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Capricorn HomeCapricorn
If you are decorating and living through Capricorn your style is a bit classic. Maybe more than a bit classic the Capricorn likes tried and true looks that work well and are of quality surrounding them. A more formal dining area suits the Capricorn for they are likely to have dinner parties for business and for pleasure that feature the classic elements. A great set of china or dishes are great as an investment, Capricorn, for you will use them and use them well in your life. Try using an off white color for your main dishes as well as cups and saucers and match your sugar and creamer set to your cups and saucers. As for silverware, you would do well by yourself to invest in a good set or if you have some that have been in your family for some time, that is even better! Serving from silver is very “you” and keeping the silver shining is important. You can make use of lace tablecloths or those that have been handed down by generations even if you find these things in thrift stores.

You are very at home with the earthy things that others have used in their kitchens and taken care of with love. Think on the antique side when you are collecting things for your table so you can hand them down to your children or to someone in your family when you are done with them. A bit of an investment goes a long way when it comes to your kitchen so buy those kitchen items that have designs that are less modern and more with a nod towards times past. Classic styled mixers, blenders and toasters are a very good fit for you and finding table linen that has the feel of times gone by suits you as well. Whatever looks like it has been around for some time due to good design is best for you, and if you buy from thrift stores take great care to find those things that have been loved by someone and taken care of.

Cloth napkins are not that hard to take care of and silver napkin rings last all your life. There are some fantastic china patterns that are classic in off white that you can collect by buying one or two place settings as you go to fit your table in a way that is classic and inviting. You do well with long tapered candles on your table or centerpieces that are silver. Remember that you only need one to fit your dining area and kitchen so investing in it is wise! Coffeemakers like presses or old fashioned on the stove coffeemakers suit you as well and make a great, fresh cup of coffee. Try using silver in your kitchen appliances as well to match your tableware.

You living room area or area where people gather looks best to you when it is classic in lines as well or even a bit antique. Sofas with wooden frames are great for you with matching chairs that you can find in patterns that set off the sofa work as do the classic set-up of sofa and two chairs designed room. Make your furniture quality with wooden frames and use earth tones with touches of yellow and blue to set off your room. Your furniture should be eye pleasing as well as practical so keep both features in mind. Try mixing stripes with solids in your furniture patterns or floral with solid. You can maintain a group of furniture that is covered with finer fabrics better than some signs so don’t be afraid to invest in a sofa or chair that is covered in quality silk or another fabric that is a bit upper line. Remember that you are going for long lasting style that will stand the test of time so stay with quality instead of quantity and wood over metal for your frames.

Capricorn loves paintings that are of the outdoors and scenery that is appealing and you can find some great prints that are of this style if you can’t afford to buy paintings. Try going to your local art store or print shop and asking to see their catalogues so you can look through a ton of prints and make your choices. Frame art in wooden frames that are a bit ornate for your upwardly mobile style and having a bit of gold fleck or silver in the frame suits you as well. You do well with silver frames in the antique style and doing a wall with photographs with silver frames will reflect the Capricorn style in a fine way. You can shop for paintings when art shows come through town and find some great pieces for your walls, so pay attention to “starving artists” sales and even local gallery shows.

Frame your and your family’s achievements in the form of degrees or photographs of the action and put them on one wall either in your living area or an office area if you have one. Make sure your frames match in some way to keep the look classic and well thought out. If you can find depictions of your career and your favorite hobbies in prints or paintings you should decorate with those to cheer you and remind you of how far you have come. A Capricorn usually loves their career or main hobby so if you can find photos or paintings of people doing what you do it will cheer you and make you feel at home.

Most of all it’s important to have a gathering area for people you work with or for family to gather that is comfortable and that looks as if you have put some thought into what it looks like and leans toward tried and true style. Drapes are great for you if you have windows you can dress, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to pick your fabric and have your drapes made by someone you know who can sew or a tailor that is not too expensive. Choose heavier fabrics for drapes for the classic look and don’t be afraid of patterns and dark floral as far as fabric choices. If you want sun you can add sheers to your windows for those times when you want sunlight in your home.

