Cardinal Grand Cross: What Should You Leave Behind?

As anyone with personal planets in the early to mid degrees of the Cardinal signs can tell you, this Grand Cross is a whopper.  It aspects my natal Mercury…and Mars.  My mind has been crushed, inspired and worked into a frenzy. It’s also been opened, expanded, and it’s spun out and turned on itself more than once.

I’m ambitious. I don’t mind a process like this, so long as something good comes of it.

Something good has come of this. I have uncovered a core mental defect. Sorry, but there is no other phrase to use.

The effect on my life is so pervasive, if I can fix this, I will be liberated like never before. It will change my life to a degree akin to what happens when a person looses 300 pounds, or has a baby, or kicks an addiction.

I already said I was ambitious, so you know I want to win. I don’t want this to be the touchdown I failed to score!

I see it like a window that’s opened up. I want get through it, badly, which means I absolutely have to let go.  It’s like the person who loses a bunch of weight, or decides to really embrace being a parent. You have to leave your old ways behind and here’s the good news…

The Grand Cross is perfect for  this.

Mars is involved (ambition).
Pluto is involved (transformation)
We have Uranus (change and liberation)
Best of all, we have Jupiter, exalted in Cancer who most definitely is aligned with leaving, progress and opportunity.

So what is it that you should leave behind? If this Grand Cross hits your chart, there is something – guaranteed.

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Cardinal Grand Cross: What Should You Leave Behind? — 32 Comments

  1. Indeed it is! Always remember though, there really is no need to fix, only to understand and move forward through the window…’s EXACTLY how it’s supposed to be. Gods time. Gods speed. Merry Christmas to you and yours! And a BLESSED new year!

  2. Right on. My main lesson pretty much over the past few years has been letting go of my victim identity. I pride myself of being independent,etc but a few events really showed me how much I let myself be a victim of other people. It doesn’t have to be this way and thankfully the planets have aligned so that now I have no choice but to stop that habit and radically change my thinking. Honestly, there is no other way and as difficult as it is I’m grateful for it.

  3. For me: it’s the buried anger. Pluto conjuncts my natal moon (in 12th Capricorn). The episodes during this grand cross ARE brutal. My old ways of dealing with it (hiding, going silent, containing) explode the energy but don’t ‘craft’ or transform; they don’t let it go. I sought out an old post of yours, Elsa, and see that window you speak of. The old post is this one: Pinned together this might help me let it go! Thanks for the outlet, Elsa.

  4. I have Mars (ambition) transiting my 7th house of relationships
    Pluto (transformation) transiting my 11th house of friends/groups/ambitions and dreams
    Uranus (change and liberation) transiting my 1st house of how others see me/who I am
    And Jupiter, (expansion) in my 5th house of children, love and creativity.

  5. I’m still trying to figure “it” out. Cause whatever “it” may be has reduced me too complete tears at work and today was so bad that my boss gave me tomorrow of as well. It hurts to think or breathe and I want this all to leave me so bad.

  6. Wondering how Mars in Libra will play out as it hits the conjunction degrees for baby boomers born with the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra..

    An article perhaps?

    Happy holidays,Elsa, and wishes for liberation.. as your article suggests–huge shifts–hope they are good ones,productive and enlightening ones.. (for ALL of us!)

    • That IS a good question Madeline. I began to explore the Mars in Libra for me (born 1947) because the Pluto transit to my moon aspects my natal Neptune in Libra. The potential for being about to use the transformative energy of the grand cross to infuse my art/craft the emotions of a deep Pluto transit has me feeling hopeful as a way to liberation … enlightenment, shift, release.

  7. Things I should leave behind:

    My mask (1st house), how I express my creativity (5th house), my relationship to others (7th house) and my friends (11th house).

  8. ‘mental defect’ made my laugh for some reason. I know I’m laughin at myself. How lucky you are to only have one. 😀 The kinks in my system are really limiting. But I never know that until I let em go.

  9. Hmm… definitely seeing a lot of things to leave behind, it’s kind of like going down the rabbit hole. At the heart of it: pervasive feelings of disconnectedness from “the source” however you see it/him/her, manifesting in some very long standing relationship fears, money fears and behaviors to cover over the fears. Behaviors covering over fears = obsessive-compulsive type stuff. I am realizing that my mind has created some awfully elaborate ways of hiding from life. The fear of losing has kept me from playing the game at all. If that is not a mental defect, I don’t know what is! And funnier still, I’ve convinced myself that I’ve enjoyed the distractions. I don’t. My breakthrough this holiday season has been to see that the things I thought I enjoyed are hollow and I am self-sabotoging. I am preventing myself from trying to have real joy and contentment. This is very sad to know, also very liberating.

  10. It’s affecting my mars in the 9th at 13 Aries. I just dunno… I’m lost atm… I’ll get back when its exactly conj. I know whatever I think it is right now is going to change as I have a feeling I’m fear based atm. I’m just observing and paying attention to feelings and impulses that pop up.

  11. I want to be more spiritual and less materialistic. This is big for me. I used to/tend to keep a lot of stuff for the memories or because of insecurity. Now I’m scrapping a lot of it. I also realized while scrapping that I didn’t need to keep physical memoirs because the memories are in my head. The exceptions are photos. I’ll keep photos. And maybe cards.

    The effect of the built up clutter in the name of security is clutter in my mind and clutter in my heart. It’s suffocating.

    I want things to be more simple. I want to live a more spiritual life.

    I was generous this season even though I didn’t have much, but I really enjoyed being able to give.

    • I’d highly recommend Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. I’ve bought it four or five times over the last five years. It’s really motivating and down to earth. It explains a lot of the different motivations for why we hold on to clutter.

