Cardinal T-Square – Hard Decisions For Your Direction In Life

libra-razzaThere’s a stellium in Libra squaring Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. You’re coming up against a rock and a hard place. There’s a decision to be made with heavy consequences attached.

Personally, I have to wrestle with the direction of my website. Jupiter is in Libra, the future is involved here. But Mars Pluto implies limits.

In another case, a gal is trying to discern, should she carry on as a single mother…or do something that may be harder – MAY BE HARDER – and try to better get along with the father of her child.

In another case, a woman has to think about the possibility she can no longer live alone. Does she really need, “assisted living”?

In another case, a woman is trying to wean herself from disability and merge with the working world, to improve her future outlook.

This stuff is serious, isn’t it? If you have planets in Cardinal signs, I am sure you’re up against something along these lines. Obviously, people can do what they want, but as a Saturn-type person, I highly advise you make the right decision which may very well not be the easy decision.

If you need help with clarity or coming to terms with something, I’m here. The consequences of decisions (Libra) made at this juncture are certain to have deep (Pluto) and long-lasting (Capricorn) consequences.  It’s not that often that something like this sets up.  I’m sure that many of you know exactly what I mean.

Are you facing a serious decision at this time?


Cardinal T-Square – Hard Decisions For Your Direction In Life — 34 Comments

  1. The consequences of decisions (Libra) made at this juncture are certain to have deep (Pluto) and long-lasting (Capricorn) consequences.

    Good to know.

  2. Yes. For most this would be a no brainer. But I’m wrestling with this. I consider the Capricorn the love of my life even though we had serious problems before and no communication for two years. He’s pressuring me to get my own place before Halloween because I won’t move in with him and he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for us to see each other while I’m living with my ex-husband. I’m in the guest bedroom but he deals in black and white no shades of grey. I respect that about him. My ex-husband tells me to stay away from the Capricorn. My Gemini ex-boyfriend current friend says he won’t tell me what to do but he strongly advises I stay with the ex-husband until I get my financial aid in January. I thought everything would blow up last night during full Aries moon. Nope. I remain stuck in mud at the crossroads.

  3. Eight planets in Cardinal signs, a stellium of the in Libra. I sort of hoped they would blow up in my face to force a decision, force my hand. But that hasn’t happened and I’ve been sitting on this fence a long time and my ass is sore.

  4. This speaks volumes for me, only because last night’s full moon the Aries full moon, I am an Aries and I am battling huge decisions in my life. I am cutting someone from my life who was my domestic violence attacker. And having gone through now what seems like an eternity, Stockholm Syndrome I am finally cutting the strings because I can’t live that life anymore. I don’t want this person to ever come back into my life. And I’m also scared that because of my actions I will lose everything that I have built to save and protect my children and I. So I have a lot of battles ahead of me to make sure this person number one does not get released from jail and also to move and protect my children and I because I am physically disabled. And I’m hoping that I will pull out of this as a true survivor and with more empowerment instead of fear.

    • Dear Denise,
      Don’t give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you are not alone. You can do it! Your children’s needs (as well as your own) should help to empower you at this difficult time!

  5. Are you facing a serious decision at this time? Bam you have certainly nailed it. My husband and I are going to close on refinancing our house we have gotten a new loan for a full percentage point lower very fortunate as it is a VA loan. My husband is going to take out a 401K loan to pay off a few other outstanding loans and bring out payments monthly down. Since it is a 401K loan there is no interest involved he just has to pay back himself.
    My oldest daughter (a Cancer) is finally getting her life together she is off the Meth at last and has a stable job, nearly has paid off her car and should be moving out in the next month to month and a half.
    The oldest son (a Libra) landed a really good but dangerous Truck driving job he will be hauling liquid Nitrogen at night. He and his family will be moving from the area of the state they now live in to 200+ miles away they are going to have to do the move in stages not their preferred way but really the best way at this time. The company they are working for is not doing all that well the hand writing on the wall says MOVE their hours have been cut which means their paychecks are less. Less money with which to move so the Libra son starts his new position on the 31st of October. His wife (a Virgo) and the two children are going to move in with her folks until he gets through his training and a place for them to live in. That is a very hard decision he is just hating this leaving his family there thing. In the mean time her mothers sister is also moving in with her parents because of medical reason.

    • I had to go back to work at 55. I had to take a Refresher course first (full time semester & rough). I ended up adjusting okay, but the fear of going back to work in my profession was overwhelming. I know it can be hard–good luck!

  6. ‘…as a Saturn-type person, I highly advise you make the right decision which may very well not be the easy decision.’

    So timely to have the energy I am experiencing with one of my clients (I am a psychotherapist who has some freelance contracts with schools) explained by your post, Elsa.

    I am having hard saturn transits to my sun and moon, involving the 2nd, 8th and 10th houses, so the decision I will have to make in three weeks is a tough one. My sun/moon/neptune aspects are being activated.

    I will aim to continue to negotiate with the client to find a middle ground (the contract requires the client to have some responsibilities too, which are not being met for some time) yet I am sensing that I might have to let go. If it is the right decisin.

    My pisces sun and neptune energies wants to avoid making that kind of choice yet I have saturn/sun too in my chart so integrity, boundaries and responsibility are important and needed too.

    Let’s see…


  7. Yes. I’m faced with a hard decision right now. What I thought was the “right” thing to do is looking more and more like it was the wrong thing all along. Just over the last week I realized I took the easy path and it came to me suddenly like an epiphany. I think I’m now ready to take the harder path that’s right and not the easy path that’s wrong.

