Astro-Twins… Are You Repelled Or Attracted?

HCSQ asks: “Hey Elsa, would you throttle your astro-twin, or would you invite them to tea and see if you could learn deep and enticing things about yourself that you might otherwise not delve into as deeply on your own?”

HCSQ – I would not contact my astro-twin (one exists) because I don’t want anything to do with me. I am far more interested in other people’s energy.

This is why I don’t understand couples very close in age, who hook up when they have so much in common. I’d be bored out of my mind.

“You like that?”

“Uh huh.”

“Me too.”

“How about that?”


“Me too.”

I don’t know even person born my year and I really never have. Because I started school a year early and then skipped a grade. That took care of that problem! Next thing you know, I’m an underage bartender so more of the same.

These days, most the people I know are five or more years younger or older. I am very keen to expand all the time and this is the best way I know to do this.

Are most of the people you know the same age as you or no?


Astro-Twins… Are You Repelled Or Attracted? — 37 Comments

  1. No. Most of the people I know are younger. Sometimes significantly younger, 8, 12 years younger.

    I would like to contact my astrotwin to see if they have had the same struggles I’ve had and, if so, how did they conquer them?

  2. Just about everyone is older than me. My best friends are quite close to my age though. Three were born the year before me, one was 7 months behind me. Everyone else is years older, and my bf is 10 years older. I’ve never dated someone my age or younger… Always at least 2 years, and I always go for someone older than the last.

  3. Older mostly, with some younger ones.

    The older crowd loves me, and I them.

    I have a quasi-astrotwin right here in town. Born same year, a few days apart. We didn’t know each other but we are now both exes of the same (older) woman. Yet we are very very different.

    In high school, there was three of us, with birthdays all in a row (three days in a row, same year). We were vastly different. I was reunited with one of them recently — we laughed like crazy, but had no desire to resume a friendship.

  4. re: “couples very close in age, who hook up when they have so much in common”

    I don’t think age has anything to do with having “much in common”.

  5. People my age (28) won’t associate with me any more because they are all married/engaged/partnered and I’m not. Seriously, nobody in this town will because I have Single Cooties. I have to go to the Bay Area to find single people my age.

    In this town, I either hang around with 20-22-year-olds (I work/volunteer at a college) because that’s who is still single, or 35-and-up-year-olds because while they may be married, they don’t care any more that I don’t come as a matching set.

  6. I have friends of all ages (I’m 58) and truly enjoy the diversity of it. I go to concerts and hang with with some of my kid’s friends and eat dinner with my friends who are seniors at least twice a month. My new fella and I have very little in common – he’s four years younger than me – and I am so enjoying the fun of discovering new things with him – and he with me. I’m with you. Sameness is boring.

  7. All my friends who are my age are either with kids and spouse or kids and getting rid of spouse – plus jobs and sick/aging parents. As I’m childless and currently single we don’t have the same sphere to roam in and they’re just out of time for anything, anyway.

    I have a group of friends associated with my sister (who is seven years younger than I am) who are all 14 years younger than I am and over the past year I’ve dated a couple of guys who were all 14 years older than I am. It’s a Saturn thing; I’m teaching the kids something and the older guys are teaching me something. I’d like to find a guy 14 years younger and see what I can teach him ๐Ÿ˜€

    “Single Cooties” ~ Jennifer that just cracked me up. I know exactly what you mean!

  8. Most of my friends are about 10 years younger than me, or 5 to 10 years older. I only have a couple of friends that are within a year of my age.

    Mostly I find myself better able to relate to younger people, honestly. And my older friends are very young in their outlook and energy.

  9. I know mostly older people, I started school a year early as well so everyone has always been older than me. Some younger, but the trend is for older.

  10. About the ‘lots in common’ vs ‘little in common’…

    One factor influencing this may have to do with how much Fixed versus Mutable a person has in their chart.

    I remember an excellent example you once gave Elsa about how you’re the customer who wants to try every new flavor of toothpaste or scent of detergent while was it your bf who was quite content and more comfortable buying the same every time.

    I can see how a person with lots of Fixed in their chart might seek out people who are more like them, with perhaps a tad of difference for interest’s sake, while someone with lots of Mutable might seek out variety, but a little touch of predictability to ground them.