  12. Personal planets means in your birth chart, right? I have Pluto at 1Libra, Uranus at 16Libra, Moon at 10Aries and Chiron at 9Aries. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds big. I’m so ready for big!

  13. -Also to stop being too influenced by the psychic world and ground myself
    -Stop being on the spur of the moment with my mind and have a set routine and stick to it
    -Stop trying so hard to escape abroad but realize if it is meant to be it is meant to be
    -Jupiter in the sixth house take care of your health, basically be healthier


    -I am studying for a big exam daily from now on and spending less time on religion/astro/hunches
    -Routines must be at the forefront of my mind like it used to (get organized)
    -Appreciate what I have here and don’t push it
    -Keep exercising at gym and stop drinking so much soda

    Btw, Thanks Elsa, good heads up there! You made me realize some unhealthy patterns

  14. I’m so scared every time when i read about this, because I expect the worst. I have natal t-square ( 2H-uranus,neptun,saturn,venus, 7H-jupiter,chiron, 10H-moon ) and on top of that we have the transit t-square and now the grand cross. The transit planets conj my natal planets. Mars conj my natal moon, Jupiter conj natal jupiter. I don’t work, I’m looking for a job. I don’t fell down or depressing, my energy is up, I fell powerful. I really, really don’t know what to expect from this cardinal grad cross.

  15. I think I still need to leave behind the belief that I am powerless and unsupported. This is what my ego has been hiding behind. This year will be the time to act for my ambitions from my talents, values and inner resources (tr Mars in 2nd house) to allow my true self to express itself (tr Pluto in the 5th recently conj Sun), find liberation by realizing the expression of my power (Uranus in the 8th) and hopefully that will lead to me receiving love and community (Jupiter in the 11th).

  16. This is such an incredibly timely blog post for me. My life is in upheaval right now … but according to this, it’s right on schedule.

    “Mars is involved (ambition).
    Pluto is involved (transformation)
    We have Uranus (change and liberation)
    Best of all, we have Jupiter, exalted in Cancer who most definitely is aligned with leaving, progress and opportunity.”


  17. I came on here tonight, looking to see why I’ve been feeling like a veil suddenly dropped and now I can see root causes and paths toward a newer, smarter psychological path these days:

    Mars is in my 12H
    Pluto is in the 3H, sextiling Mercury (where Neptune is presently conjuncting and has for awhile) and my ASC in Scorpio
    Uranus is tipping into my 6H
    And Jupiter is in my 9H

    Lots of mind gymnastics, transformation. (Mars/12, Pluto/3 and ASC)
    Working toward new habits to accomplish dreams instead of just wistfully wanting them (the light and shadow of Neptune at play).
    Sudden realization that it’s my unwillingness to organize anything that is preventing me from being truly free (Uranus in 6H)
    And a realization that connecting with God in a church setting would be good and instrumental for me (Jupiter in 9H)

    Step into the line of your own path, woman! That’s the message for me these days.

  18. how do you leave behind something, without anything to go forward to? Activities do no replace love. keeping busy, exercise, health, meditation, and still obsessive hurt and thoughts. ideas?

  19. I wanted to write this ever since I saw your forum post discussing ego: Elsa, I think I love you! 😀
    I’ve had such a major breakthrough, working with my therapist, shit that with other transits at other points in my life have barely left me standing.
    I think I’ve mentioned this before, I have the tr. Uranus-Pluto square on my natal Sun-Pluto opposition, tr. Jupiter in the 1st house. Now, this Libra Mars is in my 4th, and I’m so completely and utterly grateful for it. What it actually does, is give me a chance to get my strength back. And you can bet anything you like I’m taking it!
    Just like you, I’m so thrilled to have this door opening up before me. I have this phrase in my mind lately, “keep your eyes on the prize”. Anything can be going on around you, or inside you, or both, but keep your eyes on the prize.
    My life is nowhere near stable, and most of the time I hurt so much, I think, if I try to touch my heart, the hand is going to rip through my lungs and come out on the other side. But I just keep going, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is such a game changer for me.
    So, my prize is love, and I’m willing to put any amount of work into leaving behind a mindset created from trauma that’s been making it impossible for me to separate love from abuse.
    I’m aware that many people go through a lot of shit at this time; my wish for them is that in their time of need some kind of support reaches their heart, from the universe, God, whoever or whatever feels true to them, so that they can use the energies of this time to move on… to be all they can truly be, starting from feeling free and happy.
    Blessings Elsa and everyone!

  20. Yep. Well it falls bang on my South Node and bang into the place my moon recently progressed to. For me this is about letting go of an addiction relation a particular person ” step away from that corpse” style and also a pattern of compulsive behaviour relating to my South Node and drawing in another person “a man” to “fix” things and considering I just got my tax bill I’m focusing especially on financial fitness. My North Node is in Capricorn in the 2nd house so I’m thinking “enough already, with this boring fixing on dudes” it does not feed my soul and it’s just way too easy. Screw the path of least resistance. Change is coming. I’m ready to build my own financial empire. I don’t need some dude to back me up. I have what it takes. I’m dumping the garbage and heading due North peeps! Xx

  21. Omg Moon in Aries 9 deg 7 house, Saturn & Jupiter in Libra 8 deg 1st house and my Mars is in Cap 18 deg 4th house. I feel as though a bright light is shinning directly on a emotional trauma which has played itself in a pattern my whole life. I’ve never seen it so clearly before…

  22. most of my chart (venus, pluto, mercury, uranus, eris, moon, mars, saturn.) and, yeah, my life is getting totally rearranged. but i worked really hard to get here. luck = preparation + opportunity and so on…
    of course, i have to keep working. but i’m good with that 😉

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