  8. Good luck to you Denise. I hope you find the support you need along the way, you’re being so brave! You’re an Aries so I believe in you! (I’ve got an Aries moon, so I understand the warrior-will in you and the need to win your personal cause.)Hope it works out for you.

  9. (((Denise))) Blessings, Prayers, and Good Luck are sent to you. Proceed – always go forward even if it’s into the unknown never go back to that violence – your Aries strength and courage will lead you!
    Aries Rising

  10. I don’t think so? This is the first time in my life I don’t feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Im still not super comfortable where I’m at in life but I don’t feel like I’m under the same pressure I’ve felt my whole life. I never know what’s coming down the pike though. I’m not taking this little respite for granted. Just so sick of being in survival mode. There’s got to be more to life than that and I’m working really hard to find a way to thrive here. I guess that’s a decision I’m making right there. It seems hard but it’s harder to live with no purpose other than not dying.

  11. Oh heck.

    I got laid off from my job a month ago, effective Friday. I turned in all my equipment etc.

    Been thinking for a month if I want to go back west or – gasp – stay here in the South for another year or two. I just started over here a year ago – can I do it again somewhere else? Do I want to?

    I’m leaning yes. Pluto (in my 8H) squaring natal Uranus for me now, after hard transits to my mars/venus/jupiter – I’m trying to balance the itch to Burn It All Down with the need to, you know, not be homeless. *chuckle*

  12. Is there a “deadline” to make these decisions? Or rather a point in time where it’s better to start moving towards a choice to harness this Energy?

  13. Career choice . . . go back to work in the corporate world, or continue to freelance. It doesn’t help at all that Neptune has been meandering back and forth over my MC (9 Pisces) for *months*, opposing my Pluto (10 Virgo) conjunct IC (9 Virgo). My cardinal placements are all early in the decans, not mid-decan, so these transits aren’t hitting my natals directly. I would actually welcome a “hard decision” instead of all this Neptunian fog and confusion!

  14. Struggling against raising my baby alone or stay with the father and try to make us work. The thing is though, despite the fact that we love each other, he’s abusive. Every time I let him back into my apartment for us to try and make a home together, not even two days will go by and he will throw a fit. Screams, yells, cusses up a storm. He used to get physically violent even, but that ended once I called the police on him, and he won’t dare touch me now because I’m carrying his baby. Plus constant accusations and he never believes anything I say. I’ve kept trying and trying to put up with it, until I realized that I shouldn’t have to put up with it. He literally would make me want to tear my hair out. Intense is an understatement. Overwhelming and serious as a heart attack is how mentally and emotionally challenging it is to be with him.

    Then, on the other side of the coin, I do want us to be a family. I love him. He’s taught me so much, and he was there for me when no one else was. I believe he’s my soul mate. Plus I don’t want to raise the baby without an active father in his/her life. I’ve been through that before through my daughter’s life. Kids need their dads, no matter how strong a mother is.
    Whatever God wants is how it will be… I feel that this is sort of beyond my control. I can’t control other people, only myself. If he wants to really be with me as a family like he says he does, then he needs to start trying as hard as I was.

    • “The Impossible Dream.”
      Do you want your kids to grow up with that as a role model?
      And what will they think of you, being emotionally abused by King Baby?
      Sorry to be harsh; I see fatalities in my line of work.

      • Exactly why he’s no longer here! We’ve been having text-wars. But I’m trying to remain objective because I still see the good possibilities even in the darkest of situations. But I’m definitely not backing down…

      • And just to clarify, I only had one child– a teenager. She lives with her father now after all these years. She’s doing well. now I’m having a second one after 14 years. My life has changed dramatically, and I’m trying to make the wisest decisions. I’ve been through this before, just not so intense as this.

  15. One can stay on disability and work up until 9 months while still getting the disability payments. After 9 mo’s they need to decide if they can continue work. If so they drop the disability payments but say after a few mo’s find they can no longer continue to work, then can go back on disability and stop working.

  16. It is a lot about self-respect, but it goes way deeper than that. It’s not about me anymore, it’s about our child. And that means I can’t think solely about my own ego. I have to weigh things out and try to remain open. I’m not saying I’m going to allow negativity from him anymore, made that firm statement already with him. But I am trying to get to a point with him where maybe we can at least raise the baby with civility between us, even if we just have to remain friends. I can’t think within the bounds of just black or white. There are many other creative possibilities. The problem is, that he’s way too Scorpio-ish and Marsy…and he admittedly only sees in black or white terms… he’s finally coming arounda little and actually said to me earlier “wow you’re right.” But it’s not about being right or wrong! It’s about working together as a team! Wish he would get that through his skull already…

  17. As for me, personally, I’m trying to see if I should take a job that’s offered to me, right now.

    I already have one part time. The other one is okay, but I have another part time job offered to me too.

  18. We were flattened financially. We live on a small pension. Now we must decide to get food or pay car tax. I have been ill for months. Have something blocking my colon. My husband has a difficult time walking as he has back problems. He is having to walk all over town now. We need our car but we also need to eat. We have no one to help. We are in serious trouble. I don’t know what to do.

  19. My husband is a Cancer, I am a Capricorn. Everything the last month th was great them bam. Circumstances took all our finances. Car did not pass mot and we are stuck. My health is seriously bad. When is this suppose to change. We have had bad finances off and on for years. One day we had e dry thing, the next pure help. Is this the rest of our life? I can’t take much more.

  20. pluto square kinda’ sucks. highlights why i need to shore up my libra. first time i had to give an objective report in a hostile public forum and ouch. i need to train my grace under pressure up a few more notches.

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