Cancer Mars Trine Pisces Neptune Building – Give Grace

Venus and MarsRegarding the upcoming Mars-Saturn-Pluto opposition, I just told Elsa: Boy are people strung tight right now. It’s already starting in my world. I don’t know if it’s just me (possible) or if things really are tightening slowly but surely (likely). But I can tell you, I had to take a day off just to recover from the stress of it.

I’ve been recovering physically from injury, but I’m also stretched too thin on every other front right now. I’ve been more forgetful than usual, forgetting what day it is – showing up on the wrong day. Yesterday, I spaced off during a red light and couldn’t remember where I was going when it turned green… or where I was. Being Pisces with Pisces Mercury, I realize this is not impending dementia; it’s a feature. But it’s a feature exacerbated by the current astro-landscape.

My clients are SUPER. And for the most part, they are interesting, loving, and kind people. I’ve been too busy to answer calls, so I’m mostly fielding voice mails. Those voice mails would have worried me if I weren’t consciously aware of what’s building out there (and in here – ::taps chest::). People are stretched tight, but it’s watery and they don’t know what to do with that. It’s a different type of stretch for most. It’s crazymaking. And it leads us into mistakes we wouldn’t normally make.

SO, the building opposition is a thing in itself, but the stage is setting up now. It is its own event, the building, even though obscured. I’m relieved that I’m not struggling with taking other people’s reactions personally right now. People are wild, but it’s a Neptune/Moon flavored wild. They’re shooting themselves in the foot and you may just be foot-adjacent. They are still interesting, loving, kind people. YOU can remember that when they don’t seem to for the moment.

So Cancer Mars trine Pisces Neptune may be the culprit if you sense this. It’s also the answer. GIVE GRACE. This is not something you need to react to. Be a wave of love. Surround them with your wave of love. You don’t even have to say it. Feel it, and they will feel it. And so will you.


Elsa wrote a great newsletter on this energy for Friday. No spoilers here cos she took the meatier bits of this issue. I found it SUPER helpful (I’m super lucky to get a preview). If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so on the front page of the blog, right hand side. OH, or under the comments, down there …


Cancer Mars Trine Pisces Neptune Building – Give Grace — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for this, Satori. Between Elsa’s posts and yours, I feel like I can approach this month with a balanced perspective.

    This past week it literally seems like my to-do list never ends! The pressure is building to get on the horn with things like finding another home before my lease ends in August. I’m also playing catch-up with managing my health issues. In my Toastmasters group I will be stepping up to an officer role—in the middle of my move! Lol!

    Forget roller skates, I am going to need skis. ? ⛷? “Give Grace” I will try to remember that.

  2. Both Satori and Elsa are dealing with injuries, Midara is dealing with weather-related issues: in spite of that you all are stepping up and giving an “atta-boy” or “atta-girl” to the community. These last 3 posts are so full of help, inspiration and insight. Thank you all!! ? . It is so needed and so appreciated. This Saturn Pluto stuff is hard core. Grateful for you all, and everyone on elsaelsa.

  3. Thank you for writing this Satori. The tension is big: I feel the same. My Mercury is in Virgo in house 12, Scorpio on cusp of house 3.
    This has been going on for a while, and yes I feel the same: it is building up. It is not tied to the country where you live (I live in The Netherlands. Something else is going on. I don’t know what it is. I notice that I am very alert and I don’t want to be far from home.
    And I do agree: love is so important. Grace as well! : – )

  4. Yes people phobic haunted acted hunted, nice planets involved thinking robot calling the source of paranoia, full Moon next up
    Always keeps me tight to my house and yards kisses to all that need one and sending out close warm hugs with a back rub, when you
    Believe your love can save the moment the magic begins…

  5. That’s a valuable reminder, dear Satori, to focus on love, and to send it out (as prayer, or intention if that concept resonates better). Me, I tend toward thinking of the Holy Spirit as a cunning, skilled messenger – translating our intentions, and delivering them. Kinda Mercury sometimes, kinda Neptune other times… probably via all possible avenues, I suspect (this thought just occurred, now). <3

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