Mars: Our Ineffectual Society And The Feminization Of Men

Back from court today, nothing ever gets done. It occurs to me that ‘effective” is out. It’s frowned upon. Ineffectual rules the day.

Astrologically this would be seen via the denial of Mars (raw male energy).

I am talking about the feminization of men.
I am talking about the idea everyone in the class gets a trophy, no need to compete!

I made that video stating I would shoot anyone who came into my house dead on the spot and people were appalled. Apparently it’s in vogue is to lie down for the rapist?

Fact is we will never get rid of Mars and the more the energy is repressed the more sure it will erupt with a vengeance, I think this is a law of nature. It makes me nervous to see so many act in ways that are not effective but it seems that it has become the norm and I almost despair because of it.

Who can relate?


Mars: Our Ineffectual Society And The Feminization Of Men — 10 Comments

  1. Yes, there is a suppression of the male principle, and you can also see that many men live only to please their female counterparts who play the -I’ve no idea but do it for me because otherwise you won’t be my nice guy anymore… After that they go and drown their betrayed Mars in alcohol to stop feeling it. But it’s still there and ready to surface at any time.

  2. You’ve really hit on something. I see lots of mars energy demonized and suppressed in the school system. It seems to be set up to favor girls. I think in the long run it causes boys to hate themselves and sometimes hate women.

  3. Well the whole culture has become docile… diet high in carbs. I just read the obesity level of the military has doubled. Jim Jones fed his followers a diet high in carbs for this exact purpose. It is now the Saturn return of Jim Jones and we’ve got a whole society like that.

    Seeing as the soldier helped clean up the bodies… he has first hand knowledge of what happens when people are docile.

    But yeah, Beth. Hell yeah, men are pissed. So are women but if you express yourself – look out! I’d know, because I express my Mars on a daily basis. So far I’ve still got the freedom to do so… I sure hope I can retain it.

  4. Very interesting! (and troubling.) I’d just eaten some cake, heh.

    I have a strong Leo mars, so I know what you’re talking about.
    As far as freedom goes, I think more people will be agitating for it come the Uranus-Aries, Saturn-Libra opposition. Or maybe not! I’m not really much of an astrologer.

  5. It’s fear I think. Society in large part has worked it’s way into an homogenized corner. Suburbia. Soccer Moms. 9 to 5. TV. Pensions. Fast food. Malls. We were just not meant to live this way. Look how many people are on anti-depressants and other mood stabilizers?! How long can men watch sports on TV or play video games to get their mars fix? It’s kinda sad. I think sooner or later something will happen to shift the ground under our feet and a collective roar will erupt…the sound of millions of people waking up to their true nature. In the meantime much of this energy will continue to be misdirected into racism, fascism, sexism, domestic violence, thuggery et al.

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