Your bathrooms and dressing area look best when you try themes like the ocean which are natural and make you feel more at home. Use sea green or blue for your walls or carpets in the areas and add decor on the walls that match the theme. You are one to want only what you use in your dressing area and you are not one to advertise your product and makeup so try having all you need to dress for work or play in one container with a handle that you can put under the sink or even in a basket on the floor which can be lifted when you are ready to use it.

Always go through your makeup and get rid of what you aren’t wearing and try to buy the best quality skin care you can afford to keep your skin looking its best. You need the basics like cleanser, toner and moisturizer from a line that you can respect and you can keep them out of sight by using your cabinet or again, a basket. Keep only base, powder, blush, mascara, liner and lip treatments if you are a normal Capricorn and like to only make the best of your natural features and not go overboard by letting your makeup wear you.

You feel at home in scents that are like the ocean and outdoors for you bath products so find lines that feature those kinds of scents. If you can find your bath products in containers that are decorative or move them to containers that are in your theme you can display them which also invites your guests to use them if you have overnight guests. Remember to buy and use candles in your bathroom when you are bathing to relax you since you tend to take your work so seriously! By scents for your bathroom that are in the same theme as the room itself, and don’t be afraid to use color in the bath and dressing area.

Invest in bath towels that are lush as you can find for a plush looking room and go ahead and use complimentary prints in hand towels or those with some decor on their edges. Soaps are great to display in your bathroom and you can find them in just about any form on the internet. Make sure that everything in your bathroom can be used and don’t just use candlelight for the look, use it for the relaxing calm when you bath as well as using candles for scent in your bathroom. Investing in candles with scent kill two birds with one stone for you have the scent when they burn and the candle light when you need it. Invest in brushes that match for your makeup and hair and choose boar’s hair whenever possible for hairbrushes. Boar’s hair lasts the longest and is great for your hair because they distribute your hair’s natural oils when you brush.

Cut crystal and silver are best for you when it comes to candy bowls to set out in your home or for items that you use to serve with and decorate with. Cut crystal can be affordable and you can find one style that suits you to collect. Try leaving a candy bowl on your coffee table to make it inviting and pleasing to the eye. If you stay with silver, cut crystal and wood you are feeding your Capricorn sensibilities, and don’t forget the use of things like decorative wood creations for display. Keep your space a bit simple but use touches that are well thought out and that appeal to many because you are likely to meet all sorts in your eventful life. Once again, collecting suits you because it can be an investment as well as something to hand down to future generations to enjoy!

Aquarius HomeAquarius
Aquarius, your home is often the meeting place for your favorite groups, co-workers or family members so seating and square footage is often what you need! All the colors of the rainbow suit you, and you can feel at home by mixing pastel colors in all things to express yourself and your open mind. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to expose yourself to color that you mix yourself or pick yourself so painting your walls is a great idea! If you go ahead and use different pastel colors you can move from room to room and still have a theme and create space. Remember that dark colors tend to make a room look smaller so this is why I recommend the pastel colors for you.

You do well with making a large meeting area in your home that seats as many as possible so think in terms of things like sectional sofas for seating instead of only a couple of chairs. You do well with large dining tables that seat more than four people so when you choose a dining table try things like picnic styles and large round tables where everyone can interact. Keep your tables as clear as possible for people to bring things with them when they visit you and have room to spread out. You might even want an ottoman or coffee table that you don’t mind people putting their feet up on and have a policy of guests taking off their shoes so they will feel comfy when in your home.

You are often the host so you need to have an open floor space as well for large throw pillows extra guests can sit on and space for them to lie down and relax when talking and staying awhile! Choose color for your furniture and don’t be afraid to use many colors in your living area to make it inviting and appeal to all sorts. You can mix color and texture for a richer look and do it all in color.

Throws, pillows and extra chairs in different colors and styles come naturally for you so don’t be afraid to let your whole style come out in your home! Sometimes you have groups or family that is large so having a dining space for the little people that is separate from the adults can pay off for you as well. Use scarves on your lamps or lamp shades that can be traded out to make your room change with your whims. You can buy a classic set of lamps and be able to change the top of them when you change-up your home.

