Is Astrology Really Necessary?

I had a horrible experience yesterday.  Some gal asked me for advice regarding a very serious situation she’s in. She specifically said she needed advice from someone with a “sound mind”.

I do have a sound mind, as well as knowledge about and experience with the situation she’s dealing with. I did not know the particulars of her circumstance but she sounded truly desperate so I decided to try to help her.  This is online, by the way.  It’s a gal from a (non-astrology) forum I frequent.

I was really beat last night, when I wrote for her. I did mention up front, I’d not read all her posts in the forum. I was shooting in the dark to some extent and I stated my limitations. I then wrote something I hoped would help her.

Well, guess what? It wasn’t much help.

I’m not used to this! I give advice all day long. I’ve been doing it for decades and I know this for sure: I’m good at it.  But you know what? I NEED THE CHART.

I have always felt astrology was an enormous time-saver when it comes to getting to the root of a problem and devising a solution. One good consultation can easily save you months if not years of therapy. Oh, but I wish I’d have not given that advice. I went as far as to apologize for it, though she did not feel this was necessary.

She did not feel it was necessary because she does not know the difference between my “advice” and my “advice using astrology”.  I am really quite pissed at myself over this. I don’t think I will be stepping in this particular pile of poo, anytime soon.

If you’re having a problem, I would take this into consideration. You’re lucky to be reading this astrology site where the advice given has basis, even if the basis is ethereal. I can’t really ask this gal for “birth data”. As a result, I would estimate my input to be no more than 20% of what it would be if I had a chart.



Is Astrology Really Necessary? — 12 Comments

  1. Elsa: I want to tell you this: I was (and am) often so lucky that I found your blog. It helped me a lot and often. Indeed: Astrology is a great tool for help. IF the astrologer knows what she/he is doing.
    And I know that you know what you are doing.
    I only know you from this blog and that is enough to be very sure of that.
    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you (again) for everything you write Elsa!

  2. Elsa, you are a master in the art of Astrology. Your techniques for reading charts are very clear and concise. A novice or a seasoned Astrologer can benefit from reading your wonderful blog, newsletters and workshops. I sure do.

  3. Chin up your writings inspire great
    Feelings and thoughts etc. ,
    Sometimes even the wrong things helpful as , it helps take things off the list of options, eliminating
    Narrows the options helps one with
    Decisions, she was looking for options ,I am guessing, you offered
    All good

  4. Dear Elsa,
    I find your insights, directness, and down to business very helpful. I feel for you with this gal. Sometimes it is a tough reminder to know right place, right timing and right person, not from an astrology view, but maybe, but from a bigger picture view.
    From a Scorpio sun, Cap rising, Taurus Moon.
    Sending love

    • Thank you. She doesn’t know I am astrologer. I am just so used to getting on the phone with anyone, anywhere and having a very clear idea what I need to tell them, almost instantly. Like in a minute or two… so I approached this like what I said would work via some sort of foolish Neptune.

      I knew I was in trouble 10 minutes in, but kept going. Specifically, I had NO CLUE about her husband. With a chart, I would be able to see things like timing and transits. I can guide a person and offer real value – bankable! So I should have stopped there but she was pleading. I’m just sorry, is all. I am sure I could help her, as an astrologer, but without a chart, she could do a lot better with someone else.

      I just met my limit is all. Saturn in Capricorn.

  5. Yeah, as a psychotherapist, my mind travels around the characters and personalities you deal with all the time. But that is why I like astrology, it doesn’t carry the judgement that psychology does.

    What I am trying to say here is you did your best and you already know that.

    I know when I am tested to know my limits with certain people, it is a little undoing and then I have to re-do myself. 😉

    • So Ellen, have you become proficient in astrology or do you call in astrological consult for your “patients?” Does your governing body even permit such objective assistance to justify your salary. Frankly, it would be easier for an orthopedic surgeon to practice without radiographic equipment than for you to practice without a thorough knowledge of astrology. That is the opinion of Paracelcus and Hippocrates. Don’t beleive me. Look it up on the interwebz.

  6. its funny. you were giving advice blindly like the rest of us do…I find it hard to believe you couldn’t help her at all…it could be she wasn’t ready for any advice.

    • No, you’re right. She said she got something from it but really all I did was outline how I was coping with the horrible cards we have both been dealt.
      Yes. I have creative ideas that work and I have a way of expressing myself but the fact is, I don’t know her inner self.

      It was akin to telling someone to get out there and sing in public, when they’re shy. NOT HELPFUL, lol, even if it helps them in some way.

      Like I said, I won’t do this again. If I happen to know something, then fine. But if you need sensitive advice, I’m not going in with a hack saw, ever again. 🙂

      But I do forgive myself! It’s something to learn from. I only did it once so that’s good on me.

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