Crazy Good Full Moon In Aquarius: August 22, 2021

Aquarius red dressI expect to wake up happy under the full moon in Aquarius, early in the morning on August 22nd. I state this because the moon will be tightly conjunct Jupiter.

The exact time of the full moon is 8:01 AM Eastern. But as you can see in the graphic below, the moon with cross Jupiter on it’s way to being full. This is bound a create a boost of crazy-good energy. It may even be enough to wake a person from sleep.

Some consider 29 degrees to be unstable. It does give the feeling of being on the brink. Brink of good or bad is anyone’s guess. The only thing you can count on is that whatever happens will be unexpected.

The sun in Leo is involved of course.  It’s possible we see something dramatic (Leo), worldwide (Uranus).

I know this tends to scare people but I don’t know why.  Happy surprises are a daily occurrence for anyone involved in living their life.  Jupiter is not known to be connected with dark or dreary things. Expect a remarkable evening on the 21st… and hope to wake up with a joyful feeling!

full moon august 22 2021Since I’ve mentioned the timing, note that the moon will ingress into Pisces at 8:52 AM Eastern. The sun will ingress into Virgo at 5:34 PM Eastern.

Basically, this looks like something the builds, then pops off, quickly.

That doesn’t mean the effect won’t be long-lasting. Jupiter can be seen like a seed that goes into the ground. It’s hard to imagine what can result from something so seemingly small but when you see it, you think, WOW!

I’m talking about the bushels of apples I pull off one tree.
I’m talking about people who meet randomly on the interest and turn into life-long best friends.

It’s this kind of full moon.  Something comes in or occurs, to change your life. It happens so quickly, you may not even register it.

How do you feel about this full moon in Aquarius?

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Crazy Good Full Moon In Aquarius: August 22, 2021 — 26 Comments

  1. This happens just degrees from my 2’Pisces Ascendant. Should I be buying a lottery ticket or making a social splash?

  2. Very good to hear. It will be in my sixth house, I can handle that……. daily living and health.
    Elsa, just a little idea. Would you consider doing a “through the houses” blog post
    for the Virgo Stellium almost upon us??

  3. Love it! I am really looking forward to this one because I have a stellium in Aquarius.

    I’ve tried to position myself to take advantage of good luck.

  4. This will be opposing my natal Virgo moon at 1 degree I think. The full moon is exactly on the last degree of the 5th house. Hmm, I wonder what would pop up. ☺️

  5. Have been in a mental bull pit for months. Woke up today feeling lighter, a knowing that ‘this too shall pass’. Saturn seems to have made his home on my Venus in Aquarius, trampled my Sun At 1 degree Aqua, next is conjunct Moon in Aqua at 25 degrees. By Jupiter you are most welcome!

  6. Noticing the Sun will be exactly conjunct my Uranus at 29 Leo (Regulus). Saturn also still exactly conjunct my sun. Uranus stopping one degree from my Ascendant.
    Not feeling terribly empowered by all this. Do i just grip the handles tight and see what happens?

  7. This new moon will conjunct my natal sun at 1st degree Pisces. That’s the day I’m taking a test to see if Ivf worked. Fingers crossed.

  8. This coming full moon will form tight square with my progressed ASC, which is forming conjunction with my natal Jupiter @ 29 Scorpio, and opposition with my progressed moon @ 29 Taurus. I wonder if there is any effect between transit and progressed chart.

  9. Trying to sell the business that has been sucking me dry for 7 years. Am expecting offer with terms and dollars middle of this week.

    I hope this means the dollars are enough for my unpaid work the last 7 years.

  10. Good morning and Thank you for helping me understand
    What the Full moon will mean to my natal chart.

    I have the South node conjucnt my Ascendent at 1 degree
    of Virgo and my North node conjunct my Desendant at
    1 degree of Pisces.

    Not sure what could happen.

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