Astrology for Beginners – Who Are you in Essence?

Purple houseWhen we begin learning astrology, we of course start with our Sun sign, which gives us a great overview of who we are. But, as we all know, it goes much deeper. The next step is to determine which house the Sun is in and what aspects it makes to other planets. These will also color the Sun’s expression.

A fun exercise is to take this information and create a metaphor out of it. I’ll give you an example. My own Sun is in Leo in the 4th house, and trines Uranus. I’ll take the fact that the Sun is in the 4th house of home and family and say that my Sun is like a house. The Sun is in Leo, so it’s going to be a shiny house that stands out from the crowd. And since it is in aspect to Uranus, which lends an air of uniqueness to what it touches, I can say that my Sun is like a house that stands out for being weird. And this is very much the case! I have always been like a giant purple house in a neighborhood of beige. Because Leo is fixed, I’m not trying to get anyone else to be purple with me. I’m just stubbornly sitting there, glaringly neon, minding my own business. Pretty neat, huh?

Or take one of my best friends. Her Sun is in Taurus in the 6th house opposite Mars. She, with her earthy Taurus Sun, is like a garden. With her Sun in the 6th house of healing, that garden will be full of medicinal herbs. But with Mars, planet of violence, opposing her Sun, that garden will also include poisonous nightshades. And if you’ve ever met her, this definitely rings true. She is loving and nurturing in the extreme, but also more than willing to cut someone down if they stand in her way.

For a more complex example, let’s look at my partner. His Sun in is Aries in the 10th house. It also opposes Pluto and squares Mars. With his Sun in the public 10th house, he is like a monument. The Sun is in independent, heroic Aries and squares warlike Mars. So he is like a monument to an individual war hero. But with the Sun opposing Pluto, he is like a monument to a war hero who history has changed its mind about, so maybe now the statue stands in ruins, covered in ivy. And knowing him, he is someone who repeatedly tries to do the right thing but has darkness projected upon him from every corner.

These are just a few examples out of endless iterations, but I hope you see the point. Sometimes using metaphor like this helps us understand the building blocks of a chart a little better and can demystify the interpretations. So, using this template, tell me: who are you?

What is your Sun like? Can you connect the astrology?

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Astrology for Beginners – Who Are you in Essence? — 18 Comments

  1. My 8H Libra Sun trines my 4H Gemini Mars. I (Sun) built (Mars) a beautiful (Libra – in my eyes!) customized house (4H) and easily (trine) handled the financial (Venus) responsibilites (8H) of this effort.

    • Rephrasing my general 8H Libra Sun / 4H Gemini Mars trine description, I “see” myself as a well designed house with steel inner framing.

  2. Sun in Libra in the 4th. Cancer rising. In my mother’s womb, I did not want to come out! ?. I find balance in the womb. Most obvious aspect is Jupiter in 10th Aries ‘in opposition’ to Sun. I have a sense of Jupiter feeding my Sun. The womb to me is the unconscious, our roots, and connection to ancestors. The work I do honours these connections that people have. I am at home as find my luck and fortune in this space.

  3. Well, my independent sun in Aquarius resides in the playful, dramatic 5H, and trines Mars. I’m like a Mazda, going Zoom Zoom and saying, Excuse me, pardon me, occasionally giving the bird or handing out lollipops to the crowd.

  4. Same here! I have a 12th house Sun in Scorpio…in the dark part of our collective unconcious. I thought of a cemetery but then that might be more 8th house. I guess I am like a Nancy Drew with a lantern in dark attic of a an old haunted house, trying to find my way and see what is in this place. There may be ghosts, witches,criminals, addicts and angels I am having power stuggles with or having to do battles with. (Sun Square Pluto).

    • Dawn, I have a 12th house Sun in scorpio as well. Sun square pluto.
      I have these spooky house dreams. They are Usually in an Old house. The first floor is nice. The second floor is old and in disrepair . Its dangerous to even go there. The 3rd floor has to be discovered with all these beautiful antiques that I am not suppose to know is there.
      I love that you describe your self as a house Midara. Such a good picture of you.

      • @Opalina: I have those dreams too! They are sort of like the Winchester House in San Jose! I get lost. I hear my mother calling but can’t find her or we were in one room and I walk into another where there are stairs but they don’t lead anywhere and I can’t find my way back. So bizarre!

  5. Sun in Pisces but hiding behind mercury and the moon all in the 9th house. They come first at 0 degree mercury and moon at 11 degrees, my sun is at 21 degrees and is hidden.

  6. That’s interesting. I don’t know how I would describe having all my inner planets, sun and Chiron conjunct in Taurus 7th house. If you say Taurus is like a garden… maybe like the Garden of Eden? That’s the only garden I can think of for lovers that could also carry deep wounds.

  7. “But with the Sun opposing Pluto, he is like a monument to a war hero who history has changed its mind about, so maybe now the statue stands in ruins, covered in ivy. And knowing him, he is someone who repeatedly tries to do the right thing but has darkness projected upon him from every corner.” Hahahah. So good to read. I do identify. Taurus sun in the 1st opp pluto. I am strong! I take huge amounts of strain and I still show up. Partners project all kinds of darkness onto me, but also idealize me, with neptune trine sun from the 9th in sagg. They oscillate between seeing the goddess that they love and an intense desire to overpower me before i do that to them? Its crazy really… and although i do look and smell good… at core im really just content being a cow eating in the field and minding my own business… ?

  8. T, re: 3rd house of communication, childhood education, communication, brothers and sisters. Short trips. Think Gemini and Mercury.

  9. T: I think of a vehicle or the Chariot tarot card – does it have any energy for you to think of yourself in movement, as a car or a moving part of something?

  10. Late Gem Sun in the 4th. Need a Cancerian-like abode with books/music/computer, plants & gemstones, pets and a full larder for a well appointed kitchen! Home security and creature comforts. Lived in, but organized for my Gem Sun that flits about except when entertaining close friends. Mercury is in mid Cancer in the 5th so hobbies are important.

  11. Im a beautifully decorated mobile home (sag sun AC libra) driving in the shadow of a huge mountain range (saturn close but behind my sun) and I stop frequently to talk to/ pick up people along the road (in the 3rd house). My fuel provision (mars in scorpio in exact semisextile to sun) is solar energy provided by the great benefic (my ruler Jupiter in Libra in the first house in exact semisextile to Mars and sextile to the sun) and if there’s clouds around I just stop and rest at the shore of some deep lake and go fishing for food and more (Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd)

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