Heads Up Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn & Uranus Transit To Mars

Do you have planet(s) in Cardinal signs at or near 16 degrees? I do.

My life is whack right now. I’m happy, but super busy. I realized that Uranus (at 16 degrees) Aries was aspecting my natal Mars.

I’m not fighting with anyone, which is pretty miraculous, considering. I’m not being attacked, either. I sure hope it stays that way. But I’m definitely running a lot of energy right now – this made me dig out my ephemeris.

First, the last Uranus Pluto square is in March, 2015, at 16 degrees. So this is where we’re headed, as a collective. That will be the culmination of  the phenomenal clash between these two outer planets. But guess what?

Uranus is going to mess with 16 degrees Cardinal until January, 2016. Can you believe that? To have this energy aspecting natal Mars makes me think this must be what it’s like to run cocaine through your veins.

I’ve not met violence of any kind. I think this is a good sign. But I also think I better keep running. Because if I don’t channel this energy, I risk it coming in from the outside.

For the first time in my life, I’m glad I have Mars in Libra. I’m driven to be nice. I’m driven to be fair. I’m want to be polite. I want to balance things. I’m want to mediate conflict. I strive for peace.

This seems a lot safer then wanting to rule the world!  It’s almost an anti-power trip, oddly enough.

I wonder if the more I do for others, the more I’ll do for myself.

I’m sure of one thing. I rather do FOR others then do TO others.

Who’s got planets at 16 Cardinal?



Heads Up Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn & Uranus Transit To Mars — 43 Comments

  1. Interesting, because my job has been demanding A LOT of me as of late, and it hasn’t stopped, but I haven’t even thought how I can’t handle it, but how I can fit everything in.
    I’m unsure where love will go, although I’m not too focused on that, yet I did manage to contact a couple of women important to me and caught up with them, and apologized to others for some things.
    Capricorn Venus as 17 degrees.
    I find myself getting more worked up in the inside. Good jazz music makes me want to cry, good and in-depth documentaries and the like. Maybe I should stop watching PBS.
    Also made a promise to stay in contact with those most important to me, and deleted Facebook as well.
    Ok, maybe now that I’ve recollected, now know how it’s is beginning to affect me.

  2. Very interesting Elsa…….I sure miss some of my friends, mainly you, but I am in the same transit I guess. I am running at high energy and it has to do with my business…that’s all I can concentrate on now. A friend of mine wanted to drag me into her drama lately with her drug addict son, and I would have in another life been right there for her ” to help and guide her”, but I ain’t got time for that caca now. I told her she was on her own with all that and it actually felt really good and liberating to me. I am solely focused on MY business and keeping out of other people’s business and it makes it so clean and feels so good. No more just being the ” nice lady”. I have grown weary of that role. I want to help those that really want help, not just playing at it. I’ve done more for others starting new businesses than just random random acts of “kindness”. It’s more directed now and makes me feel so much better. Thank you for this. I do always enjoy your post.

  3. I have Mars at 17 Cancer, 7th house.

    Doing doing doing doing for others. Feels like I’m pushing pushing pushing to keep up with the demands on my time and energy. Never been so busy in my life. Whoo!

    This doesn’t slow down til 2016?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  4. I have 13 degrees Libra-ASC, Cancer-MC, Capricorn-IC and Aries-DC. This is too much torture and its only 2014. I’m going to have to order a consultation soon, lol.

  5. Well, I have Sun in Aries 3° conjunct Eris & Dark Moon Lilith and MC at 5° Libra (so Sun is in the nadir) and the early punch of the Uranus/Pluto Square back in 2011 was quite a blast of lightning. I suspect natal Uranus aspects are critical here [my Uranus (leo) is part of a fixed grand Square that involves neptune (Sco), mars/venus (Aqu), and the moon (Tau)]. I’ve had to learn a lot about anger and the way people can lie to themselves, how lies live in group situations.

  6. I’m at 17 degrees Cancer (Saturn, ruler of my 5th from my 11th). Transiting Uranus is in my 8th. Your post really made me think about how this is manifesting. We are suddenly (Uranus) talking about getting a 2nd house for rental income (8th – loans & joint finances). This is hitting my Saturn (sore spot) & I was aggravated this morning with having to pull my financial information together. (Saturn rules my 5th, so I have some ego issues tied up with this too, from long ago.) Saturn in the 11th stabilizes the income from my career (it’s actually good – but I am not one to ask for “more” – I know my market); it balances out my natal Moon & Uranus in 2nd (the ups and downs with personal finances).
    My unaspected Mars rules my 8th (secrets), from my 3rd, and I was super mad about this interruption. We were sharing these details with a long-time friend of my husband, who is in the mortgage business. I am intensely private about my finances to the point of anxiety and rage, so this morning was rough.
    Your post also made me think – transiting Saturn will be on my Mars very soon (December), near my IC. Saturn (heavy, restriction, responsibility) on the planet ruling my 8th (loans, joint finances). Yikes, this might come together then – Saturn is serious.

