planet ingressing into it’s home sign were immediately felt in my land. If was as if double doors were thrown open. I scrambled through them, immediately.

A number of things that have occurred, but I want to highlight one of them because I think it’s relevant to everyone. 

I think most would agree that (Jupiter-ruled) publishing has become freakishly manipulative (Scorpio). We all sort of know this in the recesses of our minds or souls or psyches.  But we just keep clicking, don’t we?  Well guess what? I stopped.

Okay, I have not completely stopped but I’m down by 80% and it’s only been a week. I really plan to  LEAVE the cesspool.  That’s what Jupiter / Sagittarius does, see?  It’s seen enough like a wild horse, it takes off towards a more promising horizon.

finger spinnerSpecifically, I am aware of being constantly ginned up, morning, noon and night.  He said, she said, he did, she did, they did..

Do I know these people? I don’t.

And it’s a one-way conversation.

I’m tired of having useless data, seemingly shoved into every orifice.  Guess what? I am sick of MEMES. For me, memes are now out-of-vogue.  They’re right up there with Pokemon Go or those stupid finger spinners.

See that horse up there? That’s me.
I’m going to go my own way now. I don’t what anyone says or thinks or does. I’m going my own way.

What opportunities do you have in your life?


Effects Of Jupiter Leaving Scorpio For Sagittarius — 27 Comments

  1. Turn on any TV news network for validation of your Tr Jupiter in Scorpio comments. As you pointed out, we will have to endure a few more weeks of senseless blatherings while Tr Mercury is retrograde in Sagitarrius; reguritations of the same news stories.

    I imagine the Thanksgiving dinner table talk will be filled with “do you remember when” stories.

    • In a way, I feel it’s been an entire Jupiter cycle of BS.

      This has been a stunning experience for me. It’s like a saw an off-ramp, took it and I’m now driving as fast as I can, to put distance between me and “it”.

      • “Ginned up” I had never heard this phrase. Looked it up, and the lights went way on. I’ll look for this and stand back from the sources.

      • So if past 12 years have been BS (bush/Obama) where is Trump headed to with Jupiter in sagitarius?

        Maybe, some good, and less BS. 🙂

        • Really, Trump is less BS?
          One thing (& I could go on & on)…Caravan anyone?
          Coming for YOU?
          Talk about BS…and wow, elections over: poof no more Caravan hysteria
          In fact, that was Acosta’s question, was it not? About the threat to our national security?
          Nah. I think the current BS @ Trump is going to be like those sh** bombs put on people’s front porches…it’s hot & rank & going to blow!

  2. That last sentence sounds exactly like my thoughts these days:
    “I’m going to go my own way now. I don’t care what anyone says or think or does.
    I’m going my own way.
    Jupiter in Sagittarius, you are SO welcome….!

  3. I stopped reading my FB notifications a couple weeks ago, and the freedom real. For now I use that account to check on real messages from some of my family, but am amazed at how I can just no go there to read or look at the everything else.

    My birthday is at the end of the week, I’m working on a memoir, looking back at writing I began in 1999 — focused and culling and moving into the future lighter. I don’t do horse, but am open to more real freedom.

  4. I’m glad that Jupiter is out of Scorpio. It was an overwhelming transit for me as far as being overloaded with things to do that weren’t all that pleasant. I keep up with some news on the internet, but avoid all the click-baity sycophants. Its just a huge echo chamber of BS.

    I’m looking forward to Jupiter conjunct my Sun in early December. My husband and I will be fully retired by the end of next month and we’re going to travel.

  5. I was thinking about my aunt today. She has Jupiter in Sagittarius and is the only one of her siblings that I’m aware of who bolted out of a bad home situation. Their dad was an alcoholic and they were lucky if they got to eat sometimes. She got married at 16 and moved out of the county. Like a wild horse, she was outta there!! Her siblings think she’s stuck up. Does she care? Nope. She has a home in one state, a cabin or two in another, and an RV. She and her hubby worked their butts off so their kids could have a good life and they could retire in freedom.

  6. As far as opportunities in my own life, to answer Elsa’s question up there: I’m not sure.

    The one thing I can think of is that pretty soon I’ll be looking for a cheaper place to live, and maybe getting out of this lease I’m stuck in. Also I’m hoping to get the car and medical debts paid off soon so I can free myself further. Clear the decks.

  7. I could care less about all things petty anymore. I am thinking much more expansively. I have adopted an idgaf attitude and I feel so much better inside. I have opened up the space for good things to flow in.

  8. You’re right about memes. I really hate them. You were right about reality tv.. but I’m not looking forward to Britney Spears being popular again. I hate her.

    If there’s a positive effect on journalism, I’m for it. I wouldn’t call Scorpio a lying sign, though. Nor are memes a Scorpio thing.

    I’m worried that memetic thinking is sort of here to stay. Also music may get lamer and more surfacing. I don’t know about the effect on trends. When I think Jupiter in Sag, I think taking an RV to Colombia to take ayahuasca.

  9. Ive never liked reality t.v…..real housewives, kardashians,the bachelor..etc.Also, Ive stopped having my tv on during the day. I read the news I want and dont read anything that doesn’t catch my eye. Heading into my second Saturn return and feeling more independent of others opinions. Thinking of ways to be more creative!

  10. I agree with you Elsa. We have CNN on all day at work in the lunch room and it makes me sick. And I don’t care which celebrities are doing what. Life is worth so much more than spending time on that crap. Who cares? My chart does not go with the flow of everyone else anyway so….I have not been in sync most of my life anyway but more than ever I feel like I am gone girl gone….not in a bad way : ) Just going my OWN way.

  11. Well I’m 43 – & stopped watching TV while still in parents house as a teen & have never had it as an adult
    Never watched so-called ‘news’
    there are a couple places on the net to get news, straight out, not sexy, not going to please your echo chamber kinda places…
    zilch ‘news’ for me for decades
    It will be interesting this Jup in Sag: truth is bearing down…
    but very many will simply entrench themselves further…
    Going to tell you though: belief is not truth
    Believe whatever you want…..someday the truth will come along & blow you out of your safe waters….
    Better to be aligned with truth & not that which reinforces your ego & sense of emotional normalcy & safety…the us versus them nonsense
    It is ALWAYS YOU….not them

  12. Wonderful post yet again, Elsa! I completely feel as you do, and have already pushed past the barn door and am shrugging off the saddle too.

    More to the point, I feel like I found my own head on a closet shelf two weeks ago and screwed it back on and it felt like a big “Hello! remember YOU? let’s get going again.” – ——-anyone else feeling this??

    Oddly I randomly scheduled eye surgery to correct a lifelong issue for this time period…it literally makes me feel like I CAN SEE beyond the veils. I think the timing is meaningful though I didn’t plan it. I actually feel like I am strengthening my physical self for the big freedom run. Unusual for a stellium Virgo but I feel my Sadge planets sparking up in a big way the last three weeks.

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