Astro Week Ahead July 30, 2022 Perfect Setup, Get It Done!

The horror!  The horror!
I don’t think so. This is one fine week to get yourself free!

What problem will you TARGET this week?

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Astro Week Ahead July 30, 2022 Perfect Setup, Get It Done! — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, I have been postponing some action re the way forward and I will use the coming week to step out. Uranus in the 8th and Saturn in the 5th while transiting Sun conjuncts natal Uranus in Leo – sounds good to me. I will get my Tax stuff done, make financial decisions and propose a plan of action to the board members of our NPO. Take it or leave it, something has to give, we need to move on. I had a dream a few days ago – I was given a parcel by a stranger, it was open and I saw what was in it, nothing special to me. He asked me to send it abroad to some company PTY XYZ for him – it seemed he was in a hurry or something, I said OK and the next second he was gone and I stood there with the box. Took it home to pack it properly but postponed from one day to the next to send it until I wasnt sure if I actually owe this stranger anything. My husband – the one who passed away many moons ago – came home from a trip and a few days later saw the box – and looking at the content he was over the moon – totally elated and happy, saying that these things are HIS and he thought he LOST them and here they are again ! I understand that I have been commissioned somehow to be the one who says ‘ok’ to some surprising irrational assignment and am to follow my own kompass from then on – not follow orders that doesnt make sense to me. Someone will be happy – and that happiness will also be mine.
    I’m not expecting this to play out immediately but in real life – but in some way it already does. On the day after the dream I already had total clarity in some decisions. The sun has also moved into my fellow fire sign Leo which helps – a lot. Long post but it was good to write it, thank you Elsa for the question !

      • @Jac, I made a note to remember coming back here. With these dreams, about one or two in a year, that I happen to remember in detail, I come to think that they are like a binocular into the future and make me look for particular clues that I would otherwise miss. There won’t be a stranger or a parcel but something I have been given and tend to dismiss has a lot of value for others. I have a sense that this is true. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate.

        • Sue, I feel your comment ” something I have been given and tend to dismiss, has a lot of value to others” sounds very true. I think you have spoken for many of us who dismiss our ‘gifts’- however if developed, can be of great value to others. You are fortunate to have this insight via your dreams. Kind Regards, Jac

  2. I’m debating having it out with the crush this week about how he’s turned me down twice but sure as hell acts like he loves me/is interested. (Also, we had a date a few weeks ago, but there are other issues that just came up.) If he genuinely isn’t interested and never ever wants to be with me, then he needs to stop acting like he loves me and cares, doesn’t he? I don’t know how to address that though, especially without going nuts or crying or whatever.

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