  7. same transit but it was pluto sitting on my mars 7 degree Capricorn a few yrs back..I was heated up, but not in a fighting way….if you know what I mean….

  8. I have a desire to be effective, I’ll say that. I want the taxes done, I want the remodeling stuff around here done, I will definitely compromise – I just want to advance. I don’t mind losing here or there. I feel like a when I was a kid, wanting to get to Circle K.

    I don’t care if I knock into a bush on the way. I want to get to where I’m going and if it cost me a bruise or two…even if I get my ass kicked, actually, that would be an acceptable loss.

    I mean, it would be nothing new, right?

  9. I love Uranus transits..I usually am so low energy, I love the energy of them…
    the unusual, the surprises, and being picked up like a tornado an being plunked down somewhere totally new!

  10. yep, same here. natal mars at 16 cancer (square pluto and trine uranus too). mars square pluto makes me somewhat volatile as it is, but actually it’s really channeled right now…working my ass off, utterly. i guess that’s to be expected when the sixth, tenth, and third houses are involved. not being affected by violence at this time. thank god. let it stay that way. (wouldn’t mind a bit of a break though!)

  11. “First, the last Uranus Pluto square is in March, 2014, at 16 degrees. So this is where we’re headed, as a collective.”

    Did you mean March 2015?

    At any rate, I have 15 degrees Aries ascendant. Not feeling the franticness or even the surge that others are mentioning. What I am trying very, very hard to do is take advantage of the opportunity to be free. I have other important transits to natal placements going on – Neptune, Chiron, and I’m not a professional astrologer, so not always sure what to attribute to what.

  12. Uranus in my 8th house is squaring my Moon at 15′ 5th house. My Daughter is fine, thank God, but we, as parents, have to deal with changing plans and people not keeping their promises. I think that this may ultimately lead to me leaving certain unhealthy situations my Capricorn Moon has put up with for too long. It could be explosive, too.

  13. Posting tis before I read comments:
    Some constants of what certain things mean for the future, or “a future” have been more intensely unstable with stability in ideas one moment then interests and attention shifting rapidly … The most recent consistent with a Mercury Direct and advance two to 3 days now into next sign preceding th Sun, for 1. 2ndly is a Lunar Month with meaning and purpose in season, even Eclesiastic , we have quality of those emotional that takes tending whether in growth or building or just going, in some respect appropriately in each our own sense , of now , or of coming month. The exacts on two charts differ, solar new moon date time location, and visual new moon date times and locations; of each, some comparison is likely fair to make of the two.

    PSS Yes I have some but would like that detail to rest for a moment while the Chiron and greater orbit details might have been perkalating on others side notes … Or more?

    ps A SUn Centered look at the orbits shows Earth pretty much boxed in until 2016 or 2017 That make any difference to Astrologers?

    As a Libra, I have taken some note of many general horoscopes having similarities for all Libras; so if you want to superimpose what an astrologer might concider at some point and add that in to considerations about the opinion, then, I really don’t have clue what I would say ; without revealing if any of my own planets or point of references are, my BIG QUESTION REMAINS TO ALL ASTROLOGERS that CHIRON is NOT , by it’s assumed descriptions, GETTING ANY SUITABLE INCLUSION AS IT NOT ONLY IS AT 16 DEGREES , THE REALLITIES OF ACURACIES IN HOROSCOPES SEEMED TO HAVE MUCH IN COMMON WITH WHAT HAS COUGHT MY ATTENTION FOR MAYBE A COUPLE YEARS NOW, and though it will go retrograde which I think will add some clarity that we are either wrong or will be wrong ABOUT THE GREATER SENSES OF WHAT EITHER NEEDS HEALING OR WHAT RIGHT OR WRONG WE HAVE BEEN PUTTING ATTENTION TO …

  14. I’ve got natal Uranus at 16 Libra…Yeah, lots of energy. Everyone says I don’t seem like myself. I’ve been doing better at channeling it, though. Things are definitely “surreal,” however.

