Cost of Education – Hacking

We’re slowing getting the site in line. This has been an amazing experience. It’s like a war.

There was a time when I’d have been really upset with something like this. These days; I just get to learning. You get knocked for a loop the way I have, you can whine and stuff, I’ve tried that. But it doesn’t help at all.

You’ve got to battle. Once engaged, I have that Mars Mercury conjunction. I will fight to the death, lol. I, myself have become a virus. Each day, I learn and become more resistant. I am one committed son-of-a-bitch!

This makes me think of the hacking done around the world. No one talks about great cost of the damage done by hackers. Think of Target. Have they ever recovered? I think most companies keep quiet about what they go through. It’s not good for business. It takes the focus away among other things. So I think there is a lot more of this that goes on then we realize.

I’m taking about attacks on businesses but also the government and the military. Are the navy ships running into things because they’re hacked?

I’ll tell you something. If I ever decide to quit working as an astrologer, I will go into this field.  Seriously, it would suit me. My son used to compete with Cyber Patriot. He’s in college studying computer engineering. He’s got the family Mars Mercury signature.  Computer fighting!

I really think this is wartime; you may or may not agree. Certain powers want us all to become weak and demoralized.  Sorry, buddy. I’m not wired that way.

What are you battling at this time?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t have the mars/merc conjunction, but I have mars conj my sun, and mercury (although not conj) all in my 12th house, along with some other planets and asteroids, so I’m not sure on the astrology behind it, but, I sure do react the same way when it comes to these situations…I refuse to let them win, and I get to learning, and I too will fight to the death LoL I love the way you put that! Glad you’re winning this battle!

    • Yeah, I think there is a tremendous expenditure of energy (time and money) trying to deal with things like this. I’ve also been thinking about the root cause.

      When I was young, the Ten Commandments were sort of the underlying rule of everything. Don’t lie, cheat or steal.

      This was replaced by the concept of “karma”. People thought along Buddhism lines.

      But now, “karma” is no longer something to be concerned with…it’s used to justify horrible things (like this being done to me)…say it’s my karma.

      Well it’s not my karma. I have sat here for nearly 20 years, entertained the shit our of people, taught legions of people astrology and provided them a place to visit, vent and get support. All of this for no charge. But you see what I mean…

      People don’t watch what they do, concerned for what might happen to them because of their bad behavior. But I think they’re going to regret this very soon, because Saturn is coming to Capricorn and bay-bee? It’s karma time.

      I’m serious about this…watch and see, people everywhere brought to their knees.

      • Hi Elsa, I completely agree with you, on all points. Yep, it’s reap it time.
        I’m glad your site is up and running, and flourishing. I got the impression it must have been hacked, because I got ‘forbidden site’ and 404 errors all over my search. Whoa! I thought. What Elsa is doing must be so important that her site is targeted like this. But you just have to get to and do battle, as you say.

  2. I think hacking is like business in some places. It’s like pre-emptive scavenging. People who can’t use their skills in legit enterprise for whatever reason basically punching a clock for whatever they can get hacking everything not locked down, because

    But so many people don’t realize, don’t care about security at all. I guess it’s inconsequential for some people who aren’t risking income or safety having their stuff messed with.

  3. currently battling someone hacking into my fb, smartphone and messenger accounts . . not a nice one let me tell you! Only with yesterday’s full moon I”ve kinda quit battling, now working on disentangling and dissolving myself somewhere in the horizon; ‘let go or get dragged’ they say and I ain’t gonna get dragged into this anymore

  4. I am awed at your amount of work elsa-thank you!
    I can’t wait for saturn to enter capricorn . I am counting on it bringing assholes to their knees.
    I loath saturn and pluto transit in sag. Worst transits ever in my opinion…?

  5. I did a lot of network cyber security work for many years and loved the work. The problem is huge. Companies do recover but its a very painful process and some data may be lost. It takes a lot of time to get back to where you were. If you don’t apply security patches and keep all of your defenses up to date, they’re gonna get you. They try 24/7 using many different methods, like bot networks and password guessing. Its so important to have strong passwords on every device on the network. The password guessers work off a script of common passwords that they try. They are looking to break into any accounts with admin privileges.

    Companies like Target have great defenses on their networks, but their weakness, and this is where they were hacked, was their point of sale systems (POS) where you put your credit card in when you buy something. Those systems were always weak on security, though I’m sure they’re much better now. Many of the hacks that were tried on the networks I ran were from POS systems in small businesses. I always informed them and they never even knew they had been compromised.

    Thats what hackers do. They compromise a less secure system and use that system to attack other systems so you can’t trace it back to them. They compromise PCs and create zombie botnets to carry out DDOS attacks (distributed denial of service).

    All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of what hackers and other assorted scum do today. I think if your son wants to get into cyber security he will never be bored and always challenged. I did my part in that battle.

    My new battle is how to retire gracefully. There are a lot of decisions we have to make that are very hard. One by one, I take them on and they are all things no one wants to face.

  6. i got a trojan virus – the worst virus,and my husband had just gotten me a new laptop with all the applications on it, and then he found the source. the hackers want money to get all your info, photos, apps back, and i’m like, forget that. i dont care about that. they want an ungodly amount too. and sometimes you get the virus just by visiting sites that are looking for online work too. you’d think because you are visiting sites that seem normal and legit they are packed with viruses.

  7. If you get the type of Trojan virus that is known as Ransomware, there is nothing you can do with that but pay and they may or may not give you your data back anyway. They have encrypted your data and only they have the key.

    The best thing to do is have an online backup of all your data. I use Norton and it backs up my data a couple of times a day. There are other ones that are equally good. Its inexpensive.

    If you get a new PC, do a complete backup of your clean system and store the DVDs offsite in a place like a safe deposit box at a bank. New computers have a utility for you to do that. You can make another copy to keep at home, but if your home burned down you would have nothing. Those disks/backups are like gold when your system is compromised. I can’t stress that enough.

    Identity theft happens no matter how careful you are, but suffice to say you need to scrutinize your emails from banks, Amazon and Apple, etc. and make sure they’re valid. Many are not, but at first glance they look real. There is an option with emails to view the source code without actually opening the email. That’s what I do and how I find out they are phony. It looks like gobbledygook, but there is an actual address where it came from and a reply to address. Many times the addresses have nothing to do with where the email claimed to be from.

  8. Hey Elsa P, I am an insurance broker. Almost all insurance carriers now include cyber liability and cyber loss coverage on their business policies. The coverage may be automatically included or your company may offer it as an option. Wish you luck with this!

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