Astrology And Public Displays Of Affection

pda.jpgYesterday evening I was sitting in the soldier’s truck after he’d backed it down a long narrow residential street with children around, and through a narrow gate, cock-eyed. We were planning to unload and then go down the street and reload. I’ve helped him do both but never on the same day and I was happy wondering how much work it was going to be.

“I’ve been here for 20 minutes and I have barely got a kiss,” I said. “Why not?”

“Well P, you’re not supposed to be kissing when you’re a work. No PDA’s while at work.”

I stared. “What. P D What?”

“No public displays of affection while in uniform. You’re not supposed to have them.”

I just stared and thought about how his Saturn aspects my Mars (he restricts me) and also on his own.

“You’ve been mad at me before,” he said. “You used to yell at me for this when we were kids, you just triggered a memory. Do you remember, P? You used to yell all right.”

winehouse1goff3004_468x651.jpg“For what?”

“Because I wouldn’t kiss you in my uniform.”

“Yeah, I remember. We had to kiss in the apartment and then you left. No kissing outside the apartment,” I said.

“Yeah and you used to yell your head off.”

“I bet. What did I say and what did you say?’

“Well you wanted me to kiss you and I said, no P. I don’t want to go to the brig just so I can prove that I love you…”

What do you think of PDA’s? Do you have Saturn in aspect to Mars or Venus?


Astrology And Public Displays Of Affection — 16 Comments

  1. In my family there was almost zero public or private display of affection when I was a kid… only very subtle things in place of it.
    Nonetheless, when I feel like it, I am a huge displayer of affections in public, I couldn’t care less. And if someone around is embarrassed, well, tough.

  2. I’m not too comfortable with it. Mars squares my saturn. I like it a little. I’m best with some hand holding and a kiss or 2. I think I like a little because leo rules my 10th and when i have a man i like people to know.

  3. It doesn’t bother me if other people make PDAs. (I’m getting bad memories of an old boyfriend who hung on to me so tightly I wanted to scream–must be my Saggie-ness).
    When people discuss this I’m always inclined to advocate it even though you won’t remember me for PDAs. I enjoy seeing people who love each other who obviously enjoy each others’ company.

    Mars/Venus conjunction trined Saturn

  4. I like PDAs. The type that occur when you are walking down a city street hand in hand, look at each other, and just can’t keep your hands off each other. I can’t wait any longer. I must push you up against the wall and kiss you. I don’t care what kind of looks that old lady is throwing our way.
    Bad old Saturn doesn’t touch my Venus or Mars! Instead I have Venus trine Moon, Mars, Jupiter and sextile Uranus. A wide conjunction of Mars (9 degrees, does that count?)with Moon/Jupiter conjunction. Mars opposite Uranus.
    Is that a photo of Amy Winehouse and her boyfriend?

  5. Yes, I do, conjunct to Venus. I’m not too keen on PDA. Plus since they’re in Scorpio, I like the secretive part of romance. Nothing on the outside, explosions on the inside. lol

    It does look like Amy, Alma!

  6. I seem to remember this “PDA” of which you speak. I wouldn’t mind a little.

    my ringtone is actually John Legend’s song “PDA (we just don’t care)”:

  7. i’d rather be affectionate wherever the mood strikes. i’m not terribly exhibitionist and i prefer to avoid social awkwardness… and “showing off.” people can get weirdly possessive with pdas… like male territorial stuff- which bothers me. i’m not a prize or a trophy, i’m a person.

    but i have saturn in leo (11) trine venus in aries (8) so i guess that illustrates it nicely. venus is also trine neptune/sag (4th) but i don’t know quite what that’s doing except there’s a certain sense of “a whole other world” as i can tune out the surroundings.

    but there’s a switch in my head, i guess. where does the need for privacy arise? it’s there, but how far depends on context. how public is public from place to place, moment to moment? a city street at four am can be remarkably private (at least around here.)

  8. I love to watch a hand-holding couple of any age, anywhere. A little smooching is okay, but full tongue-and-grope action is a bit much.

    Saturn not in aspect to either Mars or Venus, but the Moon’s in Libra, so kiss away but make it aesthetically appealing. 🙂

  9. PDA isn’t limited to touching, though. Man, I can spot a steamy look between two people a mile away. I know when people have just had sex, cleaned up and gone out in public afterward. That’s farrrrrr hotter, IMHO.

  10. I was thinking about this lately, having seen a very touchy-feely couple the other day. I don’t really like PDA’s. I don’t come from an affectionate family so whenever anyone hugged me or tried to hold my hand in public, it was alien to me and I would always cringe inside. But I don’t really mind other people’s PDAs. If they get too full-on, I just avert my eyes, as sometimes I can feel a little dirty for looking!

  11. I wish somebody could tell me if astrology has periods like say decades that are all about PDA. I think the sixties was for sure. I wonder what sign Mars and Venus were in during the late sixties?

    This period right now must be the least sexy in the USA in anyone’s memory. Sex is the most repressed I’ve ever (not) seen it.

  12. billgbg – Interesting Newsweek article this week about men, the recession, and sharp decline in sexytimes with the wife. It didn’t talk much about women as instigators, but briefly touched on American women and men both buying into the same work and material standards as measures of success and therefore sex appeal.

  13. Sometimes, depending on the situation. No PDA in church, for example. 😉

    I think it really does depend. My PDA is definitely more chaste if other people are nearby. No grinding or groping in public.

    I guess my main concern is I don’t like to make other people uncomfortable. For example, no PDA in front of someone single. I wouldn’t want the person to feel excluded.

    Or if you’re standing on line at an amusement park with another couple, ehhh. Pass on the PDA there because everyone is standing in too-close proximity.

    On the other hand, if we’re having a few drinks and the other couple is flaunting THEIR stuff in a fun/goofy way… well, hell, grab a boob.

  14. “No PDA in church, for example.”

    LOL, this reminds me of the part in The Wedding Singer where they’re talking about how they should kiss when the priest says it’s okay to kiss the bride. “Not full tongue. Church tongue.”

    For me it’s situational as well. Sometimes the way people are going about it can make me feel uncomfortable. Also it has a lot to do with my state of mind I think, what’s going on at the time. For example during a bad run of luck in the romance area witnessing PDA’s can make me feel so much sadder. Saturn opposes Mars, sextiles Venus in my chart (and Venus and Mars are trine).

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