Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games – Trolling On The Internet

As far as deliberately provoking an emotional response in others goes, I was really surprised that nearly half the people who responded to the poll copped to doing this! And I don’t know what to say. Can’t you people think of something else to do? Apparently not!

Oh well. It takes all kinds. We need everybody just the way they are. And here are further details on Scott’s latest stunt with his mother… and his propensity to provoke others in general:

“I use to do that a lot when I was drinking,” he said.

Scott was the consummate troll. He proudly claims to have been kicked off every “channel”. IRC, I guess.

“I was banned!” he said. “Everybody banned me. They didn’t want anything to do with me,” he said, obviously proud of this accomplishment. “Get the fuck off here. And I used to love to do it. I’d get on there, find someone’s Achilles Heel and go right for it!” He laughed. “But I don’t do that anymore…”

“Yes you do.”


“You just did it with your mother!” I was flabbergasted. We’d just talked about this fifteen minutes earlier.

“Oh, that. Well I don’t know, Elsie.”

“Well I know. She thinks she’s going to dinner! With her son. Her boy. She thinks that’s all that’s going on and then you hit her with the married thing. Elsie says you and I are married,” I said. “We’re like husband and wife! So what do you think about that, Mom? What do you say to that? Egads, Scott. You are truly full of shit.”

“I don’t know, Elsie. Her friend seemed to think it was pretty funny,” he said.

I roared. “You mean you told her that with her friend there?” I was incredulous.

“Well, yeah. And she laughed. Her friend thought it was pretty damned funny.”

“I bet. What did she say?”

“She just laughed and said her sons were mama’s boys too!” he said with a proud chuckle.

I snorted. “Okay. So then what did your mother do? She must have been pissed!”

Scott’s mother is a double Aries…

“Oh, you know. She got all flustered.”

He started to imitate her, which he can do to a T. I dissolved into laughter.

“Well you’re a real bastard,” I said. “However I do think it’s funny. But you better be careful”, my Capricorn warned his Cancer. “One of these days you’re going to pull something like this and she’s going to go home and die on you. Then what?”

“I’d feel bad. I’d feel horrible if that happened,” he said, not so convincingly.

“Right! Well I wouldn’t put it past her. If there was ever anyone who could die on cue, it’s her! Whatever it takes to leave you with maximum guilt and attachment…

He just laughed. This has been going on for years. And this is not attributable to his Cancer Sun. A Venus Mars Pluto conjunction is no small thing. Very Zorr

Since 25% (so far) don’t know what a troll is… editing to add this: Troll according to Wikipedia


Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games – Trolling On The Internet — 12 Comments

  1. I only antagonize people I know, ie people I know can take it…and yes I can think of other things to do but they generally get me in even more trouble!
    The internet troll thing? No way. For one, it’s hard enough to perceive intentions here as it is without convoluting the matter. But I don’t see the point ~ don’t know why it’s different to me than winding up people I know, but it is.

  2. Help! I’m a Libra Ascendant with Neptune in the first house! I don’t know if I’m a troll….or not? Maybe I am….maybe I’m not? “To be or not to be”…..
    I’m scratching my head on this one.
    I know! Why don’t we take a poll!:)

  3. I don’t really fit any of the poll options… I’m a triple Libra w/a strong Mars and Saturn – I have moderated various online communities since 2000, all of which required different approaches and strategies. It’s not really something I planned to do but I always seem to end up managing people online! By now, I can smell a troll no matter what the guise. I don’t care how intelligent or eloquent or personable or enigmatic some may be, a troll is a troll and to me, they all smell just as bad.

  4. Every once in a while, yes… I can’t help myself. Somebody says something stupid or is having a massive power trip, and I HAVE to say SOMETHING, even if all I do is pointely stir up trouble. I feel kind of guilty about it these days because everyone’s so touchy and I hate drama that comes from take-everything-seriously types, but when I was younger and the internet was newer, it was hilarious.

    I doubt many of your readers are or really ever have been ‘net trolls, though… I think the inclination towards astrology-psychology-advice probably takes a bit more human empathy and social sensitivity that is, hopefully, not malicious.

  5. I’m not a troll, and I try to stay away from them. Although sometimes I do start topics that trolls like to play around with, but it’s because I honestly want an answer or to debate a point. I’d never do it just to stir the hornet’s nest.

  6. I thought a troll was a person who deliberate tries to sabotage a certain site or forum. For instance, a right-winger who logs on to a left-wing site in order to taunt its members or someone who’s skeptical of astrology who logs on an astrological site bc he wants to ridicule the others. There are people who like debate or who might be argumentative but I don’t think that in itself makes a troll. Sometimes, too, if you’re discussing something controversial, you’re going to push people’s buttons inadvertently–does that mean that you should refrain from fully discussing something? I don’t think so. I think there’s a difference.

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