    Now, myself, I am neither Fixed nor Mutable but highly Cardinal and I haven’t finished thinking about how that fits in/plays out. Need to think about it some more…

  11. I like same. Most of my friends are within five years of me either way. I prefer that right now. I tend to seek out a bit of outside change, like moving, starting over, new friends, etc…I do find comfort in being with people I can identify with and it tends towards people my age. I am also ‘dating’ and not married or with kids so it is not that we are so similar in that realm….as most of them are permanently coupled. I need some kind of comradarie and sympatico on a level and this is where I find it. My b-frnd is a month younger than me…and we are pretty darn different. I wouldn’t change it for not–they’re all awesome.

    Peace and happy holiday season y’ll.

  12. I actually don’t have any friends my age. All of them are either older or younger, but the younger set predominates. And I’ve never dated a guy my own age either, always older or younger, usually younger.

  13. I’ve always had a hard time relating to people my own age…most of my closest friends have always been older, but I usually have a few friends that are significantly younger that I tend to “parent.”
    Same goes for the people I’ve dated, actually.

  14. Always way younger or way older…(same thing, 5+ yrs usually) In the past, I always gravitated towards older people, until recently when I discovered most of my friends were much younger than me. I attribute that to my Jupiter (11th house & all it’s various aspects). I want to EXPAND my circle of influence!

    The only difference has been w/long-term love affairs. For those, we are (almost) always within 2 yrs of each other. (Though all have been w/Earthy men, so that may explain the “long-term” part! lol)

  15. Usually my friends are older, but not significantly older…about 2-5 years. I really don’t like to hang out with anyone younger than me.

  16. I know a guy who is my ‘astro twin’. he was born just one day before me. and i hate him. not bcoz he is like me, but bcoz he is so unlike me.

    so i dont agree that similarity has anything to do with age….my astro twin is such a materialistic person, obsessed with money. and all tht happened in tht one day tht separates our birthday was tht his moon sign and asc must hv got changed. besides, every person chooses to manifest his/her energies in a different way. i am a capricorn, and i value people who r solid gold, whereas my astro twin values solid gold.

  17. But i definitely prefer ppl who r like me….bcoz thr r so few tht are!! whn i meet one, i am so ecstatic its worth watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. i actually had a crush on my astro twin, well, u know, i thought he was like me ๐Ÿ™‚ but later i discovered wht an asshole he was….but got my heart broken anyways. had a kind of obsession with him. later i was like, ‘gosh, wht was i thinking!!’ ๐Ÿ˜›

    so anyways, i was trying to figure out how we cud be so different whn all that came between us was a day. well, i have an air grand trine, moon in gemini being one leg of it. in his case, he has his moon in taurus. so tht is one thing. then he wud hv a sun trine moon aspect….and i am guessing that if it came with an earth ascendant as well, well tht cud make him very materialistic. dont know wht wud make him such a FAKE tho….uh-oh, i dont think tht has anything to do with astrology. depends on how a person chooses to express their energies.

  19. I think A keeps hitting the nail on the head with this repeated comment:

    “depends on how a person chooses to express their energies”

    So very true.

    This line also made me smile:

    “i value people who r solid gold, whereas my astro twin values solid gold.”

    Yep. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I have always been the youngest. Old parents, youngest kid, old friends…I never really dated until my 20s and when I did: yep! All older. sometimes a year or two, and my longterm partner is much, much older! I have a 7th house Saturn. So does he, though. Hm. I always keep my eyes open for new younger friends…but then they end up skaters who are older than me!
    I left home very young (16 years old) and made my way through life early, I guess that and the 7th house Saturn informed a lot of my friend choices. I love the 30-somethings who tool me under their wing when I was a teen and did their best to corrupt my puritanical roots! I was the teen in a turtle neck and cords at the party parties. “No thanks, I’ll have a coke.”
    Ha ha!

  21. hehee…thanks Elsa.

    I’m with you. I am more drawn to other people’s energy and style, though I am trying to appreciate people who have the same ideas and interests as I do. I also tend to have older friends–I’m a bit young to have younger friends (they’d have to be in high school or something and I never liked high school. haha)

    I met someone with some similar chart things as myself (though not THAT similar) and I was really turned off. Then again I think that is due, in large part, to not liking an accepting parts of myself.

    Hugs to y’all.

  22. Me and this girl have all the same signs from the moon sign in scorpio to our stellium in capricorn, and she was born two days before me, but I have no idea what her rising sign is which would change things up. Me and her have very similar interests and relationships, except I’m probably more outgoing then she is, but I can relate to her on so many levels and we both have similar career goals.

