Checking In, Mid-Week As Planets Change Signs, Heading Into The Full Moon

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce! I just sent the final part of my class to Satori, for editing. The workshop ran to seventy-eight pages so that’s where I’ve been.

I’m going to recover from this today and then get back on the job.  But I wanted to share Monday’s newsletter with you because it’s sure playing out in my life…

One Of The Most Important Weeks Of The Year

You can expect a number of things to shift this week. These are the reasons why:

* Mars left Gemini for Cancer yesterday
* Venus leaves Aries for Taurus tomorrow
* Mercury leaves Taurus for Gemini tomorrow
* Jupiter turns direct on Friday
* Full moon in Sagittarius on Friday

The first part of the week, look to wrap things up in different areas as each of the planets change signs… and then start on a new phase. These shifts should come naturally.

I’m talking about going from “writing” to “editing”. You’ll finish with one thing and turn to the (obvious) next thing.

None of this is bad. You’re advancing. But there’s a bigger picture here, worth keeping in mind as you make these adjustments. Its called your FUTURE.

At the end of the week, Jupiter will turn direct under the full moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Sagittarius are associated with looking ahead. They’re anti-myopic. Look at the forest, not the tree. The little shifts you make early in the week are not random. They should mean something and better align you with your future goals.

If you frame this week in this way, it may very well be one of the more important weeks of the year.

Have you noticed the shifts around you? They have been profound in my life.  It’s like more than one train, leaving the station and it won’t be coming back this way, ever again.

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Checking In, Mid-Week As Planets Change Signs, Heading Into The Full Moon — 21 Comments

  1. Yes. I’ve finally committed myself to retiring from my job of almost thirty years on my retirement date next July and working on my art as my new career path. And when I say committed—I mean on a really deep level. I done. Stick a fork in me done. I am moving towards the life I have always wanted and the person I have always been. It’s BIG. Even though I’ve been working towards this for some time—it’s still BIG.

  2. Late Sag sun here. I haven’t noticed anything yet, which has me wondering if I’m obtuse or if this isn’t impacting me.

    • Late Sag sun as well. Still living in the twilight zone with clients who see my portfolio and contact me thinking I should be thrilled to do free work for them. It’s getting harder and harder to stay polite in my refusal to do that lol.

        • I can totally relate to this Scottish! I’m the one who cleans up everyone else’s jacked-up work, but I think the bosses forget who I am when there isn’t a jacked up project to fix, LOL.

  3. Everything seems to be at a weird standstill. I’ve been taking some positive steps and actions but no response at all yet. But yes seismic within, making strong and clear decisions about my direction in life after feeling wishy washy and confused for a while. I’m hoping Jupiter direct will galvanize some jobs, $, and opportunity soon, it feel like a test of faith for a long while.

  4. Yay!!!! My birthday is tomorrow (40th), my daughter’s birthday on Friday and I’m getting married Saturday✨ Big, awesome shifts ??????

  5. I definitely felt the shift when Mars entered Cancer and Venus entered Taurus. It’s a much more stable and calm energy than Mars in Gemini and Venus in Aries. Anyway, I’m going to miss Venus being in Aries though, it has been there for almost 4 months, and it trined all my Fire placements Sagittarius Sun/Venus, Leo Moon/Jupiter/Ascendant, and conjuncted my Aries Midheaven. It was a very productive and intense 4 months for me. I’m looking forward to what Venus in Taurus brings to the table, I think it’s a pretty underrated and beautiful placement. ? As for Mars in Cancer, I’m not particularly fond of it but with time I do seem to appreciate that placement more and more. ?

  6. This is no doubt one of the most pivotal weeks of my life. The pages are turning and they cannot be turned back.

    I spaced out my hair appointment today. Second time in my life, I’ve ever missed and appointment. Ultimately, I explained, sort of. Really, there are no words.

  7. Yes big shift for me. I’ve walked through a lot of myself recently. Sometimes with grace but often not. I finally got sick yestereday with a cold. I think it’s the last step in whatever cleansing I was going through.

  8. It’s been a cataclysmic shift here. Uranus hit my midheaven a couple of days ago and I have to get to work on my next big entrepreneurial project that came as a flash. Exciting but also daunting. Finally got clarity on a looming family situation so that will be sorted out this weekend. That will change our home life forever with a relative moving in. Not thrilled at this prospect but will have to make do for now. Decluttering a bunch of crap to make space. Plus a LOT of clarity has been infused in my system this week –especially around my beliefs. I can see how others swept me up in their views and am clearing those out. I’ve broken through my own dogmas and fears. But–because so much is shifting, I’m feeling highly spacey.

  9. Suddenly, I have decided to lose the extra 10 pounds I picked up over the winter, and I feel quite ruthless about it, so I may lose 15. Tomorrow, my son is closing on a life changing real estate purchase….so yes, change is rife!

  10. This past week I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself or ST to put someone (or something) in the back window. Don’t even bring it up anymore. It’s DONE.

    • I read somewhere that Stephen King phrased this a little differently in one of his novels. “In the rear view mirror”.

      That’s the concept I’m driving at. STEP AWAY FROM THE CORPSE AND GO ON.

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