Are We Headed For WW3?

Mars vintage bookHi, Elsa.

Are we headed for WW3? A war with Islam? I am afraid that these times are a buildup to that.

From Melbourne, Australia

Hi, Melbourne.

I don’t think astrology can answer these questions.  But this is important to look at so I’m happy to offer my opinion and host a discussion.

Are we headed for WW3?

I am not sure who you mean by “we”.  I am also not sure what constitutes a “world war” in 2015.

If a “world war” means that most every country in the world is fighting the war…no. I don’t think we’ll see that.

A war with Islam?

Islam is at war and has been for years.  So I would say “we” are already at war with Islam – we’re just not fighting it.

Anyone else want to weigh in?

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Are We Headed For WW3? — 20 Comments

  1. Images of war, war games, reports of war. Honouring past wars are everywhere at the moment. It is disturbing.
    All the money and resources being fed into the war machine is really sad. Imagine if all that money and all those resources were invested into ‘fighting poverty’ or caring for our environment?

    • I think our species meaning human sapiens are headed for extinction if you ask me. We don’t need to worry about wars, we’re all dying anyway. But the species might just die because the habitats of wild animals are dying and global warming is apparent. If animals are dying that’s a key sign. And you’ve seen all those stories of sardines and now certain kinds of jellyfishes by the millions ending up dead on oregon and california coasts. Its not a good sign. I wonder about those blood moons and astrology though.

  2. The years of 2023 and 2024 are of strong concern as far as a possible WWIII or other catastrophic event is concerned. Pluto will be out-of-bounds at that time. It will also be making ingress to Aquarius, triggering Altair (the soaring eagle suggests a heightening). When Pluto was on the Leo cusp, we were deep into WWII. Aquarius represents electricity, and Pluto could kill the electricity. Remember that when Pluto entered Capricorn, which does not have a powerful fixed star at the ingress, we saw a worldwide financial collapse.

    • I don’t see Pluto killing the electricity…I see Pluto dynamically transforming the way we communicate, the Internet, time travel, etc…I know when Pluto went into Capricorn, a lot saw their financial world crumble, but not everyone did…especially the wealthy, who are wealthier now than ever before.

      Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and Uranus can bring sudden insights of the genius quality, among other things. I’m crossing my fingers for it to be like this.

      I want my flying car! I want to step into one of those machines, press a button, and have my hair and makeup gorgeously applied. I want a different form of travel other than airplanes (I hate flying, but I would love my personal flying car).

      I am not going to look at this as a doomsday predication.

    • Actually one of MonicaMiller’s observations could be China’s military tactic of destroying infrastructures. I hear they are cyber wars with communist countries. So if anything catastrophic would happen I’d bet Pluto could demolish our electricity through infrastructure therefore no more electricity. And it could also be by way of an earthquake. Just a hypothesis here or two.

  3. Interesting… transiting Pluto will be coming closely to conjunction with my natal Saturn @ 4 Aquarius/8th house at that time. 😐

  4. The construction of collective identities is a complex and sensitive issue. There is no such thing as one rigid chunk fighting against another. “Islam at war”, “war against Islam”… they’re misinformed, mythized stereotypes.

    • cheesemissile, this. This is the scenario I have in my head. Not one, Big World War either, just a series of smaller conflicts and disasters.

      And no, Russia won’t be a long term concern. They have to be concerned, though. Chinese will start looking at Siberia, which holds some of the biggest reserves of resources, sooner or later. Also, Arctic Sea and even Antarctica. This is not based to any astrology. I’m very much into geopolitics, and the future geopolitical landscape fascinates me.

      I’m in Europe, near Russia, traditionally non-aligned country.

      • Appreciate your comments, Candela. Reminds me of my husband; his mind was always all over the world, and he too was fascinated. Not that I’m stupid, bu I always looked to his slant on things regarding issues such as above. We can think this thing through, together.

    • I’ve thought about this while showering one day. Because I was using the water here in LA and I thought because stupid politicians care not about the environment they are going to eventually years and years down the road fight over it. It was in a fiction tale I have about a girl (Starseed or an advanced alien like human) who could save us whose the least likely heroine. So yeah of course.

  5. I have a mars, saturn, and pluto conjunct in the 10th if whole signs system is cast or in the 9th house so this does stir up my thinking. So many comments made on this subject :/ Politics was my minor in college too. I used to think I was Bonaparte or a soul off shot of him (means not the same person but spirit) I have some things in common. I wonder if Elsa you do past life charts anyway.

  6. The French Revolution was fought w/Pluto in Aquarius. Born w/Pluto in Aquarius: Mary Queen of Scots, Miguel de Cervantes, El Greco, Sir Francis Drake, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Washington Irving, John Audubon, Davy Crockett, William Cullen Bryant

  7. Islam? Maybe not. Islamic extremists? Certainly.

    Just before the 9/11 attacks, the Taliban in Afghanistan bombed these ancient, enormous Buddhist status carved into cliffsides. Uniquely, there is a history of violent conflict with every single religion that Islamic extremists have come into contact with.

  8. Every few years I get in Prepper mode and stockpile supplies for what may come. Then I go back to living day by day. I like to believe that We will Wake Up before total destruction. Who knows if I’ll die first or the Earth will leaving survivors to rebuild a new world? So I’m living this life Now. Trying to do the next right thing.

  9. Given how the laws of the Universe work, it seems to me that our focus should be on what it is we are wanting to create, rather than pushing against and talking about what we don’t want! Peace on earth, endless forgiveness, acceptance, prosperity, well-being…Doesn’t it feel better to think about and focus on those things?

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