Courtney Stodden’s Natal Chart and Transits

I was reading the Daily Mail today and one of the articles was about Courtney Stodden. I really know nothing about her, other than the fact that she married someone older than her father and desperately seeks attention with her body. But in today’s day and age, that’s nothing new. However, she and her old man recently broke up (again). In light of what I recently said about Pluto putting the nail in the coffin on whatever havoc Jupiter/Uranus has been causing, I looked up her birthdate. This is a NOON chart, I do not have info on her birth time, so we have no idea about the houses in this chart.

Lookee here, she’s got Venus at 22 Libra! Right in the cross-hairs of Jupiter/Uranus. And it’s a stressed-out little Venus, being squared by both Neptune and Uranus, natally. She’s just going about relationships ALL WRONG. She’s a Virgo, for God’s sake! Her Sun is opposed by Saturn, so every misstep is causing her anguish. The Moon may very well be involved, becoming the focal planet of a t-square involving the Sun/Saturn opposition. If she keeps on beating her head against the same brick wall, she’s going to take a very, very hard fall. She’s got Mercury in Virgo, and transiting Saturn has been squaring it, and will retrograde to the exact degree of her Mercury. Speaking from experience, a Saturn/Mercury transit is one of the most depressing there is.

Moving on, I want to know why she’s chosen to use her sexuality instead of her good Virgo brain. I’m afraid she’s a poster child for Jupiter in Scorpio; making the grand trine to her Mars (sexuality) in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces. It’s a good bet she’s got baby talk down to a science! It’s a loop that she seems to have trouble escaping from, as Grand Trines often are. They’re the line of least resistance, but it is often at the expense of the other aspects that are screaming for attention, such as that Sun/Saturn/Moon t-square.

We can make a case for her liking older men with the Sun opposing Saturn, but she needs to own her Saturn and get to know her Virgo Sun. All that showcasing of her body won’t give the Virgo what she really needs…. To be respected for her MIND. And, if her Moon is squared by Saturn natally, she may be trying to stave off depression by getting attention in a way that is actually quite undermining.

Pluto’s coming up to square her Venus. And, it will be sitting on her Neptune/Uranus conjunction. The nail in that particular coffin comes with a lot of painful disillusionment, but if she’s smart, she’ll get off the road she’s on, and reinvent herself.

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Courtney Stodden’s Natal Chart and Transits — 13 Comments

  1. DianeO, I googled and found her rising to be Sagittarius at and they have a source too. That placed her sun in 8th house, moon 6th, venus 10th. Maybe the venus 10th too gives her that feeling of wanting an older, mature man. I didn’t know that grand water trines have a loop they can’t get out of. Another Virgo who married a much older man was Sofia Loren (Virgo/aqua moon/Leo mars) to a Sagittarius/Cap moon. But I read hers was much successful and happier. This young lady is still able to grow and find her way.

  2. Very intelligent reading Diane. The points like Sun moon Saturn t-square and Jupiter in Scorpio and line of least resistance of grand Trines is so perfectly true. Makes lots of sense.

  3. Grand trines are not inescapable… you CAN refocus and work on the other parts, but think of it this way… people believe that their Grand trines work for them… and they do! But not always. It’s tricky. In Stodden’s case, the Grand trine has caused her to suffer, actually, because she’s keeps trying to use it instead of working that t-square. Because that t-square is painful. It will require some deep inner work. Whenever Saturn is involved, it’s an “inside job”, where you have to discover your own internal authority, the wise woman within, and then trust her. You have to learn how to *stand in your own integrity*. But first, you have to develop that integrity. And I believe that someone with a Virgo Sun/Mercury finds integrity in her intelligence, not in her body, ultimately. So she can keep doing things to her body to try to improve her outward sexuality to get noticed, but until she does something to improve her own mind, and find her own satisfaction in it, she’ll be chasing that grand trine.

