Astro Week Ahead Sept 10 2022 – Stable But Challenged

Two-minute rundown on the week.

How do feel about this?

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Astro Week Ahead Sept 10 2022 – Stable But Challenged — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Elsa. I agree, the Full Moon energies are like a balm after so much jarring energy. Plus the grand earth trine is really needed. Helps the body be calmer. When we get astro weather like this I’m so grateful, also mindful of it being an oasis, so to fill up. My mind has turned alot to Saturn in Pisces today, as if some door is opening on that cycle.

  2. Morning Elsa and all,

    I felt the build up of that moon, now all l want to do is withdraw, hang out and do stuff in the garden.

    Trans.Mars in the 4th. Fixed Sun/Moon/Jupiter/ Chiron in that ‘zone’. Can’t handle too much of the buzzing mutable energy.Don’t want to get stung–but l know its value.

    A little bit of everything. Not too much of anything–seems to work for me.

  3. Thank you,support a comforting, I guess
    When change is coming or needed
    Ok going to update me and where or who I fit with on this planet.

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