Dealing With Change, Even If It’s Positive

ram zero turnI’ll admit I’m reeling on some level, as my husband will be home to stay in about a week. He’s been over the road for eight years.

I also went from “mom” to empty-nester, suddenly and unexpectedly when we moved here. Truly, I don’t know that I’ve ever been more shocked by anything in my entire life.

Clearly it will be great to have my husband home but get this…

I always say we talk ten times a day. I do not exaggerate. We talk every two hours at least. So what it be like when he goes to a normal job, eight or ten hours a day, with no calls?

The physical proximity is a great trade off, but I’m telling you, my life now and my life in a week will be very different.

This Uranus Pluto transit was not a trifling thing. We’ve come through it real well, all of us.  But as I try to fathom all that’s occurred over the last year…well, I just can’t do it. I have Lu-what?

But I’m here with my dogs and my mower, my husband and others on the way.  How’s a person supposed to compute all this?

Also, I started bringing communion to an assisted living facility last weekend. I’m just filling in for the regular person at this point, but every thing like this that is familiar is a help to me.

I’ve also set up a regular lunch date with a friend (weekly). I did this for years when I was young – Margarita Night with a friend. This will be Margarita Lunch.

So anyway, I didn’t have a blue mower before but I have one now. And two peach trees, one pear, one plum tree, another on the way, three apple trees, some grapes and a barn.

My husband is going to get some chickens. Life is so different.

I went to a new dentist today…I had my old dentist for 20 years. It’s weird, I’ll tell you.

“Been in the area long?” the new dentist asked.

“Three months,” I said.

Most families have been here for generations.  I don’t know what to say about that. My family immigrated here. I’m from the desert in Arizona…if only the cactus could talk.

I’ve gone from canning spaghetti sauce and tomato soup to canning everything I can get my hands on. I also bake once a week.   People lay so much free food (from their gardens) on me, the only way I can think to reciprocate is to make it into something and give it back!

A year from now, I think I’ll really be living in bliss. I’ll have the fruit tree problems that plagued me this year, under control. I have so throw away a hundred pounds of peaches alone.  Next year I’ll be ready.

Oh yeah. I put in a fall crop.  Cabbage (purple and green), broccoli and cauliflower. I planted a quantity so I can give some to the neighbors.

Now compare this to my other life, with a jerk shooting up a theatre, killing twelve and maiming seventy…emergency vehicles on my street all the time, three houses on my block robbed, my kid and his friend hit on their bicycles…lady took off…constant alerts from the school, children that I knew and had at my house, visiting my son, killed or severely injured in violent accidents.  Just everything whipped into a frenzy at all times.  So this really was a Uranus Pluto transit.

Liberating transformation, that is.


Dealing With Change, Even If It’s Positive — 19 Comments

    • Yes, it solved my “can’t walk” problem, completely. What I can’t do is jack up my low back!

      Thanks for mentioning this…so much has gone on, I’d forgotten. It’s completely resolved now – totally 🙂

  1. Wow! So far the changes have been a lot better than what you had been around in your old life. With all of those catastrophes, I can’t help but think that you have said you have a packed 8th house. Could that have influence on the things going on around you in your old neighborhood?

      • That article made me think of things that have happened around me. It seems all of my life, I have had incidences in my family where someone is dangerous and wanting to cause problems for those closest to me. The earliest that I recall was my Grandmother’s Sister who was trying to terrorize my Grandmother. The Great Aunt had a pipe wrench and was trying to get into the yard to do some harm to her Sister, This is my Scorpio Sun with Cap Rising Grandmother whom was not one bit afraid of her Aries Sister. The family dog was the only thing that kept trouble down that night. I still remember being terrified over it. Fast forward many years until my teens and more drama happened and I was rumored to have been raped. False rumor. I looked right into the eyes of the guy that was supposed to break in and attack me through a door window and told him that I would kill him first. That night, my Mother had to be taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Fast forward to a job in 2002, a lady that used to work at the place was there and her boyfriend shot her to death right there that day. I was not on duty during the murder, but I worked that night and was on the local news in Louisville, KY talking about the killer and how quiet he always was. Trauma and drama from the Pluto side of things. I have been robbed at work and I have witnessed accidents that have been bloody. Pluto and the 8th house can be really scary.