  4. Hey,

    I was just wondering if you could explain the conclusions you’be drawn here when you say: “she’s chosen to use her sexuality instead of her good Virgo brain. I’m afraid she’s a poster child for Jupiter in Scorpio; making the grand trine to her Mars (sexuality) in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces. It’s a good bet she’s got baby talk down to a science!”

    I’m just not getting the connection that you’ve drawn from those aspects to reach the conclusion that you have. I understand Jupiter expanding the Scorpio traits, but I’ve always understood and experienced Mars in cancer to be lazier more than anything else (also from personal experience, as I have this and so does my roommate that I’ve lived with for 11 years …a person I used to date years ago – we broke up because of a lack of sexuality, so to speak. Laziness is something we both struggle with in different ways and is a predominant feature in both of our lives, especially at home).

    And then connecting that to Saturn in Pisces? And the “baby talk”? …I just don’t see how all of these come together to form the conclusions you have drawn. I hope I’m not coming across as contentious, I’m just curious.


  5. I don’t know why…but when I read up on Courtney Stodden (I’ve never heard of her before honestly) she reminds me a lot of a younger version of Pamela Anderson! I saw on the Wikipedia she just boosted her breast size to DD. She’s also in PETA, which I remembered reading Anderson is in too. The only thing that is different is that she follows her virgo sun in the way that some virgo ladies I’ve seen do, such as Sophia loren and Lauren bacall, marrying much older men. virgo seems quite Capricorn in many ways. Pamela Anderson married bad boy type of guys from what I read: Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Rick Salomon. I don’t know anything about Courtney’s ex husband, but I read she suffered a miscarriage and that must have been really painful for her, and may have strained the relationship.

  6. You have a great analysis Diane. I think you nailed it that she is escaping her pain through focusing her attention on her exterior and relationships. She has an easy charm with Venus Libra/Gemini Moon and is milking it for all its worth. She has Chiron conjunct the Sun in hard aspect to Moon and Saturn, my guess is she probably has self-esteem issues and had bad parenting, either absent or very critical parents. Someone who has that much plastic surgery has internalized criticism and is hyper focusing it on their appearance. Plus, Virgo is already self-critical to a fault! I had no idea who she is, but I have a similar chart to her, I’m a Virgo sun square Gemini moon, opposite Saturn (and Uranus). I have a very similar t-square except my Saturn is in Sagittarius. Maybe her Pisces Saturn is more prone to escapism than mine. I find it strange because I have had to learn responsibility (Saturn) for myself (Sun) since very young, and have to behave with a lot of honesty and integrity (Sagittarius) or I suffer extreme consequences. My Venus is in Virgo though, so it’s more conservative than her Venus in Libra. My guess is she is a Libra rising.

  7. This is interesting. She was born 4 days after I was. The biggest difference in our charts are the moon and the ascendant (I doubt she’s a Taurus like me). However she (only apparently) is very different, especially regarding how she expresses her sexuality which is what we know the most about her. I haven’t had a boyfriend in my entire life, I am still somehow intimidated by men, I’m awkward when it comes to expressing my sexuality, and I have never or would never feel attracted to older men. I read somewhere an interpretation of my Venus in the 6th that I tended to be attracted to not only men around my age but also who were at a lower position than I am, which I found to be true. I guess my Sun/Saturn opposition is at a much wider orb so it’s not as prominent as hers.

    There is no degree shift in our grand water trine, however it still hasn’t manifested in my life as “being an expert in baby talk”.

    I know that what we know about her is just the tip of the iceberg and maybe I have more in common with her than it appears but it’s interesting to see how people with almost identical charts can have very different lives because of circumstance.

    • @macata, yeah I read that too about venus 6th house/venus virgo men, infact, in astro vids & sites, that they want a woman who is downtrodden in some way, to help “fix them” or something. I didn’t know that is true with women too, I thought that’s how they attract. maybe attracting those with lower positions in life, a lifelong helping aid. They sound a lot like pisces venus/12th house, but different. whereas pisces wants to look at the good of others despite what others dont see.hard to explain.

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