Astrology Of A Holiday: Valentine’s Day

doggy valentine from the 70\'sValentine’s Day, some people love it, some people hate it, but I suppose that most of us have a position that falls somewhere in between. I’ve heard people call it Singles Awareness Day, some vehemently as though it were a personal affront. Some consider it just for lovers, and some see it as a time to express familial or friendly love as well. I like it. I remember Valentine’s Day as the best school day ever. I loved those little mass-produced, one-sided cards that came in envelopes so rudimentary and cheap you could see the card through them.

As Valentine’s Day is February 14th, every year its chart has a sun position within a degree of 25 Aquarius. Aquarius rules hopes. The Valentine’s Day sun conjuncts my descendant (ruled by Venus). I was always hoping for love. Sometimes I get it; sometimes I don’t, but I’m always hoping. Three years ago Mars and Neptune were conjunct the Valentine’s sun and I got it. The night before Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of our meeting chart. Sun-Neptune in my 7th is a nice place for it to fall in my chart. It’s a bit confusing, maybe, but also magical and divine.

The sun in my 7th house on Valentine’s Day predisposes me to liking the holiday. Every year that sun makes the same aspects, so there’s a familiarity that builds over time. It squares my natal Neptune and quincunxes my natal Jupiter: it’s always a bit of an unknown, sometimes fortunate, sometimes not.

Where does the Valentine’s Day sun fall in your natal chart?


Astrology Of A Holiday: Valentine’s Day — 30 Comments

  1. 4th house, sextile my Chiron/Ceres/Sun. I like to be around genuinely happy couples, and have wanted to be a part of a couple like that myself, although for years, I thought I was better off single.

  2. It falls opposite my stellium in Leo, including my 25 degree sun and 24 degree Venus. Valentine’s Day never quite works out as I hope. Sometimes it’s nice, but mostly it ends up with me bewildered and close to tears, despite how strong/happy my relationship itself might be. Bah.

  3. In Aquarius in the 5th but – and it’s a big but – it’s exactly opposite my Pluto in Leo which sextiles my Neptune in Libra and quincunxes my Jupiter/Uranus cj in Cancer which square my Neptune. As for Venus and the moon, let’s not go there.
    Yes, it’s pretty miserable being single on Valentine’s Day when you’re a lonely grownup – like most holidays – but it was fun when you were a kid and you’d send Valentines to every and anybody. I loved all the stamps you put on the envelopes best.

  4. 8th house. 5 degrees from my moon, activating my big fixed t-square. I have usually been involved with men who were “too progressive” to acknowledge V-Day. So I learned not to place any weight on it.

  5. Oh God, I have such a rosy view of Valentine’s Day! I wish I could be 5 again and have friends put Valentine cards in my brown bag. Lol! You see? Rosy.

    The astrology? I’m a Gemini and the Sun is in Aquarius so I guess that’s that. Yes, I like my Valentine’s day.

  6. Falls a couple of degrees into my 8th (Aquarius) and conjuncts my venus and mars. Mercury, neptune, and mars (the exact degree that day) will also be conjunct my venus. Venus will conjunct my natal neptune. I will most likely be drunk on love, as I’m already starting to feel it.

  7. that little valentine doggy up there? seeing that image made me all warm and fuzzy inside. when I was a kid we pretty much all shopped at the same two grocery stores. I think my mom shopped at King Soopers. anyway, there were only about ten different valentine packs you could buy. that doggy is out of the one I liked best. and that doggy was the CUTEST one in the pack. I think there were two in each pack. so I only gave the doggy to my best friend and the boy I secretly liked. ::le-sigh::

  8. Conjunct my venus/mercury and opposite Pluto. You would think I would have wonderful Valentine’s Days with Venus involved but, in reality, I’ve never had a nice V-Day. Maybe it has something to do with it falling in my 10th house. I dunno. I’ve never been involved with anyone who celebrated it and even my now-ex husband never acknowledged V-Day in our entire 20 year marriage. He does with his new wife though. Funny how that happens.
    I consider the day to be Singles Awareness Day.

  9. I’m still a bit new to astrology, so I just figured out how to pull up my transit chart at!

    The V-Day sun is in my 3rd house, almost exactly trine my Chiron. That sounds like a good thing?

  10. In my 12th..HA! That explains a lot. I really try to be optimistic about Valentines Day..all the red decorations and feelings of love love love love <3 My Libra likes! And my dreamy Pisces Moon comes up with all kinds of stuff I’d like to do for others and have reciprocated. Doesn’t always happen that way

  11. In the 8th, opposing my sun. I am always profoundly disappointed by Valentine’s Day and have refused to celebrate it since I had a choice in the matter.

    Taking this to the boards, it’s triggered something. Thanks, satori! 🙂

  12. Ugh, dangerously close to my solar return in the 6h house. Worst day of the year, I always feel so low and lonely. This year Chiron is conjunct my natal sun/Jupiter too. GREAT. Eff this year! lol.

  13. I was feeling low and lonely last year, because of something that happened two days before, and being amputated by someone who had actually lied to me, but acted as though I were the problem.

    I remember putting on my status somewhere, that I was dodging the little sadist known as Cupid. I’d forgotten at the time, that someone had given me a one-card tarot reading for V-Day, a few weeks beforehand, and the card had been the 7 of swords.

  14. Newbie alert – born at 5:35pm, on July 7 1960, in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada… what should I expect on the infamous V Day? Any insight would be grateful. THANX, Ram

  15. Ram – You tend to get a better response posting this stuff on the boards, and it’s very helpful if you can post or link your chart. Most people read them visually from what I can tell.

  16. in my 8th house, conjunct my Sun (since I’m born on the 15th)

    My birthday is almost always an introspective moment of the year for me… on the border of depression, cold reality (I like in Canada and it’s one of the coldest month of the year..) and optimism, brighter days.

  17. Ooops I meant Valentine’s Day is an introspective moment for me..

    the moment the Sun is in the Aquarius sign, my life takes a more secluded and intense period

  18. satori – this is so funny! you just helped me understand something that I didn’t get until now!

    Yes, 25 Aqua falls into my 7th house, conjuncts my descendant (loosely) PLUS also loosely conjuncts natal Saturn in the 7th WHICH also squares my natal Venus in the 4th. LOL – this is so funny. It basically activates the love challenge I’ve had my whole life. haha! Why am I not surprised?

  19. It’s in my 7H and the only personal planet it aspects is Venus which it trines.

    I don’t expect magic from this holiday. But, there was this one guy who turned out to be THE ONE, and he made a big deal of it, and I was like 27 and it completely blew me away, as if I were 15 or something. 🙂

  20. It’s conjunct my DC and sun, trine my Mars/Pallas/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Libra, sextile Neptune, and just barely applying to a square with Uranus.

    I’ve always tried to go into Valentine’s knowing that it’s just another day, so I’m never toooo disappointed, but I have to admit to looking forward to it. Yes, it does feel like there’s a little magical hopefulness about it. And I like having an excuse to express fondness for family, friends, and coworkers.

  21. 5th house Sun Mercury Nepune Pallas Chiron all on Pisces.
    Sun Bi-quintile Pluto Venus Saturn square Pluto.
    Cubs Ops meeting and Itzhak Perlman in house for a working day!

  22. Valentine’s Day falls exactly on my Venus, 10th house (equal houses).
    I didn’t expect that. It’s usually a good day for me.

  23. I never realized the Sun is conjunct my natal Moon on Valentines Day – my own annual New Moon!! It’s also trine my Venus/Uranus conjunction and Opposes my Saturn/Mars conjunction? I’ll have to give this some thought.

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