  2. I’ve been doing the same – looking for familiar hooks to anchor new experiences and this new life I’m building.

    I’m doing my best to establish some new-town routines that function similarly to my old-town routines. I miss LA but not in a way that I want to go back. I bloom where I’m planted, and I’m planted here, now.

    Good luck, with everything. I bet in six months we both have some glorious stories to tell. <3

  3. So happy for you! Mine went the other direction, from country living to middle of the city barrio, but we are adjusting. I was hoping it was temporary, but that looks doubtful. So what are we to do? Eat lots of different ethnic foods, have a new routine that involves more security and checking in, and watching cricket in our park 3 blocks away. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore

  4. So it’s not just me…everything is completely different from what I imagined it would be 2 years ago. So much rebuilding to do. At least we survived the PL/UR square.

  5. It seems, Elsa, that somewhere along the line you have managed to tame Chaos, or at least get it sufficiently under control.
    There’s something of the learning to manage the unmanageable with Uranus-Pluto.

  6. We closed on this house on the 27th of December 2013 moved in the 15th of January 2014. My brother sold his house and closed the end of May 2014 moved in with us 1 June 2014 he just moved out and still is in the process he now lives 26 miles from me out in the county. My 32 year old daughter is finally off Meth and is now getting her life together she moved in with us in July 2014 is scheduled to move out into a downtown apartment very nice 1 October 2014. I hope this Pl/UR action will cement the deal and we can finally get our house together. My oldest son and family was living in a trailer on his wife’s family land. They were out of town for the weekend their house caught fire due to electrical issues they were having and so now they are homeless for all points and practical purposes.

  7. Hi Elsa, your new home and lifestyle sounds ideal, sweepingly different and I love that you never tire to do more and more for others. (Wished you lived in my town . . .)As for the lifestyle you left behind it’s so dramatically different. I felt through the U-Pl square that I was constantly running from crisis to crisis. But now there’s a change of direction and I’m moving into more positive territory. I can never get away from crisis (they seem to follow me?!)But there’s definately new avenues opening up. My 3 year old son started pre-school – he’s got Down’s syndrome so this has been a major family event. My husband says “Are you serious he can’t go on the school bus by himself, we have to take him every day!!!” I said “He can, you watch him – my angel is ready.” This caused so much tension in our marriage, I felt I would have to move out for a week. Uranus is conjuncting my moon/ saturn conjunction at the moment so I expect some battling but only so that something ‘new’ and ‘beautiful’ can break through. Today my husband retreated and my beautiful son walked to the bus on his own (I was close by and of course they’ve got a special chair for him), he sat down and didn’t cry. (I wish my hubby had seen it, he won’t believe me…)Such a small thing, but it nearly wrecked my marriage! Also I’ve had to close my business (freelance teacher for businesses and schools) because my son needs special care but I think we’ll manage. I’m a fully qualified teacher so I’m offering my services to church organisations. And where there isn’t one for the youth, I’m setting it up. So this is Saturn moving into Sag I think, for our family. It’s emotional but I think it’s going to be great!

  8. Wow, Elsa. In all of the comings and goings at your place I wasn’t sure about the ’empty nest’rather than a nest for the college-bound… must have missed that one. As usual your story unfolds in rich fashion, putting up food and putting out service of all kinds. How fun to have a weekly Margarita Lunch tah boot!! Dealing with change … you continue to play your cards well. Amazing.

  9. I never thought about adjusting to ‘positive’ changes…maybe because I am so mutable I expect and even want change all the time, because I feel like a lot is so terrible, lol.

  10. After seven years of being alone my prayers have been answered…the man that leased my upstairs apartment is the man I have been waiting for, he fills the bill, and now I feel settled, secure and happy with our plans, conversation and companionship.

  11. It’s been eventful and dramatic but none of the squares real hit my chart with the exception squares to n.Pluto in my 3rd. So somethings got brought to a boiling head, a couple of major things happened and then all fizzled back into complacency and sweeping things back under rugs to my dismay. The tension to change everything is still within me but my present circumstances (and key family members!) are clashing with that and impeding positive changes. Chalk it up Saturn opposing n. Mars. ?

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