  23. i don’t get along with most people my age. (what does that say about me, eh?)
    most of my friends are at least two to three years on either side of me.
    between my venus/pluto opposition and (worse) my saturn/mercury/uranus t square there’s a lot of complications. particularly in communication. and the 11th house saturn makes me soooo not the cool kid with people who have close saturns.
    i think there’s something instrinsically wrong with sticking a bunch of kids all going through their first saturn square (or opposition) together in the same room for 7 hours a day. it was awful.

    though i’ve made couple of interesting connections with people born on my north node/opposing my sun on the six month mark on either side of me. but those are usually some form of lesson that i move on from….

  24. well, i did meet someone *almost* a twin. she was born 20 hours later on the other side of the continent. we really hit it off when we first met. but this was high school, and her saturn was in the twelfth, and she couldn’t handle hanging out with the social outcast for too long, no matter how much else we had in common. and her moon had crossed into pisces out of aquarius… which i think made me a little too rebellious for her. the two things kind of fed into each other.

    i’ve never met anyone born on my actual birthday.

  25. dunno never met. My friends are really different than me. My closest friend in this state, just remarked a few days ago that we are like opposits, in nearly every way. I’m cool with that. I like other people, I like exploring them.

  26. i have a good friend from childhood who was born 3 days before me so i guess we’re fairly similar…but also quite different because she’s got a scorpio moon and i’ve got sag. ok, really different.

    i wonder who would be my astro twin? i think richard gere has the same virgosun-sagmoon and he was born on the same day, like 40 years earlier.

  27. Yep. All my friends/lovers are much older or much younger than me. Very rarely do I connect with people my age. Actually, just a couple of weeks ago I made some new friends who are (gasp!) MY AGE. They seem so different from me. Like culturally, a world apart. But I don’t think this has anything to do with age.

  28. I spent a long time only being with people who I was not close in age with and honestly, didn’t share that many interests with. I was interested in expanding my life and thought it was my responsibility to stretch and relate. My current boyfriend is very close in age to me and it has always felt like a welcome homecoming. He’s not my astro *twin* but we have many parallels, and generationally, we’re only 3 months apart. I’m pretty happy with it.

  29. Did I mention that I found an astro twin of the same day and year who is a pedophile? I work in a preschool and when the security guy was passing out the neighboring sex offenders, I found this out. Do you think his face is scary?

    I have been friends with people of different ages.

  30. One of my good friends in high school was an almost astro-twin. She was born the day after me, same city, year, same planets, same ascendant different Moon. We lost touch after senior year but I have received news about her since:

    We both got married young and had one child, a boy. We both love water and lived on sailboats for a time. We both married sailors. We both put in our time as waitresses but returned to school later, in our late 20’s and became nurses. We both went to the same nursing school although different years. We both ended up moving far away from where we grew up. In high school we were seated by name in hoe room and she sat right behind me for 4 years. WE both love music and play musical instruments. Both dates guys in a rock band. For one year we dates 2 guys who were best friends. Both loved antiuqes when younger. Both artistic and a bit eccentric! Both interested in psychic phenomenon. Both had migraine headahces.

    Now, I hang out with people mostly older than me. Don’t enjoy younger ones as close friends, although I like to work with/counsel young people.

    I tend to enjoy people who are a lot like myself. Married another Cancer . Mom in law is a cancer. best friend is a cancer. taurus is runner up for second most-appreciated sun sign in my life.

    gee..sounds boring but it isn’t…..

  31. Geez, Dina. That sucks.

    I would be fascinated by an astro-twin. You never get to see yourself in 3-D (the mirror is a poor substitute) so it would be cool to maybe face myself in the round, see all the flaws from a bystander’s perspective. And the good stuff, too.

  32. My sister in law was born on the same day as me, 14 years apart. Gemini astro-twins. I have grown to appreciate and love her, and we do share the same love of gabbing, tendency to worry, loyalty to family, attitudes about money, social values, etc. But boy, she is in soooo many ways so different from me. I don’t know many details about her chart, but my guess is I have lots more fire in mine than she does in hers, and she has lots more earth in hers than I do in mine. I get restless when I spend “too” much time with her.

  33. “I donโ€™t want anything to do with me. I am far more interested in other peopleโ€™s energy.”

    Interesting..I was having a conversation last night with a friend about this: I am VERY astute at observing other people, and in a compassionate way I may add.

    However, at this point in my life I’ve had to acknowledge and accept that I have been over saturated…I’m now interested in analyzing myself. The big “why” or “how” other people think of themselves has plain tuckered me out. Maybe be this is a function of Pluto through the 12th House.

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