Astrology And Your Dodgy Side

Pacha: “Where’d you come from, little guy?”
Kuzco: “No… touchy!”
Pacha: “Demon llama!”
Kuzco: “Demon llama? Where??”
 –The Emperor’s New Groove

Sometimes you read descriptions of an aspect in your chart and think, “HEY, that’s not me!” It’s really negative or it just doesn’t resonate as your regular self. And then sometimes there’s a perfect storm, or a holiday with lots of dishes and the potatoes don’t turn out and it’s, “oh… yeah.” Sometimes if you’re really honest with yourself you see it, or a corner of it. Looking at the negative possibilities of a particular aspect can help flesh out your blind spots and the dark places you may sink to at your worst moments.

Tonight as I was cleaning up after the big family meal I realized I have a little bit of Emperor Kuzco in me. If you throw off my groove I WILL throw you off the top of the palace (don’t throw off her groove! beware the groove!). I have a mild-mannered Pisces Sun but it IS opposed by Pluto Uranus and when I snap it can be quick and deadly. It’s good to keep in mind that while most of us strive to be our best selves, there will be times…

Do you have a dark side, maybe, sometimes? What’s the astrology?


Astrology And Your Dodgy Side — 19 Comments

  1. A dark side? No.
    Yes. My Leo sun is opposed by Saturn, an opposition that is veiled by a Scorpio ascendant. Great for some things, but patience is limited with authority, regulations, and procedure.

  2. Ummm yeah. I don’t which is worse the Uranus/Pluto in the third square Mercury verbal blast or the Mars/Mercury angry thoughts.

    I can verbally blast an insightful hole in someone. 🙁

    The good news is I’m lazy (Taurus Mars in the 12th) and I’m tenderhearted (Moon opposite Chiron sextile Nelpune). 🙂

  3. Do I have a dark side? Sometimes I have to ask myself: Do I have a light side?

    I hide my dark side but everyone who knows me knows I have one. It’s a precarious balance.

  4. Yes, I have a dark side & I am very happy that I fully recognise it & choose not to use/ express it.

    Most people think my temper is my dark side, because I don’t often loose it, but actually there’s an even darker dark side no one knows about.

  5. I have a dark side and put it proudly on display. 🙂 My actual “dark side” is my light side!

    I think it goes like this: “Here is my worst. If you can’t handle it, you don’t deserve my best.” Self-protection run amok, basically.
    I chalk it up to the over-the-top number of Pluto contacts I have (paranoid, “repulsive”).

  6. I’ve got Pluto opposite Mars/Mercury/Chiron, so yes, I’ve got a dark (deadly) side. Luckily for my close personal friends, Mars/Mercury/Chiron are all in Pisces.

  7. I am trying to better at evaluating (2nd house sag??, current eclipse conjuncting natal NN and progressed saturn) so I don’t step into the karmic cage and suffer the consequences. I have a hard time with cagey folks. I seem to be target practice.

  8. And I could get really dark, I got the resume that gives me the right. But ah, I really don’t wanna go there. Folks that think they’ve seen dark of me have no idea.

  9. lol – Me? Have a dark side? Nooooo not me! (yea right lol). My Leo Pluto is opposite my Pisces Sun, Aquarius Venus AND Aquarius Mercury, trine Aries ASC and sextile Scorpio Neptune. I am usually mild mannered and smiley but, yea, I admit on the odd occasion that I go off there is hair tossing and door slamming involved but nobody sees it coming… least of all me 😀

  10. My Mercury Jupiter Pisces 2nd hidden-conjunct Aries Sun. I have a temper that comes out if I’ve been lied to. I highly value honesty.

    I get upset if I mess up dinner (Venus conj ASC??).

    Other than that, I am very passive-aggressive. If you really deserve my wrath, I can be patient and let you hang yourself with enough rope. That Sun is in mutual reception to Mars Leo 6th.

    Leo also rules my 7th, where Uranus Pluto lies in Virgo. If you’ve done me wrong, I will never forget, and be patient with my revenge, taking it when the time is right. I never do anything myself, I allow Karma to play its role, and enjoy the show.

    I use my Mercury Pisces to know what the other person is thinking, and how it’s going to all play out – then use psychology against them if I can.

    Luckily, if someone really pisses me off, I just amputate them – Aquarius ASC, Venus, Saturn – life is too short to deal with aggravating people.

  11. That pic is of my daughter Nem… she’s the most calm, composed beauty now, but when she was a baby she used to get really uptight and angry at us over all kinds of things. That particular picture has her running toward me yelling at me in baby-gibberish. She used to get so frustrated that we didn’t know what she was saying and and that we were so amused. 🙂

  12. @Armand Diaz- “So Carrie, does that mean you are deadly to those who are not close personal friends? (or just dark)”

    LOL – I’m very careful around people who aren’t close personal friends, so they only see light and lovely CArRiE! 😉 It’s the one’s I feel comfortable around that might catch a glimpse of the dark/deadly powers within… bwah.ha.ha.. 😉

  13. Pluto has shown me nothing BUT my dark side lately. Natally it squares Mars. Currently it’s opp Jupiter and square Sun, and I’m getting T-boned. I love having my dark side handed to me on a platter. :-/

  14. Yes, very dark if I let it out of the basement. I have Pluto square Venus and Mars, and Pluto conjunct the Moon. I’m like Carrie, and I only show the smiley me. The few people I trusted and who have seen my dark side, sadly, are no longer around…..

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