Often you move your furniture about to make things work for what you are doing so have furniture you can manipulate or keep it on sliders that make it easy to move. Bowls of beads, rocks or shells look great on your coffee tables as well as specialty books with great photographs that depict your interests and hobbies! Your hobbies are as important to you as your work so try decorating in the theme of your hobby or if you are an artist, use your own art to decorate your home. You also have a way of having the most unique collections and most anything can be put on the ways of the Aquarius home and look perfect!

One expects the unexpected of you so let your own flag fly when you decorate without worrying what others may think. I know an Aquarius that actually collects different silver patterns in spoons and has a wall of spoons of all different silver designs which works very well in the kitchen area for wall art! Group photos work well as far as pictures in your home so you can make sure to get shots of the groups you love and frame them all in a color to add color to your room. You also find other cultures interesting and may want to decorate in a theme that takes one to another place or reminds one of a certain ethnic group if that appeals to you. The best thing to keep in mind when you decorate your home is that keeping your favorite hobbies in mind when you choose things for your home is most important. You do great with plants in the home and you could even try a waterfall in your home and it would suit you! Try eclectic art when buying for your space like unusual sculptures from wood, metal or even paper!

Your dressing area and bathroom can be fun and full of life if you use the accessories you collect to wear as art in the rooms! Hang your scarves or necklaces and bracelets in a decorative manner on your walls or buy a holder for these items that keeps them out and on display. Wall hooks with multiple hooks work great for Aquarius to collect their wearable art and even framing a piece of clothing or an accessory works well for you! Have many options for accessories so you can change up your look and dress up your basic clothing in new and interesting ways, and it’s fine if these things are out in the open because they serve as decoration for your bathroom and dressing area as well.

Keeping color in mind, paint your bathroom in your favorite pastel color and work with complimentary colors from that base. You can try a light yellow, pink or green wall and add the colors of the rainbow in pastels for your bathroom additions. Bath salts in different size and style containers look great in an Aquarius bathroom as do candles that have leaves, shells or other jewels in them. Try framing your bathroom mirror in a color so it stands out from the rest of the wall for an interesting look. Soap dishes with different colors and scents work well as do baskets of different shapes to hold everything from towels to product. Try a colorful shower curtain instead of the classic white or go with a theme that is your favorite hobby to dress your shower.

Since you tend to use accessories, have a full length mirror cut to your own specifications and hang it or put it on your bathroom or dressing area wall. When you use accessories it’s important that they work in proportion to your body and other clothing so a full length mirror is important for you. You can get one that stands up and reflect all the color in the area in that way or again, hang one on your wall. Framing a mirror is also a way to add color to a room so think about that when buying a mirror for yourself.

Having light is important for you as well when using color but avoid a brightly lit bathroom and opt for a little bit dimmer light for your bathroom and add light when you need to with a lit makeup mirror to check up close when you need to. Try a colorful art caddy for your makeup and product to add a bit of “difference” when it comes to containers in the bathroom area and use a waste basket that is woven in a color for even more color. Rolling your bath towels and putting in shelves is a great and different way of storing your towels or take facecloths and hand towels and roll them in a basket! When choosing towels for your bathroom make sure to try color in them and even a towel design that is in a pattern reflects well on the Aquarius. As you are finding unique ways to keep your things for your bathroom remember that you do like a “method to your madness” and have a place for everything and try to put like items in the same storage space. You respond to organization as well as the next sign but like to do it in unusual ways.

Large art suits the Aquarius so look for pieces that are oversized and make a big statement. Large fabric wall hangings are great for you if they are ethnic in style or made from a fantastic fabric of your choosing that you have made to hang. Sculpture that is unique and made of unique materials looks right for you so keep your eye out for an oversized piece that will say so much all by itself. Keep your family photos in one area on one wall to keep room for your hobby decorations and to keep things in their place. Painting designs on your walls also works for you and you can design your own wall and paint it yourself or have an artist that you know do it is a great idea. Make sure there is color in the piece you choose if you decide to go big or add color all around it to express yourself fully. If you are a collector try to design or buy something to display your collection in a neat and whimsical way. Avoid nails and scatterings of items and go for shelving or framing to show your collections.

No matter what your special interest, it will make a great statement in your home to display it! Mixing different sized frames of the same material is a great way for Aquarius to show off their artistic style so you might want to try a wall that is made of different sized frames, with different prints or paintings and that has everything from box frames to flat frames set off by lighting and color.

