Astrology And Fashion: Anna Paquin

Anna PaquinLeo Anna Paquin has shown herself to be a talented actress since winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the young age of 11 for the movie “Piano.” With Sun and Mercury conjunct in Leo Anna has the dramatic flair one would expect from such placements. An understanding of how to bring a character to life would be second nature for someone with Leo Sun and Mercury conjunct and we would expect the individual to be creative when it comes to stories as well.

Anna has Moon in Virgo making her a thinking actor with a process that involves analyzing the character she is playing at any given time. With Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio there is an intensity that Anna brings to her roles that is unmistakeable. Anna seems to get inside her character and understand them inside out. Anna has Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Libra throwing a lady like element into Anna’s life and person that throws one off when watching her work. Anna has a sort of “proper” element without question while her water planets bring an understated sexuality into the mix. With Libra working with Cancer and Scorpio we have a woman that knows how to bring her sexuality to the screen without it being “in your face” and with a control that is always interesting and easily seen by the public. Anna seemed years older than her 11 years when she worked in “The Piano” and we can see by her chart that she probably understood the character’s motivation better than some young girls.

After working in the movie “The Piano” and making a huge impact, Anna appeared as a teenager in movies like “Almost Famous” and “She’s All That.” The movies she worked in while in her teens required her to have that understanding of sexuality while being socially acceptable that Anna has in her chart with Libra and Cancer with Scorpio placements. Her Virgo Moon would keep her working and Anna kept working past her teen years by becoming involved in the “X-Men” sequels.

Taking on a role in a television series involves hard work and much filming so it must suit Anna’s Virgo Moon to appear as she does now in the cable show “True Blood.” Anna’s character, “Sookie Stackhouse” has both strong sexuality and is ladylike so Anna’s chart serves her well in this role. Anna has won a Golden Globe for her role in “True Blood” and the role seems to suit her well. “Sookie Stackhouse” is romantically involved with a vampire in the series and Anna has taken this role off the screen and is married to her co-star Stephen Moyer who plays this vampire. The character “Sookie Stackhouse” could very well be somewhat based on Anna because many of her traits appear in the character she plays. “Sookie Stackhouse” is a ladylike woman who is also very sexual which is very much like Anna. Anna makes this role her own and has found success in a large way by starring in this series.

With Venus in Cancer Anna would value family and be somewhat of a romantic so it is not surprising she has married so young. One would suppose that she has made a second family from the co-stars on the series “True Blood” from her chart and her Venus in Cancer.

When we look at Anna we can see two very different looks in her style that are very interesting. Anna, at times, will appear at an event in a long sexy gown that is dramatic, which suits her Cancer and Scorpio planets, and wear this look with great skill. She often sports smooth hair when wearing black gowns or dark clothing showing a sleek look with her hair. Anna wears dark makeup when dressing dramatically in the black sleek look but keeps her makeup simple enough to show her confidence in herself. With Sun and Mercury conjunct in Leo Anna has the drama in her to pull off this very sexy look in black that includes black halters, black strapless dresses and even a black cat suit! Her Scorpio and Cancer planets help her use her sexuality while in this look and it is very flattering on her even at her young age. When wearing black (and at times, red) Anna will even wear red lipstick with her dark eye makeup, making the look sing. Anna has a second look that she also wears well and that she often wears when in the public eye.

Anna’s second look is one that is very ladylike and proper and often is white or off-white with touches of gold or other colors. With so many planets in Libra Anna can wear a proper look with great skill and we can expect that she feels very at home in this look as much as any other. When in this proper look Anna wears her hair down and out in curls around her face that give her a pretty look instead of an intense one that she shows when wearing black and red in a dramatic way.

Anna keeps her make up natural when in her ladylike look by using browns and very little blush. Anna’s features are large so her hair is best kept long and around her face and this is the cut that Anna sports. However, when one has strong features and wants to pull off a very dramatic look it is often done well by showing those features fully and pulling the hair off one’s face.

Anna wears both the dramatic look and the lady ike look very well and is at home in both styles. With large eyes, nose and mouth Anna looks very pretty with her hair flowing around her face but when she wants to be very intense she can use these larger features by accenting them with makeup and drawing the eye to the very features that make her face strong. Anna has great range in pulling off looks in fashion because of her strong features and because she has an understanding of more than one character to portray when she dresses.

Anna has shown that she has great range as an actress so we can expect to see her working her Virgo Moon for many years to come. She has both an intellectual and emotional understanding of her characters which will help her grow as and actress and allow her to take many roles to come. We can expect great things from Anna and because cable series limit themselves to only so many seasons we can expect Anna to be working in another role soon!



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  1. I really love her- she is so talented! Some of her roles, I’ve “forgotten” she is the same person. And I know exactly what you mean about the mix of purity, properness and sexuality.

    Thanks, Annalisa! I enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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