Astrology Short And Sweet: Taurus Prayer

The soldier last night at dinner:

“Dear Lord, please help us not eat so much, amen.”

(He’s got Jupiter in Sagittarius).


Astrology Short And Sweet: Taurus Prayer — 11 Comments

  1. Skye – the soldier actually has Venus in Gem opp Jupiter is Sadge and his appetite is out of this world. Not that I am one too talk. I sit right next to him and kill the Zorba Platter meant to feed 4 people. :shakes head::
    Guess I better start prayin’ too!

  2. Oooh this made me laugh! I have A Gemini friend who has jupiter in sag opp his sun and mars. He just gets everything big. We go to the movies he always get the super super size and we went out for pizza all you can eat and he just ate every thing, he tried every type of pizza and then some. It was fascinating really. And just last year I found out he goes to church and I’ve know him for almost 8 years! Gotta love the Gemini-Sag axis.

  3. I, too, have Venus-Jupiter om the Gemini-Sag. axis, and I, too, have to watch my eating. Never made the connection.

  4. Yeah man, I am Taurus and I have been hungry all the time lately. What IS that about? I am usually not like that, not so much. Hmmmm, weird.

  5. I’ve been like that for months it seems, and i’m trying to lose weight. Yeah right! Maybe not hard enough I have venus in taurus.I’m a gemini that eats two meals when i go out.Somehow it’s easy to sneak in two meals, only one friend just recently noticed.

  6. mercury retrograde has made my general stomach queasiness go into overdrive.
    and, no, there’s no physiological explanation. nerves, i think. stress.

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