Pisces HomePisces
Pisces’ most important home element as well as style element is the unseen, the unheard and the hard to pin down “vibe” of the home. You take so much in from the outside that what suits you best is to get the “feel” of whatever you put into your home first! When you come home or invite someone into your home you want to feel open and relaxed first and foremost so decorate with yourself in mind from the start.

You like things that bring you to thoughts of calming places like the ocean so the ocean is a good place to start when it comes to color for a Pisces. Sea green and ocean blue are great colors for you and try to spread different tones of them throughout your home so the vibe carries from room to room and you are never jolted when walking from one room to the next.

Keep in mind when buying furniture that you need comfort and love a great nap, so a sofa that allows you to lie down is important, one with many pillows whether it is made up of pillows or if you add pillows to a sofa. Try large pillows you can prop your body with to get rid of the day’s soreness and keep them in like colors to your walls for the flowing feeling. Its fine to keep your living area a bit smaller because too many people at once can be draining so have space but try a sofa and a couple of very comfy chairs or recliners for your living room. You can go with a patterned sofa if it is in colors that are in the green/blue area or if you hate the ocean colors, pastels will do. You like a fabric that feels good against your skin so once again, think about whether you can nap in the chairs you choose and on the sofa.

Arrange your living area so a small group of people can sit and hear each other and are not too far away from each other. Coffee tables and end tables in wood make things easy for Pisces and allow them to collect those items that mean a lot to them emotionally. Pisces feet are sensitive so make sure that if you have wooden floors or tile floors you find rugs to cover them so you feel great when walking barefoot around your home.

You can add earth tones to your colors from the sea to ground you which can help you out a lot. Remember colors like coral when you decorate to allow you to feed your soul with color. Your window coverings should allow you to block out the sun when you need to meditate or clear your mind, so if you don’t have blinds try using heavier fabrics for drapes and having sheers for when you are feeling lighthearted and want to let the sun in! Remember that some sunlight is good for you and open your drapes from time to time to allow yourself some time in the sun.

The Pisces bathroom and dressing area is very important to them because no one loves a great bath like a Pisces! Scents affect your mood if you are anyone and if you are Pisces they really affect you so have many on hand for what you are feeling like at the time. Bath in sea scents or forest scents and use fruit scents when you are feeling like cleaning your “aura.” If there is hard water where you live make sure to have bath salts to soften your bath water and collect different bath oils to make the water silky and great for your skin. There are stores where you can mix your own scent and these work well for the Pisces because they are very creative and can mix scents very well. Try scents that mix a fruit with a spice and a floral for some very exciting and uplifting feelings and stay with plain scent when you are feeling like clearing your mind. You would do well by mixing scents to make your signature scent and some Pisces even mix two different colognes to find the right mix.

Find matching containers for your bath products and try to find a way to install shelving in your bath or dressing area to hold them all. Make sure to finish your bath with lotion to care for you skin and avoid drying out and apply your lotion to damp skin to get the most benefit. Choosing the lotions that dermatologists recommend is best and then layering your favorite scent over that is the way to go. You can transfer your lotion to matching bottles and display them or store them under your sink. Displaying your product on shelves is fine if you have the room but try to display only those that others might try if visiting you or those that come in special bottles. You can buy decorative bottles for your favorite lotions and potions if you’d like to set up your own little bath shelf!

A Pisces often buys makeup they don’t end up using when they are in a certain mood so clean out your makeup often and keep only that which you use. The Pisces likes the basics and since you often bathe or shower, make sure you invest in a skin care line that is good for your kind of skin. Keep those eye shadows that are brown or beige and keep your accents of green and blue and get rid of the odd colors you might have bought when it seemed right at the time.

Store your makeup in a place where the steam doesn’t hit it because bacteria can grow, and change your makeup out when the time is right. Buy doubles of what you use often to spare yourself running out at the last minute to buy another when you use one up. A container that zips is best to store makeup or even an art box that clicks shut if you keep it in the bathroom.

