Astro Week Ahead: November 4th – Taurus Eclipse & It’s Aftermath

Rich materials on offer.  Might be uncomfortable but hey! Have a great week anyway!

What would you like to achieve in the next ten days?


Astro Week Ahead: November 4th – Taurus Eclipse & It’s Aftermath — 6 Comments

  1. Health. Exams, specialists and fixing stuff. It’s been put off due to the pandemic and I don’t like managing everything- choosing doctors, going to them, inevitable follow ups, deciding on treatment and such- if life has been normal there would have been a more natural, one by one rhythm to all this that would have made them kind of “one and done”. So now it’s all bunched up and it’s stressful. This is on top of figuring out income and some other things. Oh, and what about enjoying life? I used to be able to find a laugh or something pleasant in all of everyday life. Even getting a free coffee or something. I don’t like feeling “heavy” at all and don’t get me wrong, I’m doing everything and many things have turned out to be fine. But it’s also mental. It’s attitude. Like the other day at physical therapy for my back, I thought to myself, if other things in my life were running smoothly, just normal, I would think, hey it’s great that I can get therapy to fix this and feel better. And I will be glad it’s temporary and then I have to maintain things. But I can feel like I am recovering from some horrible incident when it’s thrown together with the rest.
    So I just keep plugging away!

  2. It’s like Pixie Dust said.. the managing of everything that’s been “bunched up.” That sums it up. Elsa’s analysis with Zoomers/becoming Super Mario is so helpful. I’m not a Zoomer, but I’ve been known to spend a couple hundred hours on an RPG every few years. I just have to plug away like I’m Link in Hyrule Field fending off goblins.
    On top of all the house stuff, my credit card got stolen and charged up. The night before, a very eloquent/articulate scammer tried to trick me out of my social and bank card number. He didn’t succeed, but he ruined at least two of my precious evenings with no contractors in the house, having to sit on hold with the bank and update all my security factors. I’m not on the hook for the $ they spent, but am without my card for 10 days until they send a new one. It’s annoying but part of me can appreciate how a scammer keeps ya on your toes. It’ll be an interesting and maaaybe even healthy challenge to not be able to charge anything for 10 days.

    • I like the gamer analogy because if you have the money to pay to advance, fine. But if you don’t you can grind it out, which is what they do.

      I admire this. I hear this generation compared to the “greatest generation”. I believe this is the quality that sets them apart. There are so many stories out there of endless hours, grinding. And they’re happy! These were like the times of their life. They love it.

      It seems obvious to me, there is something to learn here. If you want something, go give it and don’t give up. It’s called LIVING.

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