Been Called A Narcissist Lately?

I have a client, her ex called her a narcissist.  I don’t agree with him. It was a cheap shot.

“All women need to be reassured,” I wrote. “Are we all narcissists?”

I understand why people feel compelled to degrade a person. I don’t understand why others don’t call them out on it.  “Got proof of that?”

I also think this is loser’s game. If you have to demean or vitiate someone to feel okay about yourself, your tale is told to anyone with a lick of sense.

Have you been called a narcissist lately?

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Been Called A Narcissist Lately? — 13 Comments

  1. Not a narcissist, but I’ve let those close to me say other *very* demeaning things in the past. In my very 12th house view, I felt if they were saying it, it must be true… not so, since Saturn hit Scorpio. I absolutely call them out on it. Everyone acts like I’m such a jerk for it, but so what. I’m tired of being put down so someone else can feel better about themselves. It IS a losers game, thank you so much for pointing that out for others to see.

  2. Yes, I believe people are only projecting their fears. Calling me a narcissist means you didn’t understand a single word I said about myself. NEXT.

  3. Wow. I’ve been called a lot of things but I’ve never been accused of being a narcissist. If I had a fragile personality it wasn’t owed to a constant requirement for adulation. I remember being firmly down on myself to the point I was terribly uncomfortable even combing my hair in the mirror. Fortunately, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life trying to undo the wrong-headed things I learned growing up. I was convinced as a matter of fact that I was a dumb, ugly loser with no ability or future. I was inadvertently conditioned to believe that life was bad and it just happened to you. Church didn’t help the matter any, either. Just made me feel more worthless. I feel like I am coming from the other end of the spectrum, trying to find my way to the middle where I’m not too down on or too full of myself.

  4. I’ve never been called a narcissist. But the more I read about “narcissists” it seems like this is a term that gets less appropriate the more it’s used.

    It also has a risk of being inaccurate. A narcissist is someone who lacks empathy with you and who is self-centered. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone has been like this at one time or another.

  5. Hm, few months back, a friend and I had a pretty decent conversation about this over Facebook. Everyone is a bit of a narcissist to a degree in some part of their life.

  6. ive never been called a narcissist but i know some people who truly are. there is a difference between needing to be reassured, perhaps being a needy person, or wanting attention, and being a narcissist. narcissists have no ability to feel empathy for others, because they only see things from their own perspective. its only about them and how things impact them. its basically impossible to have a meaningful relationship with a true narcissist because they’ll always end up hurting you, whether its a friend, a lover, or your parent.

  7. Nope. Never. It’s my secret. 🙂

    I can be very self absorbed. And there are limits to my empathy. I may not do what someone wants me to do but I do take others into consideration before I act. Too much so sometimes.

    I can see why a person who is not getting the attention they feel they deserve from someone might accuse them of being a narcissist. ‘Die for me baby, you gotta die for me. I will not be satisfied until you end up in the fetal position unable to function and I can kick you to the curb.’ Not that I speak from experience or anything.

  8. I haven’t been called one by anyone else but saturn in Scorpio has me delving deep and examining my own motives.

  9. Never been called one, but I sometimes feel like one with my vain Leo rising. I think a lot of people have narcissistic tendencies. I agree with notch, I’ve called someone a narcissist who wasn’t affected by our break up. I think it just makes us feel better to make the other into the bad person.

  10. I like your postings, but am not sure what this has to do with astrology: you don’t mention any planets, and therefore, neither does anyone else, practically. Why not ground this question in astrology?

  11. Betsy, it’s my blog. I write whatever want! 99.9% of tens of thousands of posts include astrology! It’s all free to you so cut me some slack! 🙂

  12. Er, not quite. Narcissist wasn’t the word used… It was ‘show off’. ‘I think she’s such a show off’. ‘She likes to show off’. Yeah, the people with a lick of sense didn’t see that the person saying it ‘shows off’ too and is one themselves. But hey, they don’t know that I know and I don’t bother confront them with it. Waste of time. They don’t even have the balls to say it to my face. I just locked that piece of information away. Its motivation for me anyway, it reminds why I need these people out of my life sooner rather than later.

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