Aries In Love, Plain and Simple

aries ram eyes closedOne of the things I love about Aries is their simplicity. My mind is a complicated thing, always analyzing and turning over component parts to make sure I have a thorough understanding of the situation. This makes me an original thinker and a great astrologer, but it can be exhausting. Aries, however, has a way of distilling a situation into its basic essence. Everything else is just extraneous detail.

Years ago when I began dating my current partner, who has a stellium in Aries, I was a ball of nerves.

“Are we exclusive?” I asked, “And what does that mean for us? What are the boundaries? I don’t have to compete for you, do I? Because Leo does not do that.”

He looked at me and cocked his head. “You’re my love, plain and simple.”

And so it was. And ten years later, it still is. Plain and simple.

Do you have a sign you just fundamentally appreciate? Which one, and why?

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Aries In Love, Plain and Simple — 8 Comments

  1. I agree.
    Aries is gets right to it. My father is an Aries, and my son has 4 FUCKING PLANETS conjunct in Aries.

    Details? Only when needed.

    They sorta calm my Scorpio tendency to dig, down a tad. The Capricorn side of me, and Taurus Moon, appreciates it.

    I’m smitten by a 9th House Taurus Sun/Mercury, whose Moon is in the 8th Aries.
    She’s simple and direct, but her mind doesn’t stop. It’s like a combo of you and your BF.

    A sign I appreciate, besides Capricorn (I’m bias perhaps), is Cancer. Took time for that. I was always annoyed by them when younger, but their disposition regarding family and friends is noteworthy. It has helped in some ways the healing of my 4th Scorpio stellium that has been heavy, and still is.

  2. I enjoy Aries. I wish I knew more of them. Funny that I’m supposed to have trouble with them, being a square to their sign with my Cancer planets, but I love their energy.

  3. That’s very very lovely what he said to you. And I like that you overanalyze. Nice to have company 🙂

    Chris D’Elia coined the phrase ‘ ‘plain n simp.’ he’s an Aries

  4. I love the two C’s: Capricorn and Cancer. I have a Cappy Moon and she appreciates the ground to lay my often worn-down Scorpio self. My Pop was Cap, such a complicated one, but life is complicated. My dearest friend was Cancer, died young but oh she taught me how deeply it was possible to know friendship. My husband is Cancer. Side-winding can drive me crazy but rewinds me with amazing care.
    What you say about Aries is very informing … accounts for some of the anger I’ve not dealt with after Aries left after 20+ yrs of ‘in love plain and simple.’ May now is the time.

  5. My father is an Aries sun & my mother an Aries moon. I do appreciate their straight down the line, uncomplicated approach. I had an Aries best friend in young adulthood & when I look back it was quite liberating because there was no pussy footing around; we mutually shared, without censorship, what was on our minds.

  6. I had never been attracted to an Aries until I met my late husband. He was special. He could be very direct which I appreciated. He did not fawn all over me and tell me how much he loved me all the time. He rarely told me that I looked pretty. I knew he loved me however. A simple man but a leader of men.

  7. Yes, Aries seems plain & simple compared to a bunch of other signs.
    I appreciate this straightforward style, no fussy or sneaky stuff.
    I find it very restful, but not droopy. They are energetic in a wholesome way.
    (Me Leo, so fire signs are compatible)
    My father was Aries & Aries rising.

  8. I am partnered with an Aries -37 years. Fun, wise, hard working, courageous, champion of others, quick to jump at stuff, everything over quick too.Told me to stop worrying about her leaving and that has held true. Me a horned Bull and she a horned Ram seems to work. As long as horns do not entangle. lol.

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