Dealing With The Horrible (Saturn) Thing In Your Chart

Do you have a harsh Saturn aspect in your chart, or are you having a rough Saturn transit? This often indicates hardship in a person’s life, but it does not have to stop you. To a client:

“…Can you see how this results in a door that was shut, opening up? It’s the difference between seeing a ball and chain tied to your ankle and standing still, or seeing that ball and chain and opting to pick the bastard up and carry it!

When you do the later, you’ll find the universe assists…”

Have you ever embraced your burden and ran with it?



Dealing With The Horrible (Saturn) Thing In Your Chart — 26 Comments

  1. When I was young, about 3 or 4, I used to climb fences in the backyard, and my Mother would track me down about a few houses, trying to climb another one.

    I always remember that story my Mom told me when I think of my Mars square Saturn. I also try to remember to stay determined, to never quit and always try, no matter how difficult… and it’s difficult… a zero degree applying aspect with Saturn in Scorpio in a natal chart is something you can definetely feel. (It’ll get worse cause transiting Saturn isn’t quite there yet)

    Everytime I think about all the restrictions, hopelessness, darkness, sadness, and all the times I’ll never reach the end, I think of when I tried to climb the fence… being a young boy, and of all the other things I could of played with… but instead I chose to climb that fence.

    Saturn is my constant challenge, obsticle, and wound, but with the wound comes the remedy:
    Willpower and Determination.

    And for that I’m grateful.

  2. With Saturn Conjunct Uranus, I had to learn how to be unique and responsible at the same time.
    With Sun square Saturn I had to develop intrinsic self-worth, I have to work towards a goal rather than feeling inadequate or guilty in the face of a shortcoming. I do my best to be a responsible person because I don’t want to let other people down (not to the point of being a people pleaser though!) or myself down. I know all too well the consequences of even a minor slip-up, and that’s something I fear. I no longer fear failure or setbacks, but I am afraid of making mistakes.

    So with the ball and chain, I can’t let myself get dragged down, I have to do the long hard slog towards a goal. And when progress is achieved, slacking off or letting go of responsibility is not an option.

    So I hope what I am saying helps a bit. Basically I recommend the following action: feel the fear and just do it.

    By ploughing through the process, I’m achieving positive results, but to maintain those positive outcomes, I have to continue putting in effort and keep the trust of worthwhile people.

  3. Yeah, lately. Saturn has turned my life upside down, and I feel like it’s not over yet. But I feel like it’s shifting me to the correct path. Although I cannot say I can see that path so clearly yet

  4. I don’t think I’d quite say that the world opens up and Saturn assists, exactly. But once in a while, maybe.

    I think the one time I did this was accepting that it was going to take a very, very long time for me to get my driver’s license (this was after the first driving test/fail), and I should just accept that I may be taking this test 6 or 7 times and have to keep taking the permit test in perpetuity. That I was just going to be slow, accident-prone and dumb at this and I had to accept that I would not be getting the license at all quickly.

    I got it within a year after that, on driving test #2.

    My shrink says I just need to accept that I am going to be slow and dumb and take years to do things. Sad but true, eh?

  5. So funny you should ask. Saturn is currently opposite my natal Saturn and I’ve been freaked out about what will happen for months – the reason being my last 3 aspects have been devastating.

    29 yrs ago – my other sat in 11th transiting opp sat in the 5th – I became a ward of the state and was taken out of my home at the age of 14.

    13 yrs ago – Sat transit conj my natal sat I blew the whistle on my coke snorting, lecherous boss and was asked to leave the company I had worked at for 7 yrs (they did pay me 6K to leave :))

    7 yrs ago – Sat transit square my natal sat I again lost my job for telling my bosses superior about goings on in our office – partly of which had to do with inappropriate behavior towards me. I thought I was handling it better that time because my bosses boss and my boss were close friends. I thought he would get a talking to and then the problem would go away – but no, I lost my job 🙁

    Each of those instances were scary financially and I’m a single mom so it greatly effected my daughter too. THE THING IS: Each time I ended up in a better job (better city in two instances) and a better situation.

    I just don’t want to go through the hard part first…..still waiting for Saturn to get me – I have until 11/18 🙂

  6. I’m Virgo sun, most of my planets are sitting, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Rest are carrying less load. So you can imagine what I’m going through since 2008. I’m exhusted, Saturn has/is testing/conjuncting my natal planets –> venus, sun, pluto, uranus, jupiter, mercury, moon and coming soon neptune. I’m dancing with problems, freeking out, low self estime, panic attack, fighting with my ego bla bla bla … I have embaraced and running with everything. Including others problem on my shoulder without any appreciation. Shouldn’t you say good luck to me?

  7. Oh yeah – Saturn conjunct ascendant square a bunch of stuff! With each transit of saturn to an angle or itself I have trouble with Capricorns – it’s like clockwork every 7 years… At least I’m aware of the potentiality now!

  8. Here’s something that Saturn in Scorpio is evolving past Saturn in Libra. That there are more than just two sides in a given conflict.

    There is at least 5 actually. The first 2 are the initial parties, but that by itself is just an intractable disagreement. The 3rd side is all the 3rd parties who will be affected. But just stopping there invites an Orwellian reality by consensus.

    A 4th side to consider would be the relevant standards or ideals as a yardstick that strives for objectiveness. And then there is the situation and circumstances everyone is acting in, and to which the standards are applied.

    Using that has shed some light on things that first appeared to be unfair application of authority.

  9. Sure, mine’s stationary and got my chart chained down. Nothing else to do but keep at whatever your task is.

    The best part is when you look back and realize all the little things you’ve done have added up to a lot. Gives you a little peace, finally.

  10. Saturn just finished cursing through my 1st house and over my moon, which was pretty rough.

    But, natally,I think Saturn really cut me a break. My Saturn in Sag is in mutual reception to my Jupiter in Aquarius (if you hold that Saturn co-rules Aquarius). I do feel like I’ve always had friends to help me out when the bad got really bad & I’m very grateful for that. I don’t really believe in luck, just blessings.

  11. I really don’t know any other way to be. Saturn not only squares my Sun but also trines my Capricorn Moon.

    I can’t imagine not struggling.

  12. Yes, every day. Saturn aspects everything in my chart, no joke. I have a Capricorn Moon square 10th House Pluto just to add to the mix:)

  13. Yes indeed.

    Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder just prior to my Saturn return; it made me slow down and think about the things and people I spent my energy on. To this day I am grateful.

  14. I have Saturn in the first house libra conjunct pluto square my 10th house cancer mars. Life has been one tragedy after another for me. No matter how hard I work or strive to do the right thing, I continue to suffer. I held out hope things would get better after my saturn return, but that hasn’t happened. Hopefully I’ll get to die when saturn squares my leo sun this January and my next incarnation won’t be so miserable. I guess my lesson this life has been how to not kill yourself despite overwhelming opposition and suffering.

  15. Sometimes the only thing you can do is survive your burden. Just get up and take it for that day; even if that day stretches into years.

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