Countdown To October 18th, 2021: Mercury & Jupiter Direct

door openWe’ve been bogged down with all these retrogrades. Saturn and Pluto have now turned direct. Mercury and Jupiter will turn direct on the 18th.

The latter planets are associated with movement; the future and such.  It seems the 18th might mark a true, “turning point”, in your personal life as well as in the collective.

What do you hope to see happen? Is there something you’re thinking about or seeking at this time? Do you see a way forward?

And what of the whole world?  What to you think might be change with the direction of Mercury and Jupiter?


Countdown To October 18th, 2021: Mercury & Jupiter Direct — 16 Comments

  1. Since I have Jupiter in Libra at 20 degrees, I am expecting movement regarding my job and it’s not even predictive on my end- we are being sequenced back to work slowly group by group, masks required. Since mask mandates are being removed for indoors by our Governor, we may be full steam ahead sooner than the end of the year. Also, the place we rent, a duplex, was bought by a family during Mercury Rx right before the pandemic, and they are now selling, one year to the day during a Mercury Rx and had to undo all the construction they had done then as it was inspected and found not up to code! So with that done, the sale should be moving ahead rapidly. Will we get evicted or get to stay? And will new landlords raise our rent to current market rents which we can’t afford long term? We don’t know! So though some forward movement, some details need to be brought to light.,
    I saw on the news people revisiting the homes they lost to fires and the whole town of Greenville just gone. The people are returning to their homes sifting through the remains of debris left by the fires, to find treasures left behind. One lady found a ceramic Angel that sat on her shelf. One lady said every night, she walked every inch of her home in her mind-every inch. Talk about Mercury Rx! My heart is aching for these folks, who are now living in trailers or tents scattered far from the town and community they once knew. All just….GONE. It only took a half an hour for it to burn down. They hope to slowly build it all back. I wish them Godspeed.

    • I wish you well with your housing situation. I rented a house that was sold. The new owner had initially said I could stay on since his plan was to tear the house down but not for about a year. At the last minute, he changed his mind, and I moved before his escrow closed. It was very stressful.

    • I’m in the same situation re: housing – don’t know if we get to stay or if the rent will rise massively. On top of it all, our current Landlord has turned nasty and vindictive, and is purposefully gaslighting us over the tiniest things. There was at least 2 retrograde planets when the house was put on the market, so I’m hoping things become clearer soon. Good luck, I hope you get the result you need!

      • Thank you Plutolover! Wow that sucks what happened to you too! Isn’t it so weird both our situations both happened during Mercury Retrogrades?? You can’t make this stuff up. It relieves my anxiety to know what is going on at least that way. Hope for you too!

  2. What do you hope to see happen?
    I expect to be able to move on

    Is there something you’re thinking about or seeking at this time?
    A positive closure in family matters. I was canceled of my family during this pandemic hell.

    Do you see a way forward?
    Only in my dreams

    And what of the whole world? What to you think might be change with the direction of Mercury and Jupiter?
    No clue

  3. yessss countdown!!! I am hoping to see a turning point with clarity around my work so that I can clarify where I live etc … Saturn Uranus hitting my angles, but these Rx back ups have been SO irritating that I am like bring it on baby!

  4. After being a renter for 30 years, I have finally saved enough money, and have the courage to commit to purchasing a condo in the most expensive city in Canada. I pay my deposit and get possession of my new small home next week. I feel pretty proud to have saved 40% all on my own, despite my high risk ‘low’ income (according to federal mortgage lending rules).

    I acknowledge my privilege in being educated, having decent jobs, no dependents, and having a mega stellium in Taurus which has given me good money management skills! I’m a white woman as well. No family support, and no spouse, however.

    The awesome credit union bank that gave me the mortgage was the first in Canada to give mortgages to single women in the 1950s. I feel very fortunate to live in a place and at a time where a single woman can buy a home of and on her own.

    Although I feel much inner conflict about being a white settler on stolen indigenous land, I am very grateful to the indigenous peoples whose land I artificially “own” that gives me deeper roots and security.

  5. I have heard that the degree mercury goes direct, if it touches any planet of the natal chart, that year is exceptional. My son has ASC at 10 degree Libra, I don’t exactly remember the minute. That is close match for mercury going direct this time. Not sure what to expect. Praying to have something good By The Grace of God. He is struggling with his focus on his study and any concentration related works. His Mars and Mercury is retro in his natal chart. But in Progress chart, mercury went direct long time ago. And Mars in Progress chart will probably go direct on end of August 2023.

  6. On Oct. 18 I have a consultation with a producer about a screenplay I’ve written. Option my screenplay, Mr. Producer!

    And, also, World Peace, as Sandra Bullock said in Miss Congeniality.

  7. Well I hope there’s lots of changes with medicine and education I’ve been a critic for a while I was reading something about Pitocin and how 1/2 of all deliveries in the United States are induced want to know what the artificial form of Pitocin is oxycodone Magine that they get fined for over prescribing so how did they snap back they put an itty-bitty bit in to half the babies born in the us, so now I understand why they label so many children special needs they’re just seeing something that pops in 1/2 of the kids; then they rope the family in and suggest, you know? More medicine?what ???it is hope it all changes,fast, calling all yogis, gotta be a different way to feed the greed in
    Big Pharma, let’s feed them flowers

  8. Mercury retro has been on my moon and mars in the 6th
    My diet has gone out of control. Normally I am very balanced and healthy… has gone hay wire. I have also been more anxious than normal. I am thinking I will be able to get back in routine of things. Also, be able to relax emotionally not be so anxious.
    As for jupiter, this is in my 11th … unsure of this one. I have been distant from friends for quite a while maybe that will come back around.
    My love life has been like days of our lives this retrograde so lets see where this takes me lol

  9. I can barely wait !
    I can hardly believe I ve been invited to a party on the 18th itself!!!
    And I ve decided to go,its been ages,and I feel like I m out of the cage at last.
    It feels so good to let my hair down with all my girlfriend’s.

    I m looking forward to moving house.
    Its been years now.
    But I have a gut feeling its gonna go.
    By the end of the month.
    New Beginnings.

    On the World front ,there is a HUGE Climate Change Summit ,and many World Leaders have to make and commit to Changing their policies.

    Stopping green house gases and carbon dioxide.
    War looms for India.
    According to my Tarot cards, India will be attacked by Pakki and China together in cohoots.
    I see China in a strong position globally.
    And Kamala Harris coming into power.
    Afghanistan got the Death card,so a really bad time for them.
    Though it showed World support later to pull them out.
    Its not going to be an easy ride for most countries.
    But move forward we all will.
    Wishing everyone here a Happy Fall season, and happier times ahead moving forward.

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