  15. Stellium in 1st house, and hubs has a strong cap signature after doing his chart again….trying out diff. Systems. We are on vacation and usually we dont have online but they have wifi. We are so busy even on vacaton. it is raining like hell, i just got done with breakfast and cleaning up after everyone. Vacuuming,etc. There is work even on vacation. Hubbys boss had him take work on vacation too….so hubs has to work late on his laptop,so there is no rest until everything is done for the day.

  16. Forget to mention, we are happy and we make the most of everyday….that is what life is all about. i love the rain, so castles and museums are rainyday treats. 🙂

  17. On our natal charts:
    Me: Moon in Cap 15 degrees 2nd house and Venus in Gem 15 degrees in 7th. Mars in Cancer 10 degrees in 7th. Uranus transiting my 4th.

    Hubby: Uranus in Leo 17 degrees in 2nd and Saturn in Cap 17 degrees in 7th. Mars in Aquar 18 degrees in 8th.

    I am always avoiding conflict, being nice, Extra polite. Hubby has Scorpio moon in 5th. He moved out in Jan & started divorce proceedings in Feb. For the past month I have been trying to get together with him so we can review the final papers and go file. I pointed out there were 18 typos in the marital settlement agreement and I wanted one sentence re-worded. And did he have to have it in 3 places we both waived alimony; wasn’t 1 time enough? They blew that up saying I was asking for alimony! It doesn’t take 1 month to do this. There is one excuse after another every few days why he or his attorney isn’t available. The 2 days I said I wasn’t available as had to go with my dad to Mayo Clinic are the two days they both were available! Give me a break. I am getting angry. Actually had a thought of doing physical violence to his head (wondered if picking up on collective in Ferguson, MO). I point blank asked him did he now want to get back together and save our marriage and he said no, he wants this divorce and blames all the delays on his attorney. Being nice and not pushing the issue for the past 6 months hasn’t worked but don’t know what to say to him.

    • I agree w/ myrrna……@kathleen, it is terrible what you are going thru. You said you hate conflict……:(
      .but this time, this last sad time w/ a husband who doesnot want you or to work it out……is to fight. Even if you lose, you gotta fight. Getting an attorney is the first step.

      • ((Elisa)) Thank you. As I wrote back to Myrna I have consulted with 2 attorneys. I asked my husband again were we getting divorced out of pride and stubbornness and he said no. Did he really want this divorce and he said yes. So I told him I love him so much that if that is what he needs to be happy, then I will, cos I want him to be happy. This is so difficult for me (Taurus with Cap Moon, Mars and Venus in 7th) I am stubborn and don’t like change and this has devastated me.

        An acquaintance said Pluto was/is transiting Saturn in his 7th and Saturn was transiting his Moon & Neptune in the 5th and I forget what was transiting his Sun in the 10th. To let him go. I just know that Saturn transit really hit him hard and I was scared for his safety, several times I didn’t know if he was alive or dead cos he would not pick up his phone. My family does not understand why I have been been so nice and trying to work at saving and renewing our marriage when he bailed when I needed him the most. He was having his crisis and I was making surprise arrangements to renew our wedding vows cos we were under such financial pressures. He was so unlike himself. What do you say besides I love him. He did agree to 5 weeks counseling (counselor was horrible- recommended by his attorney friend). When I found others a few months ago who would give us a free 15 min or free 30 min consults he wasn’t interested. He says he can’t trust me – he didn’t like the 2 times I did ‘tough love’ as I later learned his new friends didn’t come through for him and he ended up sleeping in his car (he had left & hadn’t told me where he was or if he was coming home so when he came home the 2nd time I listened to my family and said maybe you should stay with them for a few more days).

        Found notes from a 2001 consult which said for me NOT to bring my work stress home with me as he will internalize it, double it, rage internally before rage externally. When I shared this with him, he was like, whatever. I guess he’s past the point of caring, he hates his life and says has no pride left. So now I need to fight to find me as I am so lost and alone. But at least I tried.

    • ((Myrna)). Thank you. I had 2 different attorneys review and make their recommendations months ago. The 1st was a free consultation. Then learned hubby’s attorney had a suit against that firm so I went to a 2nd attorney for $25 consultation. Between the both of them my bases were covered and I benefited greatly with the 2nd attorney.

      I went to the ocean and placed all my anger, frustration, sadness, criticisms & judgements into a rock and threw it into the ocean. My husband then called in the afternoon and we met at his attorney’s office. I sat down with my notes and read side by side with the new papers (3rd revision)- only 2 typos and his attorney added the sentence I demanded be in the MSA as per the 2nd attorney. So we both signed and filed at the courthouse together.

