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Recently, customers have reported problems making purchases with credit cards via paypal. It used to be the case, you could use a credit card via paypal without having an account with them.  You can still do this, but I have to pay them monthly, for the privilege. This is on top their fee and commission. Worse, they did not notify me of the change.

Consequently, I’ve just had customers with problems up against customers with no problems. I didn’t know what the hang up was!

I’ve caught on now. Some people have paypal accounts. Others do not.

I’ve added a new payment processor on the site to address this. You can now pay with a credit card, outside of Paypal, if you like. I will try keep both payment options available.  That’s the case in the store at this time – Shop Astrology!

I’m in the process of converting the consultations pages. I want to apologize to people who have struggled with this. I am very sorry!  I hope to have everything else worked out in a day or two.

Thanks so much for supporting the site with your purchases. I appreciate it!


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  1. When I had my online store, I had Paypal with the credit card option. It was very difficult and tedious to set up and I think I lost a couple of sales because their credit card option didn’t work right. Paypal support helped me configure the thing and when I tested it, it worked, but then I noticed that some sales were incomplete and the people just dropped the orders.

    I thought maybe they changed their minds, but after seeing what your experience was, now I wonder.

  2. I don’t do Facebook or PayPal as I don’t want to accept their terms or to have my personal data in their system (troubles with PayPal shiftiness in past). So that means that sometimes as a customer I will abandon an order if I should discover in the ordering process that all orders on a particular site are funneled through PayPal and there is no other option (such as sending a paper check by snail mail, despite the concomitant time delay involved). So thank you, Elsa, for making another option possible. As a small business person, one is often between a rock and a hard place in setting up payment networks, I realize.

  3. Well that explains a lot! Just today I had a customer tell me they had to sign up for a Paypal account to pay, when I had just told them they did not need to, that Paypal would just process their card. Sheesh! Up until now they could pay with a card. I will probably lose a lot of sales over this, that stinks. I can’t afford to pay for another card processor as I had to get rid of the one I had as I don’t sell enough volume to justify the monthly fee they charged.
    I did get some email recently supposedly from Paypal about terms changes but I always suspect phishing attempts and get tons of them supposedly from Paypal so never click links. Maybe it was real, but without being able to click the link, I could not read the terms. I logged into my account to see if a notice was there but nada. So stupid, they should have the notice findable from within your account, not send an email – which I found in my Spam folder! Or at least put the changes in the body of the email. Always something!

    • Yes, you have to pay them for a merchant account for that now.

      They also quite allowing people to set up monthly donations…failed to mention this either.

      You have to actually get on the phone with them to discover this stuff.

      They messed with the email notices as well. This matters when you have filters set up – example, payment to another consultant, will trigger the mail to be forwarded to that consultant.

      They also used to discount the amount of the commission they charged if you hit a certain sales level. They raised the level from $3K to $400K (thereabouts). Failed to mention this as well.

      I have lost sales…and stopped whatever I was doing to send invoices, manually.

      What kills me is they put their logo next to credit card pics when they don’t take credit cards.

      Really, I have been very satisfied with paypal over the last 15 years. But since ebay sold them, forget about it.

      You don’t play with money like this. You leave a person no choice but to address it.

  4. Guess they have not yet updated the site. Odd though the new terms are supposed to start March 29 2017, so they should not be in effect now. And within their own site it says both paying with or without a Paypal account accepted for invoices and for Paypal Express. This is what it says for invoices:

    “Receive online payments

    Every invoice that is sent out includes an online payment button. Your customers can pay you via PayPal or credit and debit cards. They don’t need a PayPal account to pay you. Whichever method they choose, you receive your money into your PayPal account usually in just minutes. You can then spend your money from PayPal or transfer it to your bank. Creating and sending the invoice is free, but when an invoice is paid online there is a fee per transaction. Fees vary by country.”

    Yet just today I had someone who had to set up a PP account to pay an invoice I sent them, after telling them they did not need one. They were in US, or at least the shipping address was, so it was probably not a foreign currency issue. Hmmm. Very frustrating. I’ve been content with them but if they mess around like this, have to seek other solutions.

  5. So what is best for you? Need to buy a couple of reports, but want to give you the best deal. I try to pay cash to my local small businesses because I know those credib/debit fees add up quickly!

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