Astrology And The Wonderful World Of Illusion, Delusion, Imagination And Pretend

pretendDoubleCappy writes on Saturn Neptune Perspective:

But what if we can imagine good things for ourselves?

Cappy, trying to be optimistic.

DoubleCappy – Yeah, I guess that’s the point that I forgot to make. First, this idea and effective way to deal with a difficult reality. It is a good coping mechanism when things are hard. Er… they could always be worse, just use your imagination. But you’re right. You can also imagine yourself into a much better place and I do that as well.

For example, when I hear men are talking about me in the locker room at the gym, I imagine they are saying really nice things and it is all totally in my best interest….

Do you consciously make things up?



Astrology And The Wonderful World Of Illusion, Delusion, Imagination And Pretend — 7 Comments

  1. I’m the total opposite Elsa. When I go to the gym (or anywhere for that matter), and people look and talk, I always assume it’s bad. I have a weird sense of self-esteem. I think good of myself…but I assume everyone else picks out all my flaws (physical and personality-wise). Is there a name for that? Paranoia, maybe? I do have Scorpio ASC.
    I make all kinds of things up in my mind. To my own detriment probably.

  2. I operate the way that shell mentioned – I feel like I have a healthy self-esteem, but I often assume that people are a) criticizing me or b) trying to get over on me. If I went to the gym and heard people were talking about me, I’d assume they were making fun of me for not knowing how to turn the treadmill on.
    I have an overactive imagination, and I’m trying to steer it in a positive direction.

  3. I have neptune-scorpio trine saturn-pisces and I do this all the time. I concentrate on the most pleasing aspects of a dreary situation/scenario,to the extreme that I can runa a sort of glamorous neptunian movie in my head to counterpart a boring job or a dull phase. The problem is when I overdo it ´cause neptunein 12th can be really delusional…but saturn always brings me back, i guess.

  4. If I can’t imagine people doing/thinking/saying something positive I try not to think about it.

    I do however conciously make things up. As a kid I used to just lie in bed just making up huge elaborate stories/realities and I’ll still slip into it the odd saturday morning/wednesday night.

    And I will often imagine out conversations/scenarios in advance both in the positive and negatives. Even wildly unrealistic scenario’s.

  5. I imagine perceived slights. If I make a mistake I feel guilty about it for days (just an example: I pinched the cheek of my co-worker a few days ago–I was genuinely happy to see her. She was really frazzled and annoyed I did that. I apologized and she forgave me but I still feel like an idiot. I’ve created a dream that now she hates me. I don’t know where this shit comes from–Saturn trines Neptune but also squares my Sun).

  6. Scorpio in the 12th and Neptune conjunct my Scorpio ascendant. I desperately try to imagine good things and daydreams because it helps me cope with my psychological struggles and intense emotions.

  7. uhm, i try to rattle my head by adjusting my perspective, if that’s what you mean.

    finding the silver lining helps keep me from panicking, too.

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