  18. I have a capricorn stellium in capricorn, with nep0/jup4/asc9/ven16/mer28 and aries15 moon. Another scorpio stellium of mar14/mc15/sat17 AND my aqua 18sun.

    Basically I am hit big time by the cardinal cross as well as saturn in the past years. I’ve sort of died (definitely not literally) and am now reborn (saturn return). During the April square I found a new job in Yoga/meditation. But I am definitely not qualified or physically ready yet. So in the next year I hope to train a lot and put in my best effort to make something of this.

    But I suppose everything is uncertain. It’s a new business. I lost everything (actually gave it all away) and decided to follow my soul instead of the material world. Now I try to stay with myself (it can be hard with neptune/jupiter and venus surrounding the ascendant)

    I have no lovelife and still don’t have friends I feel I belong to. I guess that’s the main thing, to find somewhere/someone I belong to. To be home again. It’s all shaky. And I know it will continue to be like that for a while.

    But… I am very very positive and happy lately. Always positive, even during the darkest hours. I know this is for the best and nothing is certain, but being aries moon… I kind of need that at this moment. My astrology (returns/progressions/transits) tell me transformative times are still there but the darkest is gone. Rebirth has happened and now I will make something of it. What? Who knows. Life is one huge experiment and I’m the testbunny 😀

  19. Capricorn Asc 12˚, 4th House Aries Chiron 15˚, Aries Mercury 20˚, 10th House Libra Uranus 15˚. It feels like everything is taking a hit – self, finances, job/career. I feel like I’m stuck in a tumble-dryer!

  20. Uranus is off my planets (finally), but my angles are 16 Cardinal. I’ll be honest, I’m kinda liking it. 🙂

    I still feel like I need a midlife crisis. Burn down a house, buy a sports car, have an orgy… you know how it goes. *grins and ducks*

    • uggh yes, me too! I wanna do something insane, can’t sit still with these energies. 16 degrees on Cap/Cancer IC/MC. Imma go public with my midlife crisis, lol.

  21. My son has Mercury and Jupiter in Aries at these degrees, along with his angles. So it’s keepin’ it interesting around here, to say the least.

  22. I am blaming turning 40 to this…see transiting Uranus is conjunct with my natal sun in aries and opposing my natal uranus and pluto in libra. Capricorn is my 10th house where pluto is now. Who knows what is going on, but I am feeling naughty and energetic and adventurous… also I have been extremely horny and being single that is a problem. For the past week I have been having these dream of a naked man making love to me. *Sigh*

  23. wowee interesting stuff. Looks like this energy’ll be present for quite some time.

    I’ve got a Libra Mars as well, at 18 degrees. Now that you mention it, my life as of late has been filled with challenges and opportunities relating to peace-keeping, patience, and diplomacy.

    My grandmother passed in June, and it fell to my sister (who has natal Neptune/Uranus squashed on her 15 degree Cappy Ascendant) and myself to look after my grandfather in his grief–they’d been married 65 years. His behavior after my grandma’s passing was often extremely frustrating to most of our family members (demanding people be with him nearly 24 hours a day, chastising people who help him for not helping him even more, being over-controlling and over-demanding, etc.). I realized one way I could help the family was simply by being with my grandfather in a calm and civil manner, especially when others had had enough. I share a Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun with my grandfather, and we’ve always got along easily. (He’s doing much better now thankfully..)

    There’s also been some friction at work, discontent bubbling for various reasons, from various sources. I can see all of this, I can understand why different people have become frustrated, and I see it is all the more important to be a stabilizing force, by smoothing rough edges, talking and listening to many viewpoints, “lessening the ugly”. It feels like being nice has actually become a force in itself, at times.

    Anyway, thanks for writing on this Elsa. Helpful to notice these themes going on right now.

  24. transiting uranus is squaring my 16 degrees neptune (ruler of 7th) now… a beautiful and dreamy relationship just came to an abrupt end :(. Will I see anything happy out of this transit?? 🙁

  25. Mercury 16°cancer and ascendant 18° libra. Lots of confusion with me understanding people & them not listening to what I say to them. And the roaming eye is off the charts. But still getting what I need from my man, thank God.

  26. Mercury, Neptune and South Node conjunct Ascendant @ 16′ Libra. (Stop the world, I want to get off…just for a little rest!)

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