Astrology And Children – Advice For A Fearful 5 Year Old Capricorn


My daughter who is five has been having a hard time with the idea of “getting old”. I have no idea where this is all coming from because she’s only five, but she’s VERY sad that her daddy will be turning thirty this month, and she always tells me that she doesn’t want us to get old. She even told me in the shower today that she wants to stay “eighteen” for the rest of her life because she doesn’t want to get old.

I told her that she’s a Capricorn, so if anybody shouldn’t worry about being “old” (with age), it’s her. Could something explain this, and what route should I take with a Capricorn child when it comes o easing her fears about this? I wish you could see the look on her face when he worries about this 🙁


Dear Mom,

Yes it can be explained.

With natal Saturn @ 8 degrees Gemini, your daughter is having her first Saturn square Saturn transit. This sets off the whole configuration… Saturn trine Neptune and Mercury in Aquarius which essentially creates irrational (Neptune) eccentric (Aquarius) fears (Saturn) in the mind (Mercury / Gemini) and while I think it is fine to tell her it is okay to be old, I am not sure how helpful it will be to a 5 year old.

Reason being it is too far off and away and out of realm. Think of it as being extremely top down where I think she’d fare better if you worked bottom up.

To work from the bottom up I would teach(Saturn) faith (Neptune). I would try to reassure her that everything comes out okay in nature and I would also watch my language. When you tell her what she “should or should not” think or feel she almost has no choice but to #1, rebel, and #2, feel like crap for fearing that she has thought wrongly. It sounds worse than it is. She’s got a trine there so work with it. Teach her magic and brilliant, innovative thinking. With this tack she can and will become masterful over time. Good luck.

Anyone else?

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Astrology And Children – Advice For A Fearful 5 Year Old Capricorn — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Elsa 🙂

    I’ve been waiting for you to kick me off the forum for asking too many questions. I promise I won’t push it! lol

    You hit the nail on the head, she’s been having all kinds of irrational fears lately. I thought this one was particularly deep though, and it made me kinda sad that she somewhat equated us getting older as having less time left to spend with us. I just think she’s too young to be worried about such a thing already. I always talk to her about it in a humorous way though, to lighten the situation.

  2. Mom, that is so deep and it resonates within me. It’s hard to add anything to the advice Elsa has given you as it so so good!

    I just wanted to tell you that I have Sag ASC (26 degrees) and Capricorn Moon (9 degrees, like your daughter). I had feelings at a similar age about death (I have a natal Moon/Pluto square).
    When I was 5 I cried every night before falling asleep as I looked at the photo of my grandfather on my parents dresser (they put me to sleep in their bed so my sister and I would fall asleep easier).
    It made me so sad my mom didn’t have a dad, which baffled my Mom as she didn’t mind as much as me, and I never met him.

    I can say: love, love, and love again. And a good long cuddle every day does wonders.

  3. Kashmiri-I have moon in Capricorn too and never put two and two together, but I was the same way when I was small!! I use to get the urge to cry just at the mere sight of elderly people. I remember once when I was probably around 7, there was a movie on TV called “Dad” (I think that was the name) and there was a scene where the guys old dad fell off the bed and was having convulsions or something. I ran to my room and cried for the longest time. My mom always thought I would grow up and work for the elderly, but it turns out to be opposite since I’ll be working with kids soon. 🙂

    As far as my daughter I give her tons of love and I practically harrass her to cuddle with me all the time 🙂

    Thank you for sharing that touching story.

  4. oaw that is such sweet story and wise advice! A lot of insight on that Capricorn Moon too. Also a great reminder that trines aren’t all ease, honey and pie.

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