Soft greens, blues and corals work well in the Pisces bathroom with towels in like colors to avoid overwhelming the senses. Accents from the ocean or lakes look great and ease your mind when you decorate the bathroom space with them and a fabric shower curtain of white, light green, or blue looks best. You can use patterns in the bathroom and even two colors of paint if the colors work very well together and don’t complicate. Try taking a page from the Virgo bathroom and keep things in their place to avoid confusion unless you are the type of Pisces that knows where things are in a bit of chaos. It it is attractive to the eye and you can find what you need so it makes sense for your dressing area.

Going easy on the jewelry in the way of staying with the more dainty designs work well for Pisces as do those items that are gifts from loved ones. Have a special place to keep these wearable items and don’t overwhelm yourself with accessories when you dress. The more space the better in a Pisces bathroom so using a mirror to expand the space may make sense. Try a simple framed mirror in a colored frame or even a frame made of shells or different colored rocks. The Pisces is very creative and can often design these sorts of details for their personal space so go ahead and get creative in your bathroom when it comes to decoration. Keeping space there for you to clear your mind is very important so keep that in mind when you are doing the bathroom/dressing room area.

The best decorations for the Pisces home are those that remind them of those they love, relax them or remind them of places where they had a good time and felt good. Photos of loved ones fall into the home well and can remind you that you are loved every time you glance at them. Don’t use anything in your home that gives you mixed “vibes” because that sort of feeling is not one you are happy feeling. Gifts from loved ones are great for decor as is art that makes you relax or reminds you to relax. Paintings and prints of people relaxing appeal to you and poses of people who are sleeping or reclining make you relax. You respond well to artistic paintings and prints that are classic and fall into the lines of easy to look while drawing you in. Try pictures of places you’d like to visit or be that invite you to go there in your mind when you look at them. Dancers, musical instruments, mimes and masks all make Pisces feel good. A depiction of any art is something you can relate to and if you are an artist use any picture of you doing your art, other’s doing your art or some of your art itself are all great ideas. Many Pisces see the value in classic prints of classic art such as the “Mona Lisa” or “The Thinker.” Classic art is a place to look when you are thinking about prints.

You should try indirect lighting in your home and think about directing small lights onto your art on the wall to set a mood. Mood lighting is great and colored lighting for a change is a good idea as well. Get a mood by draping a sheer scarf over a lamp to create a mood and a great color effect. Reflections of yourself remind you to stay inside yourself so frame a couple of photos of yourself or even have yourself painted! You can choose paintings or prints that have people in them that remind you of yourself to help you ground back into yourself as well. Being a Pisces myself, I often try to find those art pieces that reflect the deepest part of me back to myself in order to clear my energy. If you are Pisces you know all about needing to clear your energy so think of art for your walls that will aid you in doing so. Even a framed mirror that is a bit dark with bring you back to yourself and can be useful.

In general, anything overwhelming does not make the Pisces feel at home and decorating for everyone else in your family is also a danger. If you live with people with strong personalities make sure you have “a room of one’s own” or a space of your own where you can use all the above techniques for grounding in yourself and coming back to you. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself in your own home by finding a space for you. Meditation mats, rocking chairs and chaise lounges all help you relax and are ideas for your space. Keep away from strong scents that overpower you as you can be subtle at times and need to be heard above anything in your home. If something is extremely important to you go ahead and feature it by getting it in a large size, lighting it with light or getting it in a brighter or darker color than the rest of the house.


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  1. ha ha alicia my close girlfriend (cancer sun, pisces moon, venus/mars in taurus) uses the spare room/baby room as her dressing area:)

  2. I love love love the photo you chose for Aquarius. I want my house to look just like that! Well, when I have money for paint and decorating :p

  3. I also love photo you chose for Aquarius, mostly because it looks like my home :). even the wall is the same color. people either love it or hate it. it’s color of Uranus.
    I’m Pisces Sun, with IC and Venus in Aquarius. With Uranus ruling my 4th, sitting on my Asc of course I have quirky home..
    you described perfectly what every Pisces and Aquarius needs in their home. mine is the mixture of both.

  4. Thanks Annalisa, means a lot.
    I think it’s important that home tells a story and describe us in a way, instead of just filling them with trendy stuff or obsessing about matching curtains with carpet 🙂

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