How Do Astrologers Feel About Being Persecuted?

Awhile back the soldier noted the affinity between his career in Special Forces and mine as an astrologer. He meant that we both had unique callings and he was pointing how we were both unusual, even as teenagers. But I went immediately to the bottom floor… to basement with this.

Because socially most would agree introducing your new man… a highly trained killer is going to turn some heads and leave most people nervous and gulping. But I can tell you firsthand I have identified myself as an astrologer and nothing but for about 15 years and doing so has been a social death to the same degree from day one.

People just don’t get you. They don’t want to get you. They just want their family member to dump you can come back with someone safe like a dental hygienist. Someone normal.

And it doesn’t matter if the man I am with is happy beyond recognition. I still cannot be embraced or even accepted for that matter. It just doesn’t happen. You’re an irritant. So when laws like these are considered, never mind passed, it’s very painful. Because I know it feeds the fire and drives the prejudice even deeper.

And am I going to stop being an astrologer? Well, no. That’s not an option. I was born to be an astrologer, I have been at this since I was 8 years old. What am I to do when they make my proudly lived life invalid, illegal and repugnant? What do you do?

Anyone out there with feelings about this?


How Do Astrologers Feel About Being Persecuted? — 7 Comments

  1. When my husband last year flirted with the idea of running for public office I warned him of the pitfalls of having a wife who’s an astrologer. But this really is why I write a blog and why I love yours, Elsa, to show people what astrology really is and what it can do.

  2. >=( Outrageous…I’m an aspiring astrologer and have been studying the subject since I was eleven, this really sucks.

  3. Don’t know whether I’ve ever told you what a kick I get out of the Soldier stories! So glad you have chosen to share those.

    And as an individual who has insisted on going at about 90 degrees from others all her life (Sun/Chiron conjunction w/Chiron as Scout Planet), I’m not going to stop now. All my life I have looked forward to being an ornery elder!! 🙂

    BTW, I read about your encounter with that a**hole of a beer delivery guy . . . and just want to say I thought you handled that great. I probably would have opted for a gun instead of a baseball bat but what the heck . . . my Mars/Mercury is in Scorpio!! 🙂

  4. I don’t think this is going to happen. These pockets of conservative communities digging up arcane or unconstitutional laws are happening all the time, especially with sex.

    When I was going through a very ugly Pluto/Moon custody battle with my son’s father, the child advocate recommended that I say nothing at all about my astrology work in court. I had three reactions: the first was mild shock that I would have to censor myself in this day and age, especially in Boulder Colorado (New Age Mecca for those who don’t know). The second was amusement that this advise was coming from an American woman dressed in white from head to toe, a white turban, and the last name of Kau Kalsa. And then (thirdly) I shrugged my shoulders and said, OK, and let it go.

    Where I shop at Whole Foods, everyone knows I am an astrologer. It’s fun. I assure people it’s the transits and not just them, give out my card that I’m very proud all the time, and tell people to check out my website. Many people I know well have absolutely no interest in astrology and probably think it’s a little strange that is what I do, but they like me anyway.

    It’s very hard when people judge us or any part of us, but in my crockety old age, I have had enough of that and basically don’t give those types a second thought. So they are not a relevant part of my life. I can’t help but notice also that polarization becoming more intense with Pluto on the GC.

  5. gah! but it’s *not* the Christian conservatives arguing for this – it’s the pagans/witches/psychics themselves!

    err.. hang on, i’ve been around that (spiritual, not physical) community long enough to know that even they have a ‘conservative party line,’ and to me, it’s always seemed like the antithesis of what they profess to follow. “We want to be inclusive of all beliefs… except yours.” what is that about?

    break the rules. it helps people figure out whether or not the rules are still any good…

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