Chart Of Your Jupiter Return In Capricorn

Jupiter Return in Capricorn astrology chartSolar and Lunar return charts are popular with modern astrologers. I love them. Occasionally someone will ask me to look at a return chart for another planet. Venus or Mars or in this case, Jupiter!

I pulled this chart up for a gal; as you can see, it’s astonishing. We know this large stellium in Capricorn will form. I hadn’t thought about it being in a Jupiter return chart… or a Saturn return chart, for that matter.

I just wanted to give people who have Jupiter in Capricorn, a heads up. That’s the chart of a 12-year cycle of luck and growth and grace and learning for this gal. It looks like a straight flush to me!

Do you have Jupiter in Capricorn? Got plans for 2020??

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Chart Of Your Jupiter Return In Capricorn — 14 Comments

  1. I nearly have this exact same chart (born 25th December). Does that mean that even though my natal Jupiter is at 16 degrees Capricorn, I will still have a Jupiter return this coming year?
    Thanks in advance

  2. All that Capricorn in 2020 is on the eighth house cusp opposite my 20 Cancer Jupiter which rules the seventh. Good bye, Pluto and Saturn in the seventh! Any comments on the possibilities appreciated.

  3. I have a general comment on Jupiter Returns. At the onset of my Scorpio Jupiter Return in October 2017, I quickly sold my large house and downsized to a smaller one all within one month! Tr Jupiter was conjunct my natal asteroid “House” when I moved into the smaller house. I had lived in the larger house for 1 1/2 Jupiter cycles. Fresh starts and new beginnings – Jupiter style!

  4. I have Jupiter in Capricorn and am looking forward to 2020. I’m hoping the return provides a bit of relief from the intense Saturn-Pluto energy 🙂

  5. When the South Node goes over my natal 4′ Cap Saturn (10th), then things should be interesting! What will I be releasing and leaving behind? Hmm. Jupiter will eventually sextile my natal Jupiter in Scorpio (8th) also.

  6. My Jupiter return is this Dec 17th and as a matter of fact I do have plans 🙂 (but when doesn’t a cappy have plans??).

  7. My Jupiter return will occur on Dec. 12th in my second house in Cap (Sag, descendant) and my 10th house (from Aries, 2 deg. Sag). And to make matters even more interesting, I’ve had a Saturn/conjunct return since 2019 in Cap as well. Saturn Return will conjunct Pluto in Cap soon. (it is within 3 deg at this time). I’ve been diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and now returned to work since July, 2019. I’ll be 60 in March, 2020. The job I have now is insane and would prefer to enjoy life after what I’ve been through. Is this the right time? Not sure. Mercury retrograde coming soon so looking for another position is a bit dicey. What do you think? Or retirement?

  8. I have the sun, venus, north node, mercury AND jupiter in capricorn in the 8th. My life has been hell since 2008. Is this finally good news?

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