Commitment-phobics And Dating Websites

To a client –

“What I have seen with commitment phobic types and people who need space – namely Sagittarius and Aquarius is they keep all the doors and windows open. Dating many has the effect of creating a buffer. You are dating 3 people, so is he and so is the other one and the other one and no one actually gets anywhere. Of course you see him looking at other people online and he sees you looking, and who is really served by that? J-Date, lol.

It’s just hard for two people to get involved with 9 people on deck and those 9 people keep changing so J-date has a great business model…”

Have you noticed this phenomenon?



Commitment-phobics And Dating Websites — 15 Comments

  1. As I usually find in articles Gemini people are extremely commitment phobic types and people who need space, or always have a “parallel life”. Is that truth?
    And what surprise me is that you can also find that Gemini and Libra are perfect couple. How it could be when Libra is well known as very committed sign? Because I trust in general marks of signs, I am in trouble now with Gemini (I am a Libra). Plus, he is Gemini with Libra Raising, moon in Libra, and i have Mars in Gemini in VI house. we have all elements to have a great relationship, but we don’t.
    Maybe generalization is very dangerous…as well as for yours Scorpio man.

  2. I’m “new” to dating, 3 months out of an 11 year relationship. I’m not using dating sites, however I can attest to the “buffer” strategy. I’ve been very clear with each guy, as I have 5 men that I’m spending time with (yes I have Gemini Venus/Mars, Sag. rising, sue me). I’m not commitment adverse, however, I just have no business committing at this juncture. My girlfriend, one year out of her divorce, has done eHarmony and has employed a similar strategy (she’s Aqua and commitment adverse).

  3. @Nada — I got a similar speech from a mega-Gemini boy, at like date 2 no less. I found it odd that he would bring it up, but I guess warned is warned.

  4. I’ve actually had men tell me on dating sites that they won’t date me because I am a Gemini, so I stopped posting it. What they don’t know is that I am Scorp Rising, Pisces Moon, Venus in Taurus….kind of a mess eh? hmmmm… perhaps they know what they’re doing…. ; )

  5. I’ve seen it. And think it can be solved up front..really. If you are aware of it. “Hey, I’m not ready for a commitment.”
    “Ok, well, I am so..see ya later.”

    But, unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of it and if they are they sure don’t like to tell anyone. And if they DO tell people it scares the heck out of them until they find that other person who is also a lonely commitment phobe that says “hey, that doesn’t sound so bad to me”

  6. Being a Gemini myself I have found that Libra men like to be in relationships….. Relationships with you and everyone else,lol!

  7. Dear miss, I think it’s not bad thing to be honest as Libras are. I feel kind of jest in your comment. I am not sure that some of Gemini who behave in “typical Gemini” have to be proud of it. It’s o.k to say clear and at the beginning what your believes are, but after three year of living together and making a plans, it’s not behavior of mature person. So I think Gemini people have a problem with themselves. And by the way I think they are cower to. they have no carriage to look at once eye and say “I am sorry, I change my mind or my feelings just changed.” They just shirk in, sorry to say, miserable way.
    that was my experience. So I really don’t respect that kind of person.
    Love to all xxx

  8. I’ve seen this phenomenon, in men who go on Millionaire Matchmaker to be fixed up by Patty Stanger; who calls the behaviour ‘Looking for the bigger, better deal’. The guy is never settled with anyone, and can’t, because he’s got several irons in the fire at once. Personally, I don’t want to be anywhere near one of these types !

  9. Lived it, noticed it, trying to avoid it from now on in my life.

    It’s like watching someone go into relationships over and over and over again the same exact way and expecting a different outcome. It’s kind of difficult to watch, not to mention to experience being on the receiving end.

    Love them but just can’t be “in love” with them. Not good for anyone.

    many thanks Elsa!

  10. Yes. I was dating a guy who COULD NOT stop. He ended up cheating on me, a few times. I should’ve realized sooner that this was not going to change: he